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Welcome to Newsletter #18

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

The Universe by Daniel Cockrill
[The Universe by Daniel Cockrill]

A tale I heard

Tina Fey (when still filming 30 Rock) talking about her daughter:

“She’s five now and comes to hang out at the studio. And I think when they’re five they start to try on adult behaviours. Like, she found a headshot of mine in my dressing room and she was going: ‘This is a picture of my mother. It’s the last picture I have of her, before she died…’

Oh, and then I was watching the Food Network the other day and you know that guy, Guy Fieri, he was on and she was sitting at the kitchen counter and I just hear her go: ‘Mmm, so handsome.’ And then she goes: ‘Eurgh, but he’s probably already married.’ It was like some kind of 40-year-old barfly."

A tale I saw

The Wrong Side of Twenty Five by Daniel Piper
[The Wrong Side of Twenty Five by Daniel Piper]

A tale I wrote

Randy didn’t get the joke. But he laughed and laughed in the hope that people at the party didn’t think he was stupid. He laughed so hard his head fell off. People started to panic and throw up and cry and faint. “Who’s stupid now?” laughed Randy’s decapitated head.

A tail I like

[Image of a tail I like]
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