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Welcome to Newsletter #203

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

I'm on the boating lake with Sean by Jack Underwood
[I'm on the boating lake with Sean by Jack Underwood]

A tale I heard

TV presenter Dave Benson Phillips on whether or not he has any regrets in life:

"No, nothing at all. You do things for a reason, be it a right or wrong reason at the time. I'll look back when I'm a really old man, and if I've still got a memory and it's true about life flashing before your eyes at the end, I'll have a bloody good chuckle. I'd like to be less addicted to KFC. Once a month a bargain bucket's got to be done – and you haven't seen the size of the bucket. It gets to the point now where I start to salivate when I see the face of the Colonel."

A tale I saw

Twisting My Words by Robin Lamboll  

A tale I wrote

The pigeon on my desk calendar 
is dressed in Freddie Mercury's yellow jacket, 
using its toes to cling on to a stick microphone. 
I never knew pigeons had toes until I searched 
online for the answer 30 seconds ago.
I have never met the guy in the flat next to me.
I don't know what he wears or how many toes he has.
It's Thursday and I have a headache.
My son doesn't know the time
and my shoulders feel like
they weren't designed to carry things.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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