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Introducing The Reboot! 

The DFINITY Foundation is excited to announce the launch of The Reboot, a new publication that critically examines the internet. The Reboot investigates today’s most urgent internet issues to inform the public about network technologies, the data economy, and their effects on society.

The Reboot is rooted in an editorial community of journalists, academics, researchers, policy experts, and illustrators who are focused on building a better internet. By the end of 2021, The Reboot will be replatformed to the Internet Computer, where it will explore a media business model that uses tokenization native to the blockchain technology to directly incorporate contributors and readers into its governance. 

With the launch of The Reboot, DFINITY is introducing an outlet for informative and analytical content around creating a better internet while setting the stage for a new era of experimentation to finance and sustain journalism and media.

“Dominant network effects, walled gardens, and high barriers for competition have produced de facto monopolies, where we overwhelmingly go to YouTube for videos or to Airbnb for apartment hosting. The race for traffic to support ad sales has promoted clickbait content and swarms of bots. Recommendation algorithms encourage extreme polarization and systemic bias. The micro-targeting of propaganda is weakening our democracies,” writes Samer Hassan, faculty associate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, in Toward a Digital Economy That’s Truly Collaborative, Not Exploitative” for The Reboot. "The red flags of an internet controlled by a few centralized major players have become increasingly clear. To counter this, decentralized technologies have enabled the emergence of a new ecosystem of projects that aim to address these problems."

(Illustration: Rami Niemi)
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The Reboot
The Reboot
The Reboot
The Reboot
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