Who said it better than Sam Cooke?

But there was a time that I thought
Lord this couldn't last for very long
But somehow I thought I was still able to try to carry on
It's been a long, long time coming
But I know, but I know a change is gotta come *

Sam Cooke. A Change is Gonna Come.

So much has changed since Sam Cooke wrote and recorded this classic in 1964. Yet, you can’t help but feel that more change is comin’.

March is a month of change. The weather starts to be warmer and we see the sun more often and longer as the days get longer. The world is feeling optimism as COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more available. We may be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Dominion Hotel has re-opened. We missed you all. We missed being in touch with you - even from a distance. Thank you all for your continued support. Your kindness and understanding is appreciated as we all navigate this pandemic together. The Dominion Hotel is moving quickly to a full schedule. Check our hours on our website at

Watch Charlie A’Court’s delivery of this Sam Cooke classic here. Charlie gives one of our favourite versions of this song. Some of you will remember seeing Charlie perform here in the Highlands.

Space Addition to Dominion Hotel

Shawn and Elli have coffee and conversation as they plan for occupying the new Sunspace Sunroom at the back of the Dominion Hotel.

We’re so excited to be nearing completion of our new sunroom behind the Dominion Hotel. With windows on three sides that fully open it will allow Gull River breezes without the threat of rain or bees. For now it might be our temporary office but we’ll have it outfitted for you to enjoy your lunch, dinner or maybe even a blues concert!

The POST Promise

We’re making the POST Promise and doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The program is designed to help Canadians confidently and safely take the first steps back into public spaces and the workplace.

When you see the POST Promise logo within our establishment, you can have confidence that we are taking the necessary steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Visit for details and see how Canadian businesses like us are ‘making the promise’.

Did You Know?

The Dominion Hotel pub and dining room tables are socially distanced to provide as safe a dining experience as possible. As a result seating can be limited during peak times. Did you know you can pre book a table up to a week in advance? Reservations for inside dining can be made on our website at At this time reservations are limited to 4 people per table. Masks are required.

What’s Shawn Eating???

Crab patties can be served on a bun or as an add-on to another sandwich or on a salad.

Recently added to our sandwich offerings, the Crabby Patty is a crab and seafood patty on one of our fresh buns with tomato and lettuce. The kitchen puts on their secret sauce and it’s delicious. Not to be outdone, Shawn adds bacon, cheese and one of our Junior Hamburger patties to make his personal favourite. All on a Chewaffle bun for a keto friendly meal (low carbohydrates, high protein). Click on above photo to order a delicious Crabby Patty for take-out.

Totally carb and calorie free... totally kidding!

If you’re like me, you can’t stop looking at the photo of this Carmel Pecan Cheesecake. We are doing our best to keep this in stock but, quite frankly, it disappears fast and satisfied Carmel grins appear on customer faces. Keep your eyes open for our Gluten Free VEGAN Carrot Cake arriving soon!

ONLINE Take Out Special

In appreciation of your support, any online food order (take-out) over $30, you can select one free dessert. This is a limited time offer. Orders must be placed online at To unlock your free dessert use the code “March” at check-out.

Tender Tuesday!

Join us on Tuesday for a special deal on chicken tender and fries.

You’re just getting over Monday. Tuesday can be a day a little tenderness is needed. So roll on over to the Dominion for “Tender Tuesday”. Our all meat chicken Tenders and Fries at a special price! Take-out available online. To order click here.

We’ll be here when you’re ready for a little getaway. As travel restrictions and stay-at-home guidelines come off we’ll be ready to provide safe, clean and comfortable accommodations. Rooms are booked online on our website. We offer Contact Free Check-In. Email if you have any questions on accommodations to

CBC Gem Mini Series Now Streaming!

Solving the 86 year-old case of disappearing Harold Heaven in Minden.

JUST RELEASED! Last year a film crew spent considerable time at the Dominion Hotel and all over Minden and outlying areas. They were attempting to solve the 86 year old cold case of a missing man on Horseshoe Lake. The results of their hard work are now available in an eight part mini series. If you’ve been around the Minden area for awhile, you will recognize many of the people and places. Elli and I have enjoyed watching it. Click above to go to the GEM site.

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