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We’ve been talking about investing in yourself versus mindless spending. In writing this series, I’ve been reflecting on my past - the way I used to pass through life each day. I’ve also been talking to my coaching clients about the changes they have experienced in this area of life. The results are profound.

If you are used to SPENDING for yourself instead of INVESTING in yourself, your life may look like mine did, just a few short years ago:

  • I’m too rushed, so I’ll stop for a coffee.
  • I’m too tired, so I’ll order in.
  • My body aches, so I’ll visit the chiropractor every week.
  • My joy is fleeting, so I need a new outfit and a night out.

The result of which was mindless money management, debt, further exhaustion of my already stressed nervous system, and a lot of conflict (internally and in my marriage).

When I made the shift to investing in myself, my life changed:
  • I spend money and act in integrity with my personal values.
  • I orient to abundance instead of scarcity mindset.
  • My nervous system relaxed, because I learned to prioritize my own care instead of waiting for someone to do it for me.
  • I spend less on daily outings, and more on family fun.
  • I cured my Autoimmune Disease, and no longer spend on every practitioner, herb and service (I still choose some of these things, but my spending has decreased about 2000%)

If you want your list to look more like this one, here’s some of the things you need to do:

  1. Develop self-care habits. This is easier said than done, and requires the support of a community and guidance. Making your daily self-care top priority includes exercise, meditation, and nourishing your body in a way that leaves energy to spare. It results in a whole new way of perceiving stress, so that inevitable occurrences don’t derail your health. It is an evolution that permeates into every facet of your life.

  2. Make choices that are aligned with your values. Establishing your personal values and those of your family will guide these choices. We will explore this more in my next newsletter.

  3. Prioritize your well-being so that you can continue to serve others. Most of us aren’t wearing one hat. We have careers, we are parents, we are siblings, and children. We may volunteer. In any role, we value showing up fully and taking care of others. If you want to continue to do this without physically bankrupting yourself, you must prioritize you. Much discontent is seeded in relationships when we are busy taking score. Who got to go to the gym? Who got to get out with friends? Imagine if you no longer needed to take score, because you are fully taken care of by the only person who knows what you need: YOU.

If you already have plans this year for how you are investing in your career, your children, home improvement, etc, consider how you also might invest in your personal growth and well being. If that is a new concept for you, set up a call with me. Sometimes it really helps to have a sounding board, and I love listening - it is one of my gifts that I would love to gift to you.

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I'm looking forward our next conversation!
In the mean time, be well.

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