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February Newsletter

February 1, 2019

(actually January 31st, so we can get the Rallycross Safety Steward class notice out to you without clogging your inbox)
Photo by Terrance Pearson

A word from the Regional Executive

Hi Everybody,
2019 is already shaping up to be another great year for our Region! Our winter RallyCross season is in full swing, our Solo committee is busy planning another season of autocross for this summer, and it looks like we’ll have a few Road Rally events thrown into the mix as well.
The SCCA National Convention was a great time again, with 5 of our Region members making the trek south to Las Vegas, and another who is already there. The week included training sessions, leadership coaching, sanctioning and insurance updates, the SCCA Hall of Fame induction banquet, and of course a lot of catching up with SCCA friends from across the country, with some go-kart races and an autocross mixed in. The 2020 convention will be back in Las Vegas again next January, and I highly recommend it.
Come to our next monthly meeting to find out what else the Region has been up to, 7pm on Thursday February 7, at the BP Energy Center.

Thank you,
Kent Hamilton
Regional Executive
Evos and friends
Photo by Justin Morrill
Subarus and their friends
Photo by Justin Morrill
Lisa Feltz turned in an impressive performance with her FWD Honda CRV.
Photo by Dan Feltz
Area Director's Column

It’s been about 18 years since the last time I went to the SCCA National Convention. I didn’t think things would have changed very much, but it turns out that they have - a lot, in fact. 

Mostly that’s because we have a much more engaged national staff these days, with people like Chris Robbins, whose job it is to promote regional development. 

There were more educational sessions than anyone could possibly attend, all packed into three days of non-stop activity. There were sessions specifically designed to teach regional officials how to begin or grow Solo, Road Racing, and Rally programs, as well as programs for stewards from all disciplines, race workers, and just members who want to become more involved. 

From my end, the convention was a week-long affair that started with a full-day session on team building and understanding the function of the Board. We learned a bit about how we operate and what our challenges are. That was a fun and informative day, and it was followed up by a full-day board meeting where we put our new skills to use. Then we had extended meetings with the Club Racing Board, Solo Events Board, and the Road Rally and RallyCross boards, and Pro Racing. 

I knew that being a Director was going to be a lot of work, and this week proved it!  

Area 13 was well-represented at this convention, with REs from Arctic Alaska, Northwest, and Oregon Regions in attendance. I got the chance to meet Kent Hamilton from Alaska, and to work with Scotty White of Northwest on his region’s plan for the Majors in May. 

And I was particularly proud to see Oregon’s RE, Tim Ferrick receive the Jumbo Region of the Year award.

Oregon’s Solo director Rio Rios was there to learn and share, as was Joe Harlan from the Northwest Region Board. Several members from Arctic Alaska also came down to Las Vegas to give their region one of the largest per-capita turnouts at the event. 

But don’t go thinking that it’s all work at the convention! The evenings were fulled with activities including go-karting, pinewood derby racing, and a great awards banquet! I got to sit at a table with Dorsey Schroeder, which is a great honor. 

As we move towards the start of the 2019 competition season, I feel better than ever about the future of SCCA and the quality of the regions in Area 13. 

Thanks for your support, 

Jeff Zurschmeide
Area 13 Director 
Randel Malijan's Evo rounds the bend in Rallycross #1
Photo by Davin Mitchell



Hello all!!!  
I have been appointed as the 2019 Road Rally Steward for the Region!    I am excited to get things going.  I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 SCCA National Convention and was welcomed as one of their own as an incoming director for our Road Rally program here in the great state of Alaska.  Getting to meet the members of the Rally Board and hearing their vocal support of developing a healthy Road Rally program with new and seasoned members alike here in the Arctic Alaska Region has motivated me.  Before the trip to Las Vegas, the region closed out 2018 with one of the best attended events in recent memory.  Seventeen Teams took part in an epic adventure through some of the most beautiful roads Alaska has to offer and with that success I move forward into 2019!!   I am looking for experienced Road Rallyist who may have been Rally Master for events in the past to either act as Rally Master again or pass on to the region leaders rally routes that may have been used successfully in the past, especially around Fairbanks, and Eagle River.  The current plan is to have five Rally’s this year, with at least one being a true TSD, and the others being tour and GTA rallies.   From what I have heard in the past, rallies such as the Mayday Mayday rally and the Bear Paw Festival Rally were wonderful events and we look forward to revitalizing them. The first Rally of 2019 is targeted for Saturday the 16th March, the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  If you would like to volunteer to be Rally Master for this event, please contact me as soon as possible and we can talk about it.  Other tentative dates will be in May, July, October, and of course our Winter Year Ender in December.  I look forward to this season!!

Terrance Pearson
Road Rally Steward
The Loyale likes to supplement its diet of cheap tires and knockoff parts with an occasional cone.
Photo by Davin Mitchell
Sunrise over RallyCross #1
Photo by Kevin Cose

RallyCross Update

RallyCrossers! Thanks to all of you who came out to our first event! We had 19 drivers and 5 new members out on the ice driving as best as they could to put down a fast time while trying to stay out of the berms. The field of competitor’s vehicles were pretty wide ranging. The usual WRX’s, EVO’s were accompanied by Jeeps, Trucks, and a few front wheel drive vehicles. So with the first event in the book I’m sure everyone is excited to get back on the ice. We plan to continue RallyCrossing at Big Lake every other Saturday until the lake is unsafe to use (Feb 9th & 23rd, Mar 9th & 23rd). It is our plan/hope to transition to holding RallyCrosses at the Alaska State Fairgrounds after the Lake gives up its ice. The Region is in the process of submitting permit applications with the city of Palmer in order to do just that.
This may reach you with late notice but the Region is hosting a SCCA RallyCross Safety Steward Training session 6pm Feb 1st at EMC Engineering, please go to the Region’s Facebook event for more information on RSVP’ing for that (you must be a current SCCA Member to hold a RXSS license).
Below are the season standings using the 1000pt system. A link to individual run times are available on the Regions Facebook Page. Come out and see is you can keep up Lisa in her FWD “Mom Car’!!

VJ Maisonet
RallyCross Steward

Arctic Alaska Region 2019 Board of Directors

Regional Executive

Kent Hamilton

Assistant Regional Executive
Chad Barnes

Ken Martens

Paul Anderson

Kevin Cose
Wally Tetlow

VJ Maisonet


Road Rally Safety Steward Training
Friday, Feb. 1st, 6 p.m.
Please RSVP on the SCCA Facebook Page

February Meeting
Thursday, Feb. 7th, 7 p.m.
BP Energy Center

RallyCross #2: The Thrilla in Wasilla
Saturday, Feb. 9th- Registration opens at 8 a.m.
Near the Big Lake South State Rec. Area

RallyCross #3: Insert Name Here
Saturday, Feb. 23rd- Registration opens at 8 a.m.
Near the Big Lake South State Rec. Area




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