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This Week in CACINA

Deacon Grace Wilgefortis Ferris will be ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, March 19th - 4pm.
First Mass will be Sunday, March 20th - 12:30pm.
Bishop Tony Green, Auxiliary Bishop, will preside in the absence of Bishop Frank Betancourt, Ordinary for Diocese of Little Portion.

Ordination and First Mass will be livestreamed at:

A Ministry Update from

St. Andrew Parish - Casanova, Virginia

We at Saint Andrew Parish have become very small.  We are trying to be all that Jesus Christ has planned for us.  We welcome all who come through our doors. 

Our Bishop Ron has had surgery for a heart condition.  We have missed his presence at our Sunday Mass. His health is improving and he even celebrated  Mass for us last Sunday.  We pray for his continued healing .

St. Andrews Parish has donated crock pots to the local food bank so people living in hotels have more ways to prepare food. 
We have put together Blessing bags for hygiene necessities for people living in their cars.
We have  been trying to pick a new local charity to support each month. 

  • In September we donated school supplies for children in need.
  • In October we donated coats,
  • We also re-adopted a student in the Enkajape school in Africa.  Our donation helps provide room and tuition to a girl whose family could not afford to send her to school. 
  • In November we purchased pies for the local food bank to give with the Thanksgiving meals. 
  • In December we adopted a couple of families in the local Head Start program. We bought and wrapped Christmas gifts to give them. 
  • In January we donated to a fund  that helps to pay for  heating homes. 
  • In February we contributed to Feed My Sheep, a local group that delivers food and household supplies to families in need. 

We are hoping next month to help a group that supplies firewood to families that use it for heat and cooking.

We will meet soon to choose our next charity.  Please keep us in your prayers as we strive to be the Body of Christ.

A Member of the Family
By:  Mary Desantis - Saint John of God Parish

You are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of His household.  (Ephesians 2:19)
During my years as a Middle School student I was privileged to have a devout woman as teacher as well as a Christian role model. She was a religious of the order of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Sister Anne had a flair for the arts, music, cultures, as well as languages and easily inspired a love for knowledge in general among her students. At least that is my recollection within those years.

Sister Anne was the first person to ever address me as “Child of God!” This could precede something I did well in her estimation. It could also precede something I said or did that did not meet with her approval!   Oh, she did address other students likewise as well. But as an only child this appellation made an impression on me which has remained to this day.

As a child I had always wanted a sibling or two but no such luck. I envied others who had built in “playmates” as I saw it and longed for a big family especially at holiday time. Why not me? I thought about it during many holidays . Then one day I had an “epiphany” of sorts. Being called “Child of God” meant I belonged to the family of God, which was a HUGE group! Being called a child of God meant I had a place in The Family of all families. This meant I had sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, cousins, even saints holding membership in this family. More companions than I could ever number! Amazing!

Being a member of God’s family, one has access to many graces and privileges - one can approach God without fear - there is an unlimited access to God when in sorrow, need or joy - all members share in a community of faith lending support to each other on the journey homeward to the God who created us. We have Jesus, our brother, to thank for our renewed status as “children of God” and heirs to God’s kingdom.

Ephesians (2:19) reminds us there was a time we were considered foreigners, strangers, outsiders, estranged from our God. But thanks to Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross we have all been redeemed and united anew. We are ALL children of God!  What a humbling experience being welcomed into this family again and privy to the unconditional love our God lavishes freely upon all His creation.

Being an heir does have its expectations, the most important one being love….love of self as well as love of others. There is no excuse whatsoever that would be acceptable for disregarding this expectation. In fact not only is it an expectation; it is a command repeated throughout the New Testament.
Realizing my membership in God’s family has been a comfort throughout my life; at the deaths of my parents - the years my daughter served in Germany as a military spouse - the years I grieve over the sexual abuse of my only son - and currently being witness to  my other daughter as she navigates the choppy landscape of severe anxiety. Neither you nor I have done ANYTHING to be this blessed, forgiven and cherished by God. It is pure GIFT!    

As we repent this Lent and “sweep out” the many transgressions from our soul to make ready a sacred space for the Risen Lord to dwell, may gratitude be one of the virtues we actively practice for having a place in the "Family of God."
Mother Barbara Fichter has moved
from the Florida to Vermont

Mother Barb says she will dearly miss the people of St. Teresa Parish in St. Petersburg, Florida, but she feel God is calling her to a new home and ministry in St. Albans, Vermont.  Mtr. Barb has begun taking active steps to establish a CACINA parish in her new hometown of St. Albans - a little town of 7500 people.

Saint Albans is about 20 miles south of the Canadian border (an hour’s drive to Montreal), and about 35 miles north of western Vermont’s only “true” city, Burlington.

Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Community will begin as a mission in Saint Albans with lots of prayer and hope the Holy Spirit will grow it into a parish.  Saint Martin of Tours CC will offer an authentically Catholic way to worship. The famous icon of Saint Martin of Tours depicts Martin offering his cloak to a naked man, freezing to death on the side of the road.

The initial broad mission and vision of this upcoming community is:
  • To be a place that welcomes those who have been labeled strangers, the “other,” and those who have been made to believe they are “less than” and do not fit in
  • To take Jesus’ message of love to those who are hurting and searching for healing and offer a place to 'refuel’ and recharge spiritual batteries
  • To be a place where ALL ARE WELCOME AT the table and to ALL seven sacraments because the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE would have it no other way
Please keep Mother Barb in your prayers as she leads the way for St. Martin of Tours CC.
Deacon Grace Wilgefortis Ferris will be attending the Keystone Conference in Pennsylvania in a few weeks.
She will represent the inclusive mission and spirit of CACINA for the transgender community.
Deacon Grace created the above graphic to be printed and provided to participants as a way to promote CACINA and St. Wilgefortis transMISSION.

Let us all keep Deacon Grace in our prayers and give thanks for her ministry to the trans community.
Please keep our College of Bishops in prayer:
  • Bishop Willard Schultz fell and has been hospitalized with broken ribs.
  • Bishop Tony Santore had knee surgery; he is home recovering.
  • Bishop Frank Betancourt fell and was in the hospital for treatment; he is now home recovering.
  • Bishop Ron Stephens is home and recovering from heart surgery.
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Written by Fr. Victor Ray for the week of March 20th, 2022.
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