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Signs of Resurrection

As the month of May comes around each year, I am like a child in anticipation of marking a special designating turning a specific and important age.  One I thought would NEVER the days seemed to drag on and on and on.  When it did arrive, I celebrated with great excitement and joy.  In the month in which my birthday fell, one day was just mine!  As a child it felt awesome!

May is on the threshold once again and I find I am filled with the same type of excitement.  My favorite flowers rise above ground, buds come to life on various tree branches and bushes explode with color in yards, in parks, even in medians along highways.  Grass turns green again while creatures large and small venture about to seek nourishment.  And, let us not forget the birds returning from their Winter Haven "showing off" for Mother Nature their beautiful color with melodious songs.  In the words of Gerard Manley Hopkins, "The world is charged with the grandeur of God."

May is the month that all creation shouts for joy as it displays its response to the resurrection fo Christ.  We are also part of creation.  We, too, are fashioned in the image and likeness of God.  We too have received "new life" in Christ.  How then do we show our gratitude for so great a gift?  How do we put forth our best selves?  Each of us is a unique creation no less than any of God's creatures.  Our response needs to come from the heart and with intention.  St. Francis of Assisi was so in tune with creation that he wrote a hymn of praise entitled "Canticle of the Sun."  Each May I am reminded of that hymn and its message, and I continue to wonder if, perhaps, he penned it in the month of May.

Mary Desantis
St. John of God Parish
Schenectady, NY

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Immaculate Virgin, by the holy will of your Son, my Lord Jesus Christ, you are my Mother in Heaven. Your Immaculate Heart is full of love, mercy and compassion for sinners like me. I ask that you intercede for me today for…

(mention your prayer intentions)

I trust in your intercession before the throne of God for my needs. Please pray also that if my requests are not in accordance with the will of God, that I may be, like you, conformed to His will and not my own.

Hail Mary…

Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray for us!


A Justice Seeking Church

It was a busy week of activism for Bishop Tony Green and Mother Grace Wilgefortis Ferris.

Mother Grace was delighted to represent the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA) and it’s Saint Wilgefortis Trans Mission yesterday in the New York State Capitol. She was with other community leaders brought together by EqualityNY to ask legislators to pass legislation that would greatly enhance the lives of transgender people.

Bishop Tony and Mother Grace, joined by St. John of God Parish parishioners Jennifer Samaniuk and daughter, Katie, participated in a protest in response to an incident in the Clifton Park, NY, Target store in which an Black autistic teen was tackled by police.  Mother Grace is pictured engaging in civil disobedience as she joins other to block the adjacent intersection of Routes 9 and 146 for eight minutes; the same amount of time the police held the Black autistic teen on the ground.  The teen-aged sister of the young man tackled in Target faces felony charges for stepping in and defending her brother. We are demanding that all charges be dropped.
Fr. Victor Ray (left above) and Rev. Richard Moran (right above) will enter the Franciscan Community of Reconciliation on Wednesday, May 4th, at the FCR monthly meeting.

Fr. Victor Ray will be clothed in the FCR habit and will profess first vows.

Rev. Richard Moran will be clothed in the FCR habit and will be a novice with the community for one year before professing first vows.

Please keep our FCR Brothers in your prayers as they take this next step in their faith journey.
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