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Congratulations to Rev. Mother Grace Wilgefortis Ferris

Ordained to the Priesthood at St. John of God Parish - CACINA
Bishop Tony Green presiding
March 19, 2022

Ad multos annos!
CACINA - St. Clare of Assisi Catholic Community
Peabody, Massachusetts
Fr. Mike Otero-Otero, Pastor

Recent Missions

Attended Peabody Anti-Homelessness Task Force meetings via Zoom
St. Clare Al-Anon Meeting on Wednesday’s from 12 noon to 1pm
St. Clare Al-Anon Meeting on Thursday’s from 7pm to 8pm
Assisted homeless population in Peabody
Participated in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team meeting
Participated in Meeting for Peabody Clergy Ministerial Association
By:  Rev. Fr. Larry Hansen
A Reflection for Lent
When my mother was about the age that I am now, she had a serious surgery, followed by radiation treatments for a number of weeks.  This time provided her an opportunity for deep reflection on her life.   Every other week during this time, my brother or I would take our mother to the St. Francis Rectory and wait in the car while she went inside to visit Fr. Pete, our Pastor. 

On one occasion, I asked her how her visit went. She said, "You know, Son, I haven't always lived as I should." (Of course, this was a tip-off that she had probably made her long-delayed Confession.) I said, "Mom, you know that all of us have 'fallen short,' so to speak." She replied that she was aware of that, and that she had discussed with him her sense of failure many times in Confession and counseling. However, this time was very different and she wanted to tell me about it.

She had begun to repeat to Father Pete the narratives which he had heard many times previously, so he gently interrupted her and said, "You know, Goldine," the past is like a rock at the bottom of the ocean. You can swim down and hold on to that rock until you drown. Or, you can let go, and let the natural buoyancy that God put in your body and your soul bring you to the surface where you can breathe God's healing air."

When Lent began this year, I resolved to try to learn the lesson that Fr. Pete taught my mother years ago. I prayed for God to give me the courage that I needed to let go of my own rock at the bottom of my own ocean. Frankly, in the past, it was easier--but ultimately frustrating--for me to "work" on myself during Lent; so this year, I decided to stop trying. No, I haven't given myself over to the Dark Side, but I have resolved to embrace the insight that my late Spiritual Director Fr. Timothy shared with me years ago. 

On one occasion after I had shared with him my frustrations over my inability to "improve" myself so that I could be a better servant for God, he replied, "Your problem, Lar, is that you think God needs you, but that's backward thinking. When you realize and accept that you need God, you will start to find the peace for which you say you have 'worked' for a long time."  As I look toward this third week of Lent, I am resolved to accept the invitation of Jesus: 

"Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).
A Message from Fr. Victor Ray - CACINA's Vicar of Ecumenism
and Pastor of St. Teresa Parish

Sisters and Brothers of Cacina Clergy;

I wanted to thank those who were supportive of our listening session with the Roman Church last evening on Synod of Synodality. Bishop Monica’s submission was well received. We had a gathering of 16 people who came to participate. We began the Listening session with a prayer to the Holy Spirit and Lectio Divina on the Council of Jerusalem. We were greeted by Dcn. Rick Well - Chancellor of Canonical Affairs and Dr. Lois Locey - Chancellor for Administration and CFO, highest ranking women in the Diocese, as well as Jeff Johnson lay representative for the diocese.

As mentioned St Teresa’s was approached by the Diocese to see if we would participate. We were recommended by lay people as well as Roman Clergy who felt it important since we were ministering to those Roman that left the Church. I had the opportunity to talk about CACINA and who we were, and they asked if any of our parishes participated in their diocese. They were very sad to hear that no-one reached out to us. This was a two hour session and encompassed the gamut of sharing. The abuse was the first topic and disappointment that Pope Benedict could apologize yet retain his pope emeritus status to the Sainthood of Pope John Paul II who was involved and had knowledge of the abuse. Women and lack of women in ministry was another topic. Divorced people who said they were pushed out and taken from the Eucharist because they were divorced. Lack of laity involvement in running parishes and in choosing their Bishop. LGBTQ and the lack of empathy and ministry to our sister and brothers. Why can't the church recognize these people and welcome them with open arms? Clergy who are married, gay…why does the church think there should be no choice? Talk about the systemic reform of the epidemic and sinful clericalism that still permeates the church for centuries. The destructive relationships this has caused which upholds a culture of privilege and secrecy. End the homophobia in the Roman Church. It was asked why was Vatican II not followed any longer. A person asked the church to examine its demand for Eurocentric uniformity and to believe in the value of allowing local churches the freedom to express their unique cultures and identities. How do we keep this type of communication open for years to come?

The discussions were lively, heartfelt and a genuine love communicated first on our part to the RC group and then it was reciprocated back to us. Dr Lois talked about being the first woman acolyte in Chicago when she was a young girl. Many told her and she felt, she had a vocation to the priesthood. She has three doctorates and a seminary degree…but that has never happened. You could sense a moment of sadness. I was sitting next to her and told her don't go to your grave without fulfilling that vocation. God never stops calling. I told her we could ordain her…she actually had a tear in her eye. They also communicated to me our session was much like the sessions they have held at the parishes around.

Both Dcn. Rick and Jeff Johnson said one day you might see us at Mass….That was the breakthrough of the night. Dcn Rick said he would contact me when this report is done and he has a chance to speak to Bishop Parks. I am encouraged by the session.

Victor Ray +
St Teresa of Calcutta

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Written by Fr. Victor Ray for the week of March 20th, 2022.
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