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Packing Up Once Again - by: Mary Desantis
(You will show me the path of life… Ps 16:11)
Throughout the 50+ years of our marriage we have moved about so much that I have lost count. Yes, they were somewhat adventurous with the promise of a new job or a location with which we were unfamiliar or a street address with a catchy name like “Pumpkin Seed Court”! But we were MUCH YOUNGER those days. This time it has a different feel…unexpected perhaps while signaling what very well could be our last move!

One week ago we relocated from Niskayuna to a suburb of Albany. Our decision to do so was appropriate for our stage in life even though it was just a month in the making. We agreed it was time to lessen indoor as well as outdoor upkeep so we investigated Senior Living concept. We found what we thought we would like and added our names to the interested occupant list with no definite time frame in mind. (No doubt subconsciously in denial about being age eligible already)!! Nevertheless God had another plan for us as has been our experience all along. Within one week of our filing an application to reside an apartment unexpectedly became available. We were called, made a visit, liked what we saw, prayed again for guidance and here we are!

Not really knowing, God was leading us to an amazing environment. Beautiful grounds to explore, walking trails, flora and fauna to gaze upon and a welcoming community of people of various cultures. Social and physical fitness activities one can join or not. Needless to say we are grateful and overwhelmed at the same time.

God has a way of “kicking us forward” when God is ready. And if we can only get out of God’s way, the path of life opens up once again. And each instance in our times of “packing up” we have been shown the path of new life and the adventure continues. Why did I doubt this time would be any different?
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WCC statement on evidence of atrocities in Ukraine

The reports now emerging from Bucha and other areas near Kyiv give much stronger indications of grave violations of international law. The World Council of Churches expresses its abhorrence at these reported atrocities, which must be fully investigated and documented so that those responsible can be held legally and personally accountable.

War is a context inherently conducive to such brutality, which underlines the need for systems of legal accountability to prosecute perpetrators, in order to curb the worst in humanity. Moreover, it underscores the urgent necessity of bringing this terrible conflict to an immediate end, for the sake of preventing yet more death, injury and destruction of communities.

We appeal to those responsible for conceiving, pursuing and supporting this war, to stop the bloodshed and destruction, and to save the lives of all the children, women and men in the way of their ambition.

Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca
Acting General Secretary
World Council of Churches

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An interfaith prayer for immigrants

Source of Life who is known by many names;
Over-turner and illuminator of hearts;
We gather with gratitude for the earth and all who journey in it.
We give thanks for the interconnectedness of all creation.

Support for those without support;
Stronghold of those without protection;
We declare openly the times we have fallen short
From living out the call to justice our sacred stories place upon us;
From recognizing the whole of creation as an extension of our being;
From hearing the plight of the creation yearning for justice;
From seeing the harm our way of life and our policies inflict upon the creation.

Source of Wisdom who is known by many names;
The Prophet Mohammed asks: What actions are most excellent?
To gladden the heart of a human being;
To feed the hungry;
To help the afflicted;
To lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful;
To remove the wrongs of the injured;
Let us not forget.

The Psalmist asks: Who is fit to hold power and worthy to act in God’s place?
Those with a passion for the truth, who are horrified by injustice;
Who act with mercy to the poor and take up the cause of the helpless;
Who have let go of selfish concerns and see the whole creation as sacred.
Let us not forget.

Jesus, carpenter of Nazareth, asks: What is the greatest commandment?
To love your creator;
To love your neighbor;
To undermine oppressive powers with life-giving actions;
To be in solidarity with all who suffer;
To act for justice;
And to teach others to act for justice
Let us not forget.

Source of Justice who is known by many names;
Let us not swerve from the path of righteousness that leads to just and equitable relationship.
Open our eyes that we may see the immigrant and undocumented;
Whose labor enables and sustains our living;
The farm worker, the hotel maid, the line cook, the childcare provider; the healthcare worker;
Give us the courage to stand with those crossing our borders;
Escaping economic oppression and political persecution;
Seeking work to support their families;
Aspiring to participate in the bounty of the creation;
Give us the strength to confront the prejudice and intolerance of those who are fearful;
And respond by closing our borders to those who sojourn seeking life and opportunity;
Give us the will to leave behind the safety of our sanctuaries and temples;
And claim our place in the movement to transform the creation;
That our voice, our heart, our spirit will join the voice, heart and spirit of all who
demand to live with respect, justice and peace.

Source of Direction who is known by many names;
In our daily living let us be guided;
By the highest estimate of the worth and dignity of every person regardless of their legal status;
And let us not forget;
That the creation is founded on justice;
And that we have the moral responsibility to bring forth justice into these times.


Jessica Vazquez Torres, for Interfaith Worker Justice

Yesterday Today Tomorrow
The Fifth Sunday of Lent 2022 - Year C

Rev. Richard S. Vosko

If you are looking for something to cast light on a dreary period of history you might find it in the discovery of Earendel. Astronomers say they are looking at Earendel as it existed 13 billion years ago! It was a bright blue super giant star that emerged 900 million years after the Big Bang. Earendel’s luminosity just reached earth and provides a new appreciation for our place in a vast cosmos.

Will the dawning of this star affect the way we understand what matters most in our mortal lives? Amidst global troubles imagine if secular and religious leaders got together to talk about Earendel. They could marvel at its distant brilliance. More importantly they could talk honestly and humbly about strategies for living peacefully on this tiny planet. Holding such a meeting to heal the world will take some doing.

Diplomatic relationships are stymied because of nationalistic geo-political policies. Voting rights are violated to protect the privileges of powerful castes. Russia, China, Turkey, Israel and other countries have invaded neighboring sovereignties. Sadly, factional warfare is waged globally with and without weaponry. Earendel’s light linked yesterday and today. Time will tell what tomorrow may bring. We tell time because of the way stars and planets like ours engage in a cosmic dance. Although it is long gone the brightness of Earendel shows the relationship between time and space.  It beckons interdependence with our environment and each other. We are challenged to take notice because there is work for us to do.

The prophet Isaiah (43:16-21) reported what God said to the Israelites who suffered greatly — do not dwell on the past because I am doing something new. It is springing forth. Can’t you see it?

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