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ASHLEY EXPLAINS: How to Become a Fan of Reality TV
  1. Be depressed.
  2. Go to a therapist.
  3. Notice that your therapist’s office is decorated like the Montessori school you attended when you were a child.
  4. Ah… Montessori school, a noble effort that resulted in you entering the public school system not knowing how to read.
  5. But! You did have a mud hole that you loved! And you churned that mud every dang day during recess and sold clumps of it to your classmates for Nature Money.
  6. (Nature Money = rocks, sticks, cool leaves)
  7. Suddenly, your therapist says, “find something that you can enjoy. Something to be interested in… a guilty pleasure of sorts.”
  8. Come home to your significant other and decide that you will test out their interests.
  9. Like wearing clothes with tags on them to make sure you feel comfortable enough to commit before you snip.
  10. Realize most of their “guilty pleasures” do nothing for you.   
  11. You’re not into sneakers.
  12. You’re not into hats.
  13. You think you’re interested in battle rap, but after a few hours you realize you hate it.
  14. Hmmm…
  15. And then, as you both lose hope that you’ll ever be interested in anything again, have them suggest The Challenge on MTV.
  16. Real World/Road Rules Challenge?
  17. Yes, that’s the one, but now it’s just called The Challenge.
  18. Get very into The Challenge.
  19. Realize it’s the best! And how dare anyone question that!
  20. Watch all the seasons before the one currently airing.
  21. Create a Reddit account so you can have long talks with other Challenge fans about, well, The Challenge.
  22. Decide reality TV isn’t so bad.
  23. Live your life without judgement.

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