If you are able to help, we need to restock COVID tests for the drop-in center. You may order up to three packages of eight tests from the US government for free. Don’t need them all? Please consider donating them to Lisieux.

We have a small, but mighty team. It’s been a tough couple of weeks as Lisieux had to pause services due to staff testing positive for COVID. Thank you to all of the clients, staff, and volunteers for the well wishes along the way. Stronger and with new perspective, today we are back in the building to start a new.

This week, we are trying something different as we wanted you to hear from multiple members of our team. We all faced the recent challenges unable to sit together and talk it through at the dining room table, so we all have a different perspective. We hope that you will enjoy this change of pace.

With a grateful heart. -jordan

You may have noticed our radio silence lately. We had to shut down regular operations for a week; this was the first time that we have had to suspend services since we began on the streets a few years ago. Snow, ice, tornado warnings - we had never missed a Thursday night of street outreach. We were not able to hit the streets for two weeks, the center was closed one Monday, and limited services were provided yesterday. With such a small staff, we navigated the best we could and had to make difficult decisions. Speaking of small staff, our well-loved Client Support Specialist, Rachel, has moved on to another position outside of Lisieux. She will definitely be missed and we wish her the best in her new endeavor.

So many women depend on Lisieux Community to meet their basic needs. Mondays are the only day of the week that some of our clients are able to shower, eat a full meal, or wash laundry. Last week, one of our clients had a phone interview for food stamps. She is unhoused and has no phone so we had to make the appointment happen. We met outside and she was able to receive the call and get approved for services. As we were waiting for the call, we talked about the center being closed and she shared that Mondays at Lisieux are the highlight of her week.

While quarantined, I fielded calls from clients who have access to phones, and rescheduled appointments due to our closing. There were requests for doctor appointments, clothing, help with getting into detox and rehab, and help with finding a domestic violence shelter. A couple of silver linings were hearing that one client obtained employment and another client began to call to request additional services for the first time. We will jump back in this week and hope to provide as much support as possible. The needs are endless and we are honored when a woman trusts us enough to ask for help. Please keep these precious women in your thoughts as they navigate day to day, especially with the summer heat reaching dangerous temperatures. Thank you all for your continued support and love.


Yesterday was a hybrid day at Lisieux in an effort to provide services and maintain connection. Out of an abundance of caution, the drop-in center wasn’t yet fully open, so Markesha and I set up under the big tree out front with sack lunches, fruit, care bags, and lots of ice cold water to give out to the women. We had 15 women come by. On Mondays, I am almost always busy in the clothes closet filling the women’s clothing orders; it was nice to have more time to sit and talk to the women who came by the center today.

Marian* and her daughter Chloe showed up early. Chloe was eager to help, setting up chairs and putting the last of the water bottles in the ice-filled coolers. Marian and Chloe are relatively new to Lisieux Community. Marian said she’d heard that we celebrate birthdays, and hers was last week. She wondered if she’d missed her chance. I told her that we always celebrate the month’s birthdays the last Monday of the month, but even if we’d missed it due to COVID closure, it’s the kind of thing we would be sure to make up. Marian smiled and looked relieved. I am so glad that we started celebrating the women’s birthdays. It’s so wonderful and renewing to feel celebrated and cherished!

When offering fruit to a woman, she said that berries were her favorite, and the fresh fruit was a blessing! So often our clients don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables other than the meals at Lisieux. As someone who LOVES fresh produce myself, I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to provide the women with fresh food.

Because we were out front today, there were some interesting differences. At one point, a passerby asked what we were doing here. Kerry, who seems to have never met a stranger, jumped in enthusiastically, “We’re a center for women to get together in community. This place is a blessing from God!” There were so many ‘I love yous’ and ‘God bless yous’ today. I knew that I had missed the women and the love, but I hadn’t realized just how much. Last night, as I was reflecting on the day, I couldn’t help but think, love really DOES live here!



It has been so nice to get back into the swing of things this week and see our precious women. I think they feel the same. The week has been busy with sorting through donations, drumming up volunteers, and most importantly, reconnecting with the women we serve. My heart is so full after spending time with several clients this week.

I took Monica* to the doctor today to address some health issues she has. She needed help finding her way around the building as it was her first visit, filling out paperwork, and explaining symptoms. We then got her three new prescriptions filled and were pleasantly surprised when the total only came to $21.00! Next, we tackled the task of calling a government agency to have a new card sent in the mail. She will be using our address to ensure she receives her mail. Our last stop was Lisieux to pick up several bottles of water. The house Monica stays in has no water or electricity. As I dropped Monica off for the day, she said, "I don’t know what I would do if you (Lisieux) weren’t around to help me.” I drove away and felt so full of love and gratitude. It was so great to see Monica get some of her immediate needs met today and to just be part of that process.

When I arrived back at the center, Jordan was busy with three other clients who had stopped by. Once again my heart swelled seeing those three women who obviously felt so comfortable in the drop-in center. Tiffany* just dropped by to pick up mail. Elizabeth* came for her Thursday care bag then sat down to get out of the heat for a while. Stormy* popped in looking for food to eat and needed to speak to me in private right away. She shared that she was sexually assaulted last week and asked me to take her for STI/STD testing as soon as possible. It was heartbreaking.

Between the drop-in center and street outreach tonight we handed out 19 care bags (along with many other items). We didn’t expect to see many women due to the heat but so many of them have nowhere to go. We handed out quite a few bottles of sunscreen, mosquito bands, and sunglasses as well as cold water. Tonya* lives in her car and when we saw her tonight she was sitting under a tree. She shared that she had to sleep with her car door open last night because it was just too hot otherwise, leaving her even more vulnerable. Please think of the women in the coming week as temperatures soar and please consider making a monetary donation to Lisieux Community so that we can continue to provide a refuge for them.


*all names have been changed to protect identity