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Stories that celebrate how educators and school communities in L.A. Unified are impacting student achievement through instructional technology.

Strengthening Student Voice and Choice as Knowledge Constructors at Union Avenue Elementary School

By Saul Duarte, Instructional Technology Facilitator,
Union Avenue Elementary School, MacArthur Park Community of Schools, Local District Central, Board District 2

This year educators at Union Avenue Elementary School have implemented ISTE Standard for Students 1.3 Knowledge Constructor to help all students achieve academic success. Students are motivated to create/construct their own books and share authentic work utilizing the Book Creator App. Open-ended platforms for creativity such as Book Creator are applicable to any subject area and they address 21st century learning skills. Teachers can create differentiated teaching resources: textbooks, study guides and interactive learning content. Students who are reluctant writers can demonstrate learning using a range of multimedia tools to communicate such as text, images, drawings, audio and video. (

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Apply for the Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) Program

How are you bringing computer science to your school in 2022? Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) is a Microsoft Philanthropies program that builds sustainable CS programs in high schools by pairing classroom teachers with industry volunteers and a proven curriculum. Don’t be left out! Application window is now open

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Join a Computer Science (CS) Secondary Cohort

Are you interested in bringing computer science to your school?

  • 6-8 Computer Science Discoveries
  • 9-12 Exploring Computer Science
  • 9-12 Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles
  • 9-12 Advanced Placement Computer Science A
Join one of our secondary computer science cohorts by completing our CS Professional Learning interest form.


Instructional Technology Planning Cohort 2021 - 2022

April 11-13, 2022
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

EARLY REGISTRATION - We invite school Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) to join us for a 3-day cohort to dialogue and develop an informed, effective school-wide plan for digital age learners. This is a professional learning opportunity which provides school Instructional Leadership Teams guidance in developing an Instructional Technology Plan for digital learning tailored to each school’s needs.

Complete our interest form while there is still space available to join our cohort sessions offered during off-track times.

ITI Professional Learning Sessions

The following professional learning sessions will help you learn how to implement the ISTE Knowledge Constructor standard and gain the skills and dispositions for sound instructional practices.

  • ISTE Empowered Learner
  • ITI Reaching Beyond the Classroom: Digital Citizen Asynchronous
  • Computer Science Fundamentals (K-5)
  • Navigating Computer Science
  • ISTE Digital Citizen
  • Building Creative Confidence (K-5)
  • Developing Programming Skills (K-5)
For more information about our Professional Learning Opportunities visit the ITI website and register through MyPLN.
Recognizing L.A. Unified educators that have achieved certification in the area of digital citizenship and instructional technology.

Common Sense Education Recognition

We would like to celebrate our L.A. Unified schools and our 44 new educators and 3 schools who have achieved Common Sense Education Recognition for digital citizenship. Click the directories and map below to view all Common Sense Education recognized educators and schools across the district:


Google Certified Educator Program

Congratulations to our L.A. Unified Google Certified Educators. Click on the map to view all Google Certified Educators across the district.

Learn more about the Google Certified Educator Program.


Featuring recommended resources and tools for the classroom that have completed the District's Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan(UDIPP) process. Check UDIPP approval here.

Book Creator

Help students become knowledge constructors by allowing them to create digital books. Book Creator is an open-ended platform for creativity applicable to any subject area and addresses 21st century learning skills. Teachers can create differentiated teaching resources: textbooks, study guides, and interactive learning content. Students can demonstrate learning using a range of multimedia tools to communicate such as text, images, drawings, audio and video. Book Creator is available for students and educators with L.A. Unified’s Single Sign On (SS0).

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Highlighting resources and opportunities that support implementation of instructional technology and 21st-century education.

ISTELive 22 (In Person & Virtual)

June 26-29, 2022
Super-Early-Bird Pricing Due: March 1, 2022

Would you like to learn how to best support implementation of instructional technology? ISTELive 22 will be virtual and in person in New Orleans! No matter where you live, how you learn or what your comfort level, ISTELive 22 has an experience tailored for you! Attend sessions in person; watch sessions remotely from one of many spacious locations on-site; or join the action virtually from your hotel, a nearby park or an outdoor café. There has never been more options for customizing your ISTELive experience!


Empowering Sisterhood in CS

February 23, 2022
6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. CT

In preparation for Women’s history month build your knowledge on Empowering Sisterhood in Computer Science. Join Wednesday, February 23, 2021 at 6:00 - 7:00 PM CT to discover ways that you and your students can empower sisterhood in Computer Science by celebrating the past contributions of women and highlighting current female leaders in the tech industry.


Fund for Teachers

Would you like to reflect on your objectives, motivations and the impact your instructional plan of action will have on students? Fund for Teachers awards grants from $5,000 to $10,000 for professional development based on the principle that the teacher is the one who knows what they need to grow as an educator. These grants are self designed and allow teachers to create their own professional development opportunity based on what is most beneficial to their teaching in their own opinions. The 2022 grant application deadline is February 24, 2022.

Highlighting the latest research and promising practices in the field of instructional technology and 21st century education.

Learning by Evaluating — A New Way to Learn

Would you like to help students become Knowledge Constructors as they engage in a new way to learn? Learning by Evaluating is a new technique that applies the concepts of comparing and evaluating through Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) to learning instead of assessing.

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