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Transforming Educator Practice to Promote Excellence, Self-Efficacy, and Belonging Through International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Certification
By Maria Magnanimo-Toledo, Readiness & Integration Specialist, Instructional Technology Initiative, and Jamie Galgana, Instructional Leadership Support Specialist, Instructional Technology Initiative; ISTE Certified Educators

L.A. Unified has a growing cohort of International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Certified Educators that are leading the way in transformational instructional practices! From classroom teachers to coaches, specialists, coordinators and administrators PK-12, our ISTE Certified Educators accepted the challenge to become ISTE certified. Along the way, they developed a belief in their abilities to grow with effort and in their ability to succeed in achieving an outcome or reaching a goal.
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Featuring up-to-date information on what's happening with instructional technology in L.A. Unified.
L.A. Unified 2022-26 Strategic Plan
This summer, L.A. Unified Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho announced the L.A. Unified 2022-26 Strategic Plan, Ready for the World. This plan establishes a clear and inspiring vision for the future of our district over the next four years and for the future of all our students on their journey forward as lifelong learners ready for the future.

The L.A. Unified 2022-26 Strategic Plan outlines five pillars on page 20 that represent critical areas the District will focus on for the next four years. Pillar 2 of the Strategic Plan is Joy and Wellness. Aligned to the theme of this month’s ITI newsletter, Social-Emotional Learning, Pillar 2C of the Strategic Plan is Strong Social-Emotional skills, where ITI’s digital citizenship webpage is highlighted as a key resource. Digital Citizenship enables students to learn and positively contribute to the broader community; ITI also offers professional learning around Digital Citizenship that creates opportunities for students to demonstrate and apply positive social-emotional behaviors at school and in other social interactions.

Resources educators can leverage to support Digital Citizenship include our DigCit for Teachers, By Teachers, a compilation of ready-to-go digital citizenship lessons for grades K-12 for the first ten days of school, and the ITI Readiness Resource Center which contains all of the Readiness Resource items to support L.A. Unified schools with technology integration.
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ITI Professional Development Opportunities
The 2022-2023 ITI Professional Learning Catalog is now available for registration in MyPLN. ITI supports all schools district wide with robust and rigorous professional learning by offering various models of support along a continuum to meet learners where they are. You can join our individual learning opportunities such as the Teacher Leader Network, ISTE Student Standards Suite; computer science sessions, or learn together as an Instructional Technology Team through the Instructional Technology Planning Cohort. We invite you to join us in any of our learning sessions.

The following professional learning sessions will take place in September and support you in gaining the skills and dispositions for sound instructional practices around computer science and instructional technology:
  • Spark Your Creativity Through Game-Based Learning with Minecraft: Education Education
  • Computer Science Fundamentals (K-5)
  • Navigating Computer Science
  • Launch into CS Programming (K-2)
  • Launch into CS Programming (3-8)
  • Future Ready Learning Foundations
  • ITI Reaching Beyond the Classroom - Digital Citizen (Asynchronous Self-Paced)
  • Google Certified Educator: Level 1 (Asynchronous Self-Paced)
For more information about our Professional Learning opportunities visit the ITI website and register through MyPLN.
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Leading for Impact Podcast
The Leading For Impact Podcast is an opportunity to listen in on how L.A. Unified is making an impact with instructional technology. In the monthly podcast, you will hear directly from educational leaders who are leveraging technology along with sound instructional practices to transform teaching and learning in equitable ways. The Leading for Impact Season 1 podcast episodes are currently available to revisit and the exciting release of the Leading for Impact Season 2 podcast will be available in the coming weeks!
Enjoy the Leading for Impact podcast at or listen on:
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ISTE Certified Educator
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and ITI are partnering for the ITI ISTE Certification for Educators Program, a rigorous, competency-based, device-neutral certification designed for ambitious educators who want to use technology to catalyze learning. Designed to build competency with the ISTE Standards for Educators, the certification combines face-to-face and online pedagogy-focused professional development with a competency-based evaluation.

If interested please complete the form below.
ISTE Interest Form
ITI Teacher Leader Network
The ITI Teacher Leader Network (TLN) is now inviting interested teachers to join its cohort for the school year 2022-2023. Teacher leaders participate in a series of learning sessions, guided by the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Educators (ISTE), to reflect upon and refine their practices in order to accomplish their self-selected goals.

If interested please complete the form below.
TLN Interest Form
ITI Education Leader Network
ITI is encouraging interested principals and aspiring administrators to apply and become part of the ITI Education Leader Network (ELN). The ELN was created to support administrators who share a common interest in cultivating their leadership skills around future ready learning.

If interested please complete this form.
ELN Interest Form
ITI Computer Science Cadre
In efforts to expand computer science education (CSEd) in L.A. Unified, ITI will launch a Computer Science (CS) Cadre for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested in taking your CSEd professional learning to the next level, this CS Cadre is for you! This quarterly weekend professional learning series will ground you with CS foundations around equity and access, CS instructional and assessment design, and CS leadership to bring inclusive, equitable, and rigorous CS instruction in your role and context.

If interested please complete the form below.
CS Cadre Interest form
Instructional Technology Planning Cohort 2022 - 2023
We invite school Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) to join us for a 3-day cohort to dialogue and develop an informed, effective school-wide plan for digital age learners. This is a professional learning opportunity which provides school Instructional Leadership Teams guidance in developing an Instructional Technology Plan for digital learning tailored to each school’s needs.

Complete our interest form to join our cohort sessions offered during off-track times.
ITPC Interest Form
Recognizing L.A. Unified educators that have achieved certification in the areas of digital citizenship, computer science and instructional technology.
Common Sense
Education Recognition
We would like to celebrate the educators in L.A. Unified who have achieved Common Sense Education recognition for digital citizenship. Click on the directores and the map to the right to view all Common Sense Certified Education recognized educators and schools across the district:
Common Sense Educator Directory
Common Sense School Directory
Learn more Common Sense Education Recognition
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Google Certified Educator Program
Congratulations to our 5 new Level 1, and 6 new Level 2 Google Certified Educators! Click on the directory or map to view all Google Certified Educators across the district:
Google Certified Educator Directory
Learn more Google Certified Educator Program
Featuring recommended resources and tools for the classroom that have completed the District’s Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan (UDIPP) process. Check UDIPP approval here.
Common Sense Education: SEL in Digital Life Resource Center
Technology impacts students' social and emotional well-being, from how they express themselves to how they communicate with friends and family. With the right support, students can learn how to integrate technology into their lives to promote their well-being and be a positive influence in their communities.
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Highlighting resources and opportunities that support implementation of instructional technology and future ready education.
Second Step Family of Programs: SEL for Kids, for Adults, for Everywhere
Ongoing - On Demand Webinars
The Second Step family of programs helps you take a holistic approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), combining classroom SEL with new offerings for out-of-school time and SEL for adults. Learn how this expanded family of programs can help you level up with:
  • Compassion in the classroom
  • Common language across environments
  • Educator well-being
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California STEAM Symposium
October 1-2, 2022 - Anaheim Convention Center
Throughout the event, participants will come together to explore high-quality strategies to cultivate systems that promote life-long learning for everyone through inclusive and targeted practices, high-impact techniques, and policies, whether from a classroom or organizational point of view.

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CA STEAM Symposium
12th Annual C-STEM Conference
Friday October 21, 2022 - UC Davis Conference Center
After two years of virtual conferences, the 12th Annual C-STEM Conference will be held in-person on Friday, October 21, 2022 at the UC Davis Conference Center. The theme of this year’s conference is “Integrated Math and CS Education with Equity and Social-Emotional Learning for All Students.

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CA STEAM Symposium
2022 SEL Exchange Virtual Summit
Virtual October 13, 2022
The annual Social and Emotional Learning Exchange Virtual Summit brings education champions together to learn and share insights that advance evidence, practices, and policies in support of all young people.

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CA STEAM Symposium
ISTE Creative Constructor Lab
Virtual October 14-16, 2022
Get ready to start the school year with ISTE Creative Constructor Lab! ISTE Creative Constructor Lab Virtual brings together educators who want to experiment with digital tools and learn how to inspire creativity in every student.

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Featuring recommended resources and opportunities to support LAUSD families and school communities.
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Free On Demand Tutoring
Paper partners with Los Angeles Unified School District to provide free, unlimited access to trained tutors so every elementary school student can ask questions, work through problems, and grow their confidence. Paper’s skilled tutors are ready to provide assistance in the language that’s most comfortable for students—whether that’s English, Spanish, French, or Mandarin.

Elementary students at LAUSD can now chat with a live tutor in seconds using Paper’s Live Help feature. They can also submit written compositions to the Review Center to receive expert feedback within 24 hours or extend their learning at home by signing up for PaperLive shows.
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Highlighting the latest research and promising practices in the field of instructional technology and future ready education.
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Why SEL Alone Isn’t Enough
~Done poorly, SEL faces the risk of becoming “white supremacy with a hug.”

In this catalytic article, Dena Simmons provides a much-needed perspective on teaching Social-Emotional Learning. She reminds us of the importance of being equity-centered educators and to bring an anti-racist, anti-oppressive lens to teaching social-emotional skills in today’s classrooms.
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