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October 3, 2022
***Late Breaking: SAVE THE DATE***
Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 12:30 - 2pm
Join our local rally in Northampton
in support of
Jan 6 Justice: Our Freedom, Our Vote National Week of Action (Oct 14-23) to demand justice and accountability for insurrectionists!

Click here for details and to sign up!
For the safety of our community, we are conducting our meetings online until conditions permit us to resume assembling in person.
The Path to Midterm Victories!
with AJ Hedrich

Senior Political Associate Indivisible National

Monday, October 3d, 7-8 PM
Zoom 'door' opens at 6:50 PM
(Click on the picture above to see the powerful Count On Us" video. Who said Dems can't message?!)

If you're reading this, you know how crucial it is that Dems retain, and even strengthen our majorities in Congress. As our inboxes are flooded with increasingly intense calls for our money and time, where should we be focusing?  What's the best path to victory?

Join Indivisible Northampton-Swing Left Western MA to hear from Indivisible National's Senior Political Associate, AJ Hedrich, on the tactics, races, and messaging that will propel us to victories in these all-important elections!
The Path to Midterm Victories!
with AJ Hedrich,
Senior Political Associate at Indivisible National

Monday, Oct. 3rd, 7-8pmET
(Zoom opens at 6:50 for schmoozing)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Get Out the Vote Action Brunch
Sunday, October 16th from 10:30AM-12:30PM
It’s time. The midterm elections are fast approaching. Now is the time to reach out to voters, and there are several ways to do that.  Please join your fellow activists at a Get Out the Vote Action Brunch in Florence on Sunday October 16, from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Rachael Naismith and David Arbeitman, members of Indivisible Northampton-Swing Left Western Mass, invite you to their home at 357 N. Farms Rd. in Florence. Here is what we’re planning:
  • We’ll start with a quick overview of three methods that local grassroots activists use to reach voters: phone banking, postcard writing, and texting.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for phone banking if that interests you. If you would like to use texting to reach out to voters, there will be a training session and an opportunity to do some real-time texting. If you would prefer to write postcards, some postcards will be available. Please bring some cash to help offset costs.
  • And of course, there will be plenty of coffee as well as snacks.

We continue to be cautious about Covid: you’re welcome to join us if you are vaccinated. If we are lucky, we will have some outdoor seating, but we may be indoors. Masks are optional.

We are setting a cap of 25 people so please sign up soon by emailing .  

If you want to text voters and have never texted voters before, please let me know so we can save time by getting you set up in advance.

Hoping to see you at our house on October 16!  
Illustraton by PA Phone Banker, Nora Brown
 Phone Bank to Flip PA!  
Every Thursday, 6-8pm on Zoom  
Join like-minded activists from across the country on Thursday evenings, to help save democracy by expanding the Democratic electorate - and electing more Pro-Choice, Pro-Democracy Democrats in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania!

Our elected officials can truly represent WE THE PEOPLE, and pass laws to codify our reproductive and civil rights.  They can unrig the Supreme Court by passing laws to enact term limits, increase the number of Justices, and enforce ethical standards for SCOTUS.

But only if we elect the politicians who will do just this.

We know that PA is a pivotal state, with an open, flippable U.S. Senate seat, an open governor's race we have to hold (as the governor appoints the PA Secretary of State,and has crucial veto power over the GOP-dominated legislature), and new, much fairer districts that make flipping 1 or both state houses a real possibility this year!

Every Thursday evening, 6-8pm, IN continues our partnership with 2 on-the-ground, powerful PA organizations:
  • New Pennsylvania Project, modeled after Stacy Abrams' New Georgia Project, - where our calls are part of a unique, potentially game changing initiative to not only register new voters, but to make sure they actually get to vote!
  • Turn PA Blue, where we'll be focusing on statewide races - PA is 12 seats away from flipping the PA House (where every seat is up for election), and 4 seats away from flipping the PA Senate (where half the seats are up)!

Join us in calling PA voters to help expand the Pennsylvania electorate and turn this state BLUE!

Here's the zoom link to join the phone bank:
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Phone banks to support
  Democratic Candidates
Join us on Wednesday evenings to help us call Georgia Democrats in support of Rev. Senator Raphael Warnock and Stacy Abrams--a dream team of candidates! Both races are very close--we have a lot of work to do. Voting rights have come under serious attack in Georgia and our support can help bring out Democratic voters in large numbers.

We are working with the Georgia Democratic Party to make calls from 6-8pm every Wednesday. We provide training for new callers (or anyone who needs a refresher) from 6-6:30pm, then start making calls after that. The script is great! It's short, straightforward, and easy to get through. 

Calling is through Open VPB (Virtual Phone Bank), which means you'll need to find and activate your Action ID. In case you don't have one or can't find it, you can use this link to create a new one. 

Here's the zoom link to
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing the zoom link for the phone bank.
One of our wonderful phone bankers, Hayley Wood, has created fact sheets that provide info and talking points about Warnock and Abrams. Please review ahead of time so you are ready with talking points.
Social Postcarding! 
Sundays at 4 pm at
Easthampton River Valley Coop
GETTING OUT THE VOTE is crucial to winning elections, so we're writing postcards to voters in Swing States with a variety of messages, many urging them to make sure to vote this year. Sending postcards to voters--cost effective, eye-catching and personal--has been shown to be effective in motivating their participation in voting.

Ready to get out of the house and take the fight for Democracy outdoors???  Join the Post Corps EVERY SUNDAY, 4:00 PM at the picnic tables outside Easthampton River Valley Coop to sit outside, schmooze with other Democracy Warriors and write postcards to reach out to swing voters. Text Deb Friedman at 240-593-6237 for more information.
IN-SLWM Activist Texting Group
Contact Rachel Naismith:
or text: 413-530-3863

For more information and training, come to the Get Out the Vote Action Brunch (see above)
Other Ways to Pitch In
Sign the Petition

Enacted after the Civil War, Section 3 of the 14th Amendment disqualifies from public office any individual who has taken an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and then engages in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or gives aid or comfort to those who have.

By inciting a violent attack on Congress in an effort to prevent the certification of his own electoral defeat, Donald Trump engaged in insurrection and violated his oath of office. Free Speech For People and Our Revolution have teamed up to urge Secretaries of State and chief election officials across the country to follow the mandate of Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment and bar insurrectionists from any future ballot.

You can read more about it here, and add your name to their petition here.    

Sign here to tell Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin to abide by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and bar Trump from appearing on any future ballot in MA.  

And read about this success in New Mexicowhere citizens filed suit and a County Commissioner was removed from office as a result of his participation in the Jan. 6th insurrection!
Join the Indivisible National Give No Ground Program

We need to go all-in to make sure we defend our democracy from MAGA radicals this November.

Whether it’s blocking gun reforms, gutting Roe v. Wade, or attacking LGBTQ+ kids, or gun safety, Republicans will continue to try to roll us back in time. We need to elect Democrats to lead us into the future.

Sign up with Indivisible National Give No Ground Program to join the team.

As of this week, we’ve raised over $33,475, 110% of our goal! Thank you to everyone who has donated to our two funds, Swing Left’s National Impact Fund and Movement Voter Project’s Black-Led Organizing Fund. With four weeks to go to the end of this fund drive on October 31, we can do even better. I particularly hope that we can reach the goal of $15,000 for the Black-Led Organizing Fund – we’re only about $1200 shy of that goal. If you haven’t given, or if you’re considering giving again, please give now so that campaigns and grassroots organizations have the resources to win in November:
Donate to MVP'SBlack-Led Organizing Fund: 
Donate to Swing Left's National Impact Fund
Feminist Activists of MA Team 
Join feminists from across the state to help organize actions centering on women's rights.

Currently, we're focused on fighting for abortion rights and access through a variety of tactics, including postcarding (to remind voters where their candidates stand on abortion), rallies, podcasts and more.
Here's a continuously updating toolkit with actions to take RIGHT NOW in the fight for reproductive freedom!

Join us - at 4pm - for Feminist Fridays at Four 
Here's the zoom link to join the meeting:
The Friday Action Group
On Wed evenings at 8 pm or Fri mornings at 9 am, join Paul Spector and activists from across the country to collaborate on helping Democrats win elections. At Paul's meetings, you will... 
  • hear upbeat political news
  •  share questions and comments
  •  learn about new political actions
  •  support fundraisers with special guests -- such as Swing Left, Movement Voter Project, Flip the Senate, New Georgia Project, and Bucks County Democrats
  • hear inspiring music (mostly from Playing for Change). 
Here’s the link to the group's website:

Folks find his meetings educational, uplifting, and hopeful, and it's wonderful to see 50-100 other people at each of the two meetings. To check out the meeting, come Wednesday at 8 p.m. or Friday at 9 a.m. EDT, to this Zoom room:
From our friends at Women's March:
Women's March for Reproductive Freedom!
Oct 8th

October 8th is a day of nation-wide events demanding Reproductive Freedom!
Join the the Northampton rally beginning at 11am at City Hall!  IN-SLWM will be there - hope you will be, too!

Register here
Medicare For All on the Ballot
Medicare for All (MFAll) will be on the ballot in at least 17 districts for many of us to vote upon in the fall. Mass Care worked intensively with their ally Act on Mass to gather the necessary signatures to get this non-binding question before the voters in as many places as possible.  

Medicare for All bills have been introduced in our legislature for more than 20 years and have not passed. The goal of this campaign is to remind our legislators that Medicare for All is extremely popular and that a large majority of Massachusetts voters want single payer health care financing to make medical care available and affordable here.
The non-binding ballot question is a powerful way to keep voters informed about the potential for passing M4All here, and to remind our legislators how important it is to us. In past years, non-binding ballots in several districts showed support of 80-90% for M4All. 
For your reference, this is the ballot question:
"Shall the Representative from this District be instructed to vote for legislation to create a single payer system of universal health care that provides all Massachusetts residents with comprehensive health care coverage including the freedom to choose doctors and other health care professionals, facilities, and services, and eliminates the role of insurance companies in health care by creating an insurance trust fund that is publicly administered?”

For those who would like to continue the campaign in the fall, please complete this survey for the next phase of the campaign, to win “Yes” votes on the question.  

This is an opportunity for Massachusetts to again lead the country in health care financing and delivery.  

This section of our newsletter features one article written by a subscriber and one article selected by our steering committee. Subscribers to the newsletter are welcome to submit writing by email to with the subject line "Newsletter Submission".  
The opinions expressed in the writings don't necessarily reflect any consensus of Indivisible Northampton.

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February 7, 2022 - Adam Hinds, Candidate for Lt. Governor
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Dec. 17, 2021, State Sen. Jo Comerford - Democracy in MA
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August 16, 2021 Ashley Tjhung, Indivisible national's Senior Policy Associate for Democracy 
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July 12, 2021: Adam Smith, Director, End Citizens United 
June 7, 2021: Common Cause National Organizer, Izzy Bronstein
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April 19, 2021:
 May Day on the ERA!  Carrie Baker on Gender Equality
April 5, 2021: John Bonifaz on S1 and the Filibuster
March 1, 2021: Fixing Democracy with Common Cause!
February 15, 2021: Bill Scher on HR1 
June 15, 2020:  Pass the ROE Act
See our website for a list of our partner organizations.
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Elected Officials
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  Ed Markey 617-565-8519 @SenMarkey
US House Jim McGovern 413-341-8700 @RepMcGovern
State Senate Jo Comerford General Court Website 617-722-1532 @Jo_Comerford
State House Lindsay Sabadosa State House Website 413-270-1166 @SabadosaMA
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