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February 7, 2022
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For the safety of our community, we are conducting our meetings online until conditions permit us to resume assembling in person.
Monday   February 7

Senator Adam Hinds
Democratic Candidate for
Lieutenant Governor

We welcome candidate for Lt. Governor, State Senator Adam Hinds
Join us as we welcome State Sen. Adam Hinds, Candidate for Lt. Gov!  

Sen. Hinds represents parts of Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden Counties, and is endorsed in his campaign for MA Lt. Gov. by our own State Sen Jo Comerford, Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, former Northampton Mayor Narkowicz among many others.

Join us to learn about Adam, and, even more importantly, to make sure he learns about us - our priorities, our concerns and our vision for MA.

And, of course, you'll also get to hear about what IN is doing to protect our democracy and elect more progressives as we head into the primaries - and how you can help!

And, NEW!  We'll be opening up the zoom room at 6:50pm, for anyone who wants to come early to schmooze!

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Soundbites of Success Presidents' Day Challenge!
Preaching LOUD and PROUD to our choir!

Thanks to YOUR activism, we successfully ousted a corrupt authoritarian and elected President Joe Biden, who was inaugurated just about a year ago.

And while we’ve successfully begun to turn our ship of state towards those blue waters of justice (more federal judges appointed in a 1st year since Reagan, the most diverse Cabinet ever, the most money directed to infrastructure since the federal highway system was built, rejoining the Paris Accord, etc), the media and our opposition keep highlighting the buoys we missed, or how slowly we’re sailing, or the iceberg we still might hit…some sort of doom and gloom drama that will sell their papers or their ideology.  

Or get us to feel so discouraged that we’ll stop our forward movement altogether and give up.

But we’re Activists!  We know that the road to real, transformational change takes time and perseverance!  So, let’s strengthen our spirits and deepen our resolve by reminding ourselves - and everyone else - of the successes we’ve already experienced because we elected Joe Biden as President!  

And that is our Presidents’ Day Challenge to you!  We’re looking for lots of soundbites to showcase our democratic successes, from national wins to small town wins, too. And to make sure these soundbites travel far and wide, let's package those successes so that they're creative and catchy, repeatable and tweetable, in any share-able medium.

Sing a jingle! Choreograph a victory dance! Design a meme or campaign slogan! 

Successes never get the kind of attention showered on conflict - so let's get loud and proud over our wins!  

Here's an example: 

Soundbite: ‘Judges who look like us - justice for all of us.’

Explanation:  Biden, in his first year, has appointed the highest number of federal judges since Reagan, and the most diverse cadre of federal judges ever

Complete this form to submit your Soundbite - all submissions need to be received by Presidents’ Day, Feb. 21st, and only one submission per person.  The challenge will finish with a celebratory Zoom gala where we'll share our successes, creativity, and power! See the form for more details.

Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America
by Michael Eric Dyson
It's Black History Month and more than ever our country needs to discuss black history because it is American history.  

RSVP to join in on February 9 from 7-8PM to discuss or just listen to the conversation led by Rev. Kevin Peterson on Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America by Michael Eric Dyson. Rev. Peterson is the Founder of the New Democracy Coalition. All are welcome!

You can click here: to read a review of Long Time Coming or view an interview with the author.

See you on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 7PM!

In Solidarity,

The Indivisible Mass Coalition Book Club Team
Activism Training
Google Drive and Google Doc: What and Where
Activism Training - Google Drive and Google Doc: What and Where
February 12, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12PM
Host Contact Info: Shaw Yang - 
Volunteers at MAssachusetts Grassroots Information Center (MAGIC) want to help you get in gear for 2022. Save time, minimize confusion and simplify your activist life! What are Google Docs and Google Drive and how do you find your documents?
How to Find Google Docs
  • What is a Google Doc?
  • Handling Google Docs in your email
  • Ways to find Google Docs in your Google Drive
This class is a basic class. If you can, please check to see if you have a Google account.
Co-hosted by Indivisible Acton Area, Swing Blue Alliance and Indivisible Mass Coalition
RSVP Here:
Going Bold for Democracy

Meets on the second Tuesday of each month.
Next virtual meeting: Tuesday, February 8, at 7PM on Zoom.  

Here is the Zoom link to join the meeting– everyone is welcome.  (

We hope to build the capacity, skills, and membership in our team, and are jointly deciding where to focus our energy next.  

We will send out a poll soon to all the people in Indivisible Northampton asking if they would like to join us to work on different projects, and some of the possible actions are:
  • Registering voters in other states.
  • Election protection in other states
  • Congressional elections
  • Senate elections
  • Governor elections (in other states)
  • Supporting Biden’s Build Back Better bill  
  • Protecting local MA school boards from Republicans 
  • Urging Pres. Biden to do more Executive Actions 
  • Eliminate student debt
  • Fix the Post Office, Fire DeJoy
  • Other out of state elections, such as:  Turn PA Blue, Wisconsin, etc.   
Our ongoing work with phone banks and postcard campaigns continues.  

Please look out for a poll questionnaire in your email and fill it out to tell us where you would like to work on projects with our team. 

For more info, please contact  Larry.

Feminist Activists of MA Team
Fighting for Reproductive Freedom!
Join this group of feminists from across MA as we work to defeat right-wing attempts to take away women's rights. 

Our team meets on Fridays at 5pm on zoom.  Next meetings are Friday, Feb.4th and Friday Feb.11.
 Use this link to join the meeting.
Illustraton by PA Phone Banker, Nora Brown
NEW! Phone Bank for Democracy
Help Recruit TX Poll Watchers!
Thursdays, 6 - 8pm!

Join us this Thursday, Feb. 10th, 6-8pm as we continue our collaboration with Common Cause to strengthen democracy!

We'll be calling voters in TX to recruit poll watchers who will help ensure that all eligible Americans can vote and have our vote counted!

Sign up here for this and all the Common Cause phone banks for democracy!


Time to mobilize your village!

It’s not hyperbole to say that our country is in a precarious moment.  Will voting rights be significantly curtailed?  Will election infrastructure be compromised and made partisan?   Whose votes will count?

It will take all of our villages, all of our networks, to mobilize and reverse current anti-democratic efforts.  But let’s appreciate our connections while we do, heck, let’s socialize and enjoy each other!

There are currently available addresses to voters in
  • WI, providing information about how to register to vote; and in
  • PA, reminding them of the benefits of the infrastructure bill sponsored and largely passed by Democrats.

Postcards will be provided free of charge. You provide the postage.  Subsidies are available for postage (see form).

Line up your crew and complete the form here to get started!  Materials can be picked up by one person for a group, or individually by each participant and are typically available within 2-3 days of request. You will receive an email when your packets are ready.  Contact Marta, with any questions.  Thank you!!
Register Women Voters in Texas

We know about the Texas ban on nearly all abortions, but did you know that TX has 2 million unregistered voters?  The best way to restore abortion rights in TX and to win the midterms nationally is to elect more Democrats! Field Team 6 (FT6) has the perfect postcard campaign for that.
Indivisible Northampton is collaborating with the Feminist Activists of MA Team to distribute these postcards and addresses to volunteers in all corners of MA. 

FT6’s mission is to register Democrats and they’ve already helped register over 3 million new voters in key states and districts. Their campaigns target citizens who, based on data metrics, appear likely to be left-leaning. They use bold, motivating, issue-based messaging with a QR code and link to make registration easy.

Packets with postcards/addresses/directions and optional stamps will be available to pick up in Florence  Each pack of 25 postcards is free without stamps; or $10 with postcard stamps included.  Subsidies available. Pick up date will be sent to you by email in the very near future. For further information and to sign up use this form.

Ever onward, undeterred!!

Here’s the script to be written on each postcard (46 words):
Democrats believe in a woman’s right to choose.  But Texas Republicans have taken away that constitutional right *even in cases of rape or incest*. To restore women’s healthcare freedom, use the QR code above or go to to register to vote, then vote for Democrats! 
This section of our newsletter features one article written by a subscriber and one article selected by our steering committee. Subscribers to the newsletter are welcome to submit writing by email to with the subject line "Newsletter Submission".  
The opinions expressed in the writings don't necessarily reflect any consensus of Indivisible Northampton.

Make The Governor's Records Public - Larry Pareles
The Most Censored Stories of the Year (featuring the Editors of Project Censored)
ICYMI - Videos From the Archive
January 17, 2022 - Tami Gouveia, Candidate for Lt. Governor 
Dec. 17, 2021, State Sen. Jo Comerford - Democracy in MA
November 15, 2021 Dr. Carrie Baker: Fighting for Abortion Rights
October 4, 2021 Stephen Spaulding of Common Cause on the Freedom to Vote Act.
August 16, 2021 Ashley Tjhung, Indivisible national's Senior Policy Associate for Democracy 
August 2, 2021 Leah Greenberg
July 12, 2021: Adam Smith, Director, End Citizens United 
June 7, 2021: Common Cause National Organizer, Izzy Bronstein
May 17, 2021: Raymond O'Mara
May 3, 2021: Act On Mass
April 19, 2021:
 May Day on the ERA!  Carrie Baker on Gender Equality
April 5, 2021: John Bonifaz on S1 and the Filibuster
March 1, 2021: Fixing Democracy with Common Cause!
February 15, 2021: Bill Scher on HR1 
June 15, 2020:  Pass the ROE Act

NOTE: Our archive collection is in the process of being moved and the other sessions will be restored soon.
See our website for a list of our partner organizations.
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Elected Officials
US Senate Elizabeth Warren 413-788-2690 @SenWarren
  Ed Markey 617-565-8519 @SenMarkey
US House Jim McGovern 413-341-8700 @RepMcGovern
State Senate Jo Comerford General Court Website 617-722-1532 @Jo_Comerford
State House Lindsay Sabadosa State House Website 413-270-1166 @SabadosaMA
Legislator Not Listed? Click Here

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