I am having one of those weeks [insert melting face emoji]. In the past, I've skipped sending my newsletter even if I've taken the time and care to write blurbs for teams I love. If I don't have enough in me to write a quality "intro," I can't get myself to hit that send button.

But I decided I gotta stop doing that.

In recent years, consistency has come to matter a lot more to me than perfection. When we train for Ironmans, we always keep in mind that something is better than nothing, and I applaud myself even when I suck because at least I showed up.

While I wouldn't send off an email that's only 27% finished to thousands of people, (#standards, nah mean?) I will focus on redefining what "doing my best" means to me. 

And with that, let's jump into teams who are hiring today! 

Aptible (profile) 📍 Remote (PT through ET time zones)
Does not provide relocation support. Does not sponsor work authorizations.
Aptible helps companies easily manage cloud-based security and compliance requirements. Everyone on the team learns from customers (they share 20+ Slack channels with clients) and from each other –– they ask “silly” questions, take risks, and use failures to improve. They're open about how they foster talent density and competitive compensation, which they state upfront in job descriptions. 👏

Wealthfront (profile) 📍 Palo Alto, CA or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support on a case-by-case basis. Sponsors work authorizations.
Wealthfront helps people optimize their finances by integrating investing and banking services. As an engineering-driven company, they don’t have a release cycle (they have a deploy button), and live by the motto, “If it can be automated, do it!” I'm a personal fan of their blog, too, which offers a trove of information on everything from planning for a possible recession to maximizing compound interest.

CHANI (profile) 📍 Los Angeles, CA, or Remote (US)
Does not provide relocation support. Does not sponsor work authorizations.
CHANI is on a mission to make astrology and its wisdom accessible to everyone. As a queer, feminist-led tech and media company, they take a language-agnostic approach to building software and offer trailblazing benefits like gender-based violence paid and protected leave. In the past six months, they’ve grown from a team of 17 to 28, and they're still hiring for android developers and leads! ✨

Seesaw (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support and sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis.
Seesaw is a learning platform that connects educators, students, and families. They always put their customers first to improve learning and communication. Example: they added a translator in their messaging app so that parents and teachers can communicate even if they don’t speak the same language. They’re even building their own equitable, standard-aligned curriculum, Seesaw Lessons.

Makelog (profile) 📍 Remote (US)
Provides relocation support and sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis.
Makelog’s release communication platform aligns technical and nontechnical teams. JJ, their founder and CEO, experienced firsthand how hard it can be for fast-shipping software teams to communicate every update to product teams. Thus, Makelog was born. They officially launched and announced their $3M seed round on Tuesday 🎉 and are excited to bring on more EQ-driven "glue people" to the team.

Propel (profile) 📍 Brooklyn, NY or Remote (US)
Does not provide relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis.
Propel helps low-income Americans check their benefits balances, understand critical government programs, save money, and earn income. What started in 2014 as a Kickstarter with $11k in funding is now an important tool for over 5M Americans. They announced their $50M Series B in March, and as a small ~15-person eng team, are committed to mentoring and promoting from within as they grow.

Apologies for the abbreviated newsletter this week, but I'm sick, have allergies, and have just been physically unwell all week. It isn't COVID, but sheesh –– it's wiiiiiping me out and "survival" is the name of the game. ✊

Never take your health for granted!

Lynne (@lynnetye and @keyvaluesio)
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