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I had a tearful last week saying goodbye to the house I grew up in, but it was a trip that did wonders for my soul. My parents and I cleaned out years and years of stuff, discovering all sorts of gems in the process: old photos, yearbooks, notes, and letters.

My favorite thing that I found was this poem I wrote for my high school magazine. It was as if Past Me sent a message to Present Me, and it made me realize how much Key Values is an expression of how I've always wanted to live. 

While I was in Ithaca, I also recorded a podcast on Founders Talk where the host, Adam Stacoviak, asked me if Key Values had a mission statement. [Spoiler alert: I don't! 🙊] I'll need to think on this for a while, but it's something around helping people find the work and life that will make them most happy, by starting with myself.

Companies don't typically write mission statements like this, but hey, Key Values was never meant to be a typical company. 😜 I don’t think of myself as a servant to society, and I discourage others from living their lives solely to serve others, too. Mainly because no one does their best work unless they're taking care of themselves first.

And since Key Values is a one-woman show, it's really a fair question that I can ask any of you. What is your mission statement? Whatever it is, it's part of mine that you find the right team of people who can help you follow through on it. 

Digit (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA
Provides relocation support. Does not sponsor work authorizations.
Digit helps people to save money and pay off debt without thinking about it. The engineers at Digit are responsible for all aspects of shipping a product, from ideation and implementation to QA and analyzing key metrics. Despite owning projects start to finish, devs work 7-8 hours a day in the office. They're big on work/life balance and make sure to only have 2 regularly scheduled meetings each month. 👌

Universe (profile) 📍 Brooklyn, NY or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support. Can transfer existing visas.
Universe is the first website builder designed from the ground up for phones – just drag and drop, and you can make a site from you mobile device 60 seconds. While the Universe team has a studio in Brooklyn, the majority of their team members are distributed. They are a design-driven company at their core, and are incredibly engaged with their users. If you want to get in touch, build a site and reach out!

Lever (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA or Toronto, ON
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations on case-by-case basis.
Lever builds modern recruiting software for teams to source, interview, and hire top talent. Everything they do is team based and there are no solo projects. If there’s one thing that’s clear at Lever, it’s that they do not have a hero culture: no dinners at the offices, no pull requests after 7pm, and only daytime deploys. If diversity and inclusion are important to you, I highly recommend you read more about their team.

EyeLevel (profile) 📍 Denver, CO or Bay Area, CA
Provides relocation support and sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis. is a conversational marketing platform comprised of digital assistants and chatbots. The vision for came from an unrelated project the founders worked on at IBM Watson & the Weather Company, and they've now spun it out into their own company. They want to move the industry from display advertising to something more like a personalized recommendation, and I'm all for it. (profile) 📍 San Francisco, Paris, or Victoria, BC
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations. is the world’s largest social change platform. Over 150 million people across 196 countries are empowered by to campaign about anything that moves them. Internally, they have a peer-to-peer learning program, support a 4-month paid fellowship program, and believe that the #1 priority are health and wellness. They've created a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable in.

Hipcamp (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Hipcamp makes it easy for people to explore, adventure, and find the best campsite. They embrace that everyone has their own, unique working style which is why they have a "how to work with me guide" folder. As a Hipcamper, you'll also have a full camping gear library at your disposal from your dog-friendly office. (It’s no surprise that all of them use their own product to go camping on the weekends!)

Thank you all for being a part of this roller coaster of a journey with me! I'm still beaming having sent my 100th newsletter last Thursday, and am looking forward to seeing where the next 100 weeks take us!

Also heads up: I'm going to open up some times to meet with folks again and I'll be sure to list my availability next week! Until then... 

Lynne (@lynnetye and @keyvaluesio)
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