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When you think about your life, how zoomed in or zoomed out are you? Are you mostly living by the hour and day, through each week, or do you have year-long goals that hold your focus? Do you frequently reminisce about your past, or are you largely looking toward where you're headed? Are you seeing your whole lifetime from a bird's eye view with the past, present, and future all stitched together?

Lately, I've been so in touch with both who I used to be as a kid/teenager and who I think I'll be in 40 years. The former is because I left the workaholic hustle in San Francisco and am now a mom living in the burbs (across the street from multiple schools at that). 😂 The latter is definitely because my parents moved to Seattle and I get to see them as grandparents at least once a week. It's even more pronounced right now since I just spent the last week traveling with them.

But being so zoomed out is really trippy. It makes me realize how much I've cherry picked moments and memories from my past. It also reminds me to let go of today's stressors since experience has already taught me they'll be insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I can almost see my whole life laid out in front of me, and it makes me both excited for the future and tearfully sentimental about how quickly the future is turning over into the past. 

I didn't have a good relationship with my parents until many years into adulthood, and it makes me think about all the turmoil and turbulence I'll (likely) face with my own daughters before hopefully forming that special bond. (Oh, I'm having another girl, btw. 😉) My sweet girl is only 20 months old and I'm already wondering if I'll one day get to travel with her and her kids the way my mom is. 🙈 It feels silly! But I also know the time will fly by surprisingly fast.

We have so much power in narrating our lives’ stories. We decide what we remember from our past, choose how much we treasure the present, and determine the direction we're moving in the future. So take this as your sign to revisit your favorite memories, fully breathe in what you're doing and how you're feeling right now, and maybe, most importantly, plan for your future. Take those trips you've always dreamed of going on with the people you love, make the time to do things you've always wanted to do for yourself, and prioritize what's most important in your life. Your job shouldn't prevent you from being able to do these things, it should help make them a reality. And if it doesn't... well... you know what I'm gonna say next, right? 

Sphinx Defense (profile) 📍 Remote (US)
Does not provide relocation support. Does not sponsor work authorizations.
Sphinx Defense is building a communications platform to securely maneuver satellites in real-time. Their founders worked as senior government employees at the DoD and quickly realized they could leverage modern APIs to transform the status quo of satellite ops. You don't need a background in the industry to join though, you just need to be a self-starter who communicates effectively asynchronously.

Upduo (profile) 📍 Remote (North America)
Provides relocation support and sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis.
Upduo helps companies drive measurable business outcomes through peer-to-peer coaching sessions. Internally, it’s no surprise they’re committed to personal growth and ongoing learning, too. Whether it’s mentoring fellow team members or interns (they’ve had several repeat interns, btw!) or having the CTO as your direct report for a project, they embrace working as a team to the max. 🙏 (<-- high five, not praying)

Local Kitchens (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Local Kitchens is a growing network of micro food halls that let you mix-and-match your favorite local restaurants in one order. They have a bias for action, which is clearly demonstrated by how they built web ordering, an in-store kiosk, a mobile app, a Kitchen Display System, and a fleet of third-party integrations in just one year. 😮 They plan to build 2,000 stores starting by opening new ones in SoCal this fall. 

Curai (profile) 📍 Remote (US)
Does not provide relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Curai runs a virtual primary care clinic and leverages machine learning to help doctors work more effectively. New devs are paired with mentors and own a feature end-to-end in their first quarter. You’ll get to work with interesting people, too: their team includes a former midwife, a beekeeper, and professional Carnatic musician! Bonus: their co-founder is one of the year’s top 10 most innovative CTOs to watch.

Sibi (profile) 📍 Remote (US)
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Sibi connects manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners directly on one platform to simplify the process of building and improving a property. While they work with a sense of urgency and favor “shipped” over “perfect,” as they put it, “Life is short, so it should be fun and fulfilling.” They strive for a 40-hour work week, take breaks during the day, and many team members are also friends outside of work. 🤗

Plus (profile) 📍 Remote (North American time zones)
Does not provide relocation support. Can transfer existing visas.
Plus makes it easy to capture, see, and share information across different sources. Example: see how they’re using their product to track the startup funding landscape. As a small, but quickly growing team, they place a premium on transparency. Even if a question could be answered by one person, they default to public Slack channels to avoid silos. Read more about how they’re building a high EQ team here.

I also need to take this opportunity to rave about Kraków, Poland! I'm here right now and I am just so in love with this city. I didn't have any expectations before coming here and am blown away by the architecture, history, kindness, walkability, and let's be real, the insane density of delicious restaurants that are a fraction of the price they'd be in the U.S. Kraków is a very underrated city to visit, but let it be known, it is worth the trip and I might have to come back...!

To seeing your entire life from start to end and taking control of all that we can, because it's the only one we've got!

Lynne (@lynnetye and @keyvaluesio)
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