Jambo! (That's hello in Swahili! 👋)

I'm sitting in a tent in southern Serengeti after a very long (and incredible) 16-hour day. My parents, husband, and I saw more lions, hippos, and zebras than I can even count. We even saw a cheetah hunt 😍 and another with her three cubs!!! I'll try to share some photos next week.

None of this has anything to do with software engineering, navigating careers, or the job search, but it is me bringing my whole self to work every day. You see, I don't have a manager or coworkers, so y'all are who I share my outside-of-work life with! (I hope everyone finds a team that makes them comfortable being their whole selves, too.)

Now without further ado, here are some companies on Key Values you should learn more about: 💚

G Adventures (profile) 📍 Toronto, ON
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
G Adventures organizes small group adventure travel. (I saw several of their SUVs out today and felt so proud to work with them on Key Values!) They're a self-funded company and their unifying mission is to change people’s lives through travel. All employees are entitled to one G Adventures trip per year, and everyone has access to resources and a yearly stipend for professional development, too.

Aptible (profile) 📍 Remote in North America
Doesn't need to provide relocation support or sponsor work authorizations – they're remote!
Aptible provides security management to small businesses and startups. Internally, psychological safety is top of mind. When new hires go through onboarding, they take a workshop around feedback and conflict, and instead of having everyone conform to one particular work style, they ask each person to share what their personal workplace preferences are and accommodate them.

CoinTracker (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA
Provides relocation support. Does not sponsor work authorizations. 
CoinTracker is a cryptocurrency tax product and portfolio tracker. They're an atypical crypto company in the best ways possible: they didn’t write a white paper or launch an ICO. And while they did raise a $1.5M seed round, they haven't spent any of it because they've been profitable (>$1M in revenue) since they launched in 2017. As a 4-person team, they're now ready and excited to hire a few more developers!

Peerspace (profile) 📍 San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Remote
Provides relocation and sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis.
Peerspace makes it easy to book venues for meetings, events, photoshoots, and more. Their team has a fail-fast-then-fix philosophy and makes sure everyone feels comfortable taking risks. With minimal bureaucracy and the ability to create your own schedule, devs can focus all of their energy into coding. With fewer than 20 engineers, they've established business in 100+ cities and raised a $16M Series B.

Gem (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations. 
Gem is a recruiting CRM that helps companies build relationships with amazing candidates. In the last year, they've gone from 3 to 20+ employees, outgrown their office 3 times, and 10x-ed their revenue... and 100% of their engineers reported having maintained work/life balance throughout all of that! They're customer-driven, and so far, have grown entirely through word of mouth.

GitHub (profile) 📍 Globally Remote
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
GitHub is the place to share code with friends, co-workers, and complete strangers. Nearly 80% of their engineers are remote, so they lean on their pairing culture to keep everyone connected. People can work wherever they're happiest and work/life balance is genuinely supported. If you want to develop products that more than 24 million people use from [insert any location], you should check 'em out.

Loving what you do for work is important for a happy and fulfilling life, but don't forget what life is really about: experiences, memories, and spending time with the people you love most. So call your parents, reach out to your siblings (if you have them!), and make time for the ones who matter to you most.

Well, I'm off to bed now so I can soak up more of Tanzania tomorrow, but I'm sending you all good laughs and good vibes!!!

Lynne (@lynnetye and @keyvaluesio)
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