Hi friends!

Well I didn't expect to take that many weeks off, but the break did me good. Tbh, I thought people might not even notice my hiatus, so it was encouraging that some of you checked in on me. 🥰 I am indeed still alive –– thank you for looking out! (And for new subscribers, oh hi hello. Maybe this is a better first impression...?! 😂)

I don't know what the scientific term for it is, but after many weeks of nausea and fatigue, pregnancy then awards me with an extreme idgaf energy that is unlike anything I've ever felt. (Hormones, amirite?!) It's basically being tortured by a parasite (that you're supposed to love) for what feels like eternity and then emerging from the affliction with a new desire to just live and appreciate being well. I go outside to listen to the birds. I take the long way home. I try to remember how summers felt when I was a kid... simple breathe-in-breathe-out stuff. 

Things are a little different this time around of course because we're going from a family of three to four. It is the most cliché thing in the world that every parent says, but my goodness is it true: they grow up so fast! The truth is that time always passes quickly, but we're so good at putting blinders on that we don't notice. We let the months and years blend together, punctuating them with milestones, vacations, and job changes. But when you have a little human around, you're forced to pay attention to the days and weeks. They transform overnight –– every night –– and if you step into their world, you're transported to this otherworldly land of magic, neuroplasticity, and purity. Y'all. It's so frickin' beautiful. lllumi is currently stringing words together for the first time, saying "please" and "thank you" independently, and gleefully applauding herself whenever she successfully communicates a request to us. This is all new as of last week! 😭 Okay, who's cutting onions?! 

Anyway, we love timing our pregnancies with recessions (sarcasm), so it was another opportune time to hit pause. Apologies if anyone was waiting on me, but I did warn you ahead of time! 🙈 Creating life makes me unreliable (and let's be real, kind of unprofessional...), but hey, I'm embracing this chapter of my life as best I can and that's gotta count for something!

Alright, well let's get back into the swing of things! I'm not sure what's on deck in terms of the economy or job market, but companies have been and still are hiring:

Lumafield (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA or Boston, MA
Does not provide relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Lumafield is an industrial X-Ray CT scanner with AI-powered software that analyzes car parts, golf equipment, and everything in between. After emerging from stealth mode in April, they've continued to grow fast and just announced their $35M Series B this week! This funding will transform the way engineers and designers work on physical products, and help them double their own engineering team. 😉

Render (profile) 📍 San Francisco, CA or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Render is a unified cloud services platform that helps devs build and scale simple sites and complex applications. They ensure a high-quality codebase by keeping tech debt to a minimum and having two peers review all code changes. This allows engineers to ship quickly and often. Peep their roadmap! Read more about their six engineering teams and how they foster start-to-finish ownership right here.

HumanFirst (profile) 📍 Remote (US)
Does not provide relocation support. Can transfer existing visas.
HumanFirst contains a catalog of 1,200+ connected sensor technologies to help their users (including 22 of the 25 biggest pharma companies) decide which ones to use in clinical trials. They are big on personal growth, will pay for your executive coaching, and love non-traditional career paths. Andy, their CEO and co-founder, has a BSc in economics, but transitioned into engineering via bootcamp. 👏

Airtable (profile) 📍 San Francisco, Mountain View, New York City, or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support and sponsors work authorizations on a case-by-case basis.
Airtable helps people build powerful work apps, without coding. While the hiring market has had its ups and downs, Airtable has a ton of open engineering roles across product, growth, security, infrastructure, and quality. Engineers own projects from start to finish, are encouraged to flex their skills and interests, and have the freedom to choose whether they work from home or the office.

Plus (profile) 📍 Remote (North American time zones)
Does not provide relocation support. Can transfer existing visas.
Plus is building an easier way for companies to import data from multiple sources and see it all in one place with added context. Their founders, Chloe and Dan, experienced firsthand the pains of needing to constantly update the same set of slides to keep teams on the same page. Thus, Plus was born. They're a fully distributed team that cares about results, not hours, and value speed over perfection.

Asana (profile) 📍 San Francisco, New York City, or Remote (US)
Provides relocation support. Sponsors work authorizations.
Asana helps teams plan and manage their work, from one-off projects to year-long initiatives. Their eng team has contributed to open-source software since the company was founded (2008) and they strive for simplicity in order to keep their code quality high. Their recent Anatomy of Work report explored the link between imposter syndrome and burnout, something Asana very actively avoids. 🙌

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of their summers, taking the time to feel their feels, and/or allowing themselves to hit pause if they need it. Whatever you do, do you, and do it guilt-free! 

Lynne (@lynnetye and @keyvaluesio)
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