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Hello parents,

We are entering week three of our summer Holiday and I have your week 2 newsletter attached & important update for new parents joining us from Tuesday.

1. We would love your feedback and review on Google - Click to tell us how you and your child has found us, our staff, our project and whatever else is on you and your child's mind about us.

If you are getting this email 
2. Congratulations, your child is all booked and ready to start our Summer Holiday school, or you may be getting this email because you have signed up meaning you will be getting weekly newsletter about the summer holiday school. If you are a new parent below are specific information just for you and your child on the day/s you have booked.
Please make sure you bring your child in, on the days you said you would.

3. Have you joined our parenting group?

4. Please see below the time to drop and pick up your child.
Days Holiday School Is Open:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Times of Holiday school:
11:15 am arrival - door open (11:30 start) - 3:30 (please make sure your child gets to school on time as they will be missing out on important information if late, groups they will be in, as well as food which is given from around 11:45, am to children)
*Every Thursday at pick up, you will be given a bag of food to take home if you attended the 2 days before and we need to start organising this at 11:30 am, so please make sure your child is already registered before 11:30 am. Please only bring your child on the days you said you would on your application form.

Drop off
11:15 am (thank you so much to all the parents that have been early, we are noticing your support, your excitement and we appreciate you)

Pick up from

5. Address of Summer Holiday:
64-66 Windmill Road, Croydon, CR02XP (next to Sunrise Nursery)- Our company's banner has been getting blown, so we have not been having it outside, but you should be able to spot us clearly every day in August 2021 (Tuesday - Friday)

6. Activities we have in mind are to assist your child to build resilience, emotional intelligence, self-love, self-acceptance, learn the power of choice and consequence of their choices, and of course to interact with their peers and have lots of Fun with good quality healthy food.

7. Join Parenting Group
If you have not yet joined the parenting group there is still time, even if your child can no longer attend, you can join the parenting group. Please make sure you answer the question before entering as your membership will not be accepted if you do not answer the questions to join.

8.  Covid19
*We will be checking your children's temperature before we accept them into holiday school each day, these checks will be done on staff too.

Covid19 Compliance
*If your child has temperature, continuous cough, has come in contact with anyone with Covid or any other sickness, vomiting, or covid19 symptoms, please let us know immediately, and Do Not bring your child to Summer Holidays School. We can still provide your child/ren with activities, learning equipment, and food at home if this is the case.
Please email: immediately to alert us

9. If your child can not attend Holiday school for any reason please give us 48 hours' notice, this will allow us to still be able to organise for your child to have learning activities and food send home. This also means spaces can be given to another child to support another family in need of our services.

10. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here and I aim to reply within 2 working days, 

11. If you missed last month's parenting training, grab your pen and notepad for the training 
Click For Training
Click For Workbook

12. A reminder that we want to teach your child power of choice, and consequences and reward of choice. Next week in the parenting group, the team and I will be educating and giving free tools and techniques on supporting you the parents with this. It's tools that would change your relationship with your child for the better, even as they reach their teen and adulthood years. 

13. On our last day (27th August) we have certificates for your children who completed at least a full week with us, this will be presented by the Mayor Of Croydon and a good friend of mine, Cllr Kabir who is also Bensham Manor Croydon ward Cllr (the ward our summer holiday school is in). I will be sending more details in next week's Newsletter. 


Congratulations to all the parents and children that have been attending the last two week. The Staff and I are so proud of your achievements, learning, and progress. 

Remember, everything you desire for you and your child is possible. MAKE IT COUNT!

I AM Sending You Virtual Hugs and Light

Kind regards

Celestina Oniye-Thomas

CEO, Head Of Psychotherapy and Parent Coach

Author of: Art Of Disciplining With Love 

You are getting this email because you registered your child for Croydon Holiday School 2021 with us, sponsored by the Department of Education and Croydon Council
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