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Summer 2021

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  2. Covid-19 Information update
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  5. Resource Corner - Tiger Pantry Emergency Food Packs
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  9. International Teaching Assistant Program
  10. Career Outcomes Survey
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Message from Dr. Hart header

Welcome to the Summer issue of Mizzou Grad & Postdoc News.

For those of you new to graduate education or postdoctoral studies at Mizzou, we are thrilled you have decided to call Mizzou home for the next few years. We are excited to have you on campus or online in August. As you prepare for the fall semester, please monitor the Show Me Renewal page for any updates related to campus precautions for COVID-19 and its variants. 

We want to introduce you to the Graduate School/Office of Postdoctoral Education as a resource for you—we provide many services and professional development opportunities to complement your education and help you meet your personal and professional goals. As Dean, I believe my role is to advocate for graduate education and postdoctoral development and I want you to reach out to me and the Graduate School should you have questions that your academic and scholarly units cannot answer. 

As the summer ends, we are finishing preparations for orientations, classes, professional development workshops, and new initiatives that will be rolled out in August. This year the Graduate School is partnering with others on campus to focus on mental health and well-being. We plan to make resources more transparent and to provide additional professional development related to this critical issue. We are also launching a new postdoctoral program—the Research Excellence Program—and will be hiring a Director of Postdoctoral Education to provide additional support to all our postdoctoral scholars.

As you plan for the upcoming year, don’t forget that you can pursue a Minor in College Teaching and/or participate in one or both of our career development classes: Preparing Future Faculty and Preparing Future Professionals for Post-Graduate Studies Careers. For those of you on social media, the Graduate School has a Facebook page (@MizzouGraduateEd), and you can follow me on Twitter (@MUGRADDEAN). I often post news items relevant to the graduate and postdoctoral experience. I also use it as a place to recognize the great work in which graduate students and postdocs are engaged—make sure you or your program tag me so that I can help to share the good news. Directors of Graduate Studies are additional sources of information related to your education. And finally, the Graduate School website keeps a calendar to advertise programming, deadlines, and events.

Lastly, no matter what stage you are in—starting a program or position, meeting various milestones (e.g., creating your individual development plan (IDP), establishing a committee, comprehensive examinations), or job searching and transitioning from Mizzou—take a break, make yourself a priority, safely spend time with family and friends. If you take time to focus on yourself and your needs throughout your journey, you will be at your best.


Jeni Hart, PhD
Dean of the Graduate School
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies


Covid-19 updates header

MU Incident Command Communication

On July 14, the University of Missouri's Incident Command sent an email updating our COVID-19 policies. Some of the email highlights include:

  • If you have not already done so, begin your vaccination plan wherever you are. Even if you get vaccinated elsewhere, we have plans in place so you can receive your second vaccination shot in Columbia, if necessary, no matter what type of vaccine you have received.
  • Whether fully vaccinated or not, wearing a mask indoors is recommended to help reduce disease transmission.
  • You may volunteer your vaccination status but should not be asked about it, unless in an appropriate medical context.
  • Stay home when you are sick – even if you think you only have a cold or new or different allergy symptoms – seek testing and report positive cases.
  • Review common COVID-19 symptoms here and find general updates on changes we make to protocols at Show Me Renewal.
Thank you to everyone for doing your part to help keep our community safe. Please stay alert for additional messages from campus related to COVID-19 protocols on campus.

New Graduate Student Orientation

Save the Date! Monday, August 16 and Thursday August 19 are New Graduate Student Orientation days. Registration coming soon.

Monday, August 16
8:30 AM - 10 AM: Please join us in Jesse Auditorium for remarks from campus leadership! The MU Graduate School Dean, Dr. Jeni Hart, will introduce students to graduate study at Mizzou, Graduate School and campus resources, and campus updates. MU Provost Latha Ramchand and College of Arts and Science Senior Associate Dean Stephanie Shonekan will offer remarks.

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Small, in-person session on: Fee Waivers and Insurance Subsidies; gradEssentials (MU Graduate School’s Professional Development Program); and Self Care and Resiliency.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: VIRTUAL The Graduate School will host an online panel discussion featuring current MU graduate students who are working toward a variety of degrees both on-campus and online. The panel will share advice for making the most of your time as a graduate student. Topics will include: effective communication with your advisor and colleagues; work-life balance; building connections on campus and online; and more.

Thursday, August 19
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM: A second offering of Monday’s in-person breakout sessions on: Fee Waivers and Insurance Subsidies; gradEssentials (MU Graduate School’s Professional Development Program); and Self Care and Resiliency.

Additional Resources
Online orientation materials and videos will be available on our Website in August.

New Insurance Carrier - Anthem Student Health

MU is starting with a new student health insurance carrier for Fall 2021, Anthem Student Health.  The process is the same:  domestic students enroll through myZou and international students are automatically enrolled when they register for courses.

The Graduate School page on Student Medical Insurance has detailed information about the insurance and subsidy for those with assistantships. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Karen Gruen.

Fellowships Disbursement

Fellowships managed by the MU Graduate School were disbursed through Financial Aid in the Academic Year 2020-21 Following federal guidelines for Financial Aid, taxes were not withheld, and the disbursement schedule was constrained by those guidelines.

In the Academic Year 2021-22, all Graduate School Fellowships will be paid via payroll for fellowships in which the students also hold a qualifying assistantship. This means:
  1. it will be paid on the last business day of the month, starting at the end of August if all paperwork is submitted on time,
  2. the amount paid will have had taxes withheld,
  3. you may need to complete the New Employee Registration by August 13 (in person) if you have never done the onboarding process as an employee, or if you were on an assistantship in the spring that was terminated, and
  4. you will need to pay the mandatory fees and manage any outstanding balances on your student account. Outstanding balances were previously offset by fellowship disbursement through Financial Aid. Please check the cashier's Website on how to pay your bill.
Please contact Karen Gruen or Human Resource Services if you have questions.

Graduate Assistant Teaching Orientation (GATO)

Friday, August 20, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

This one-day orientation hosted by the Graduate School, in collaboration with the Teaching for Learning Center, is designed for all graduate teaching assistants and graduate instructors who are new to teaching at Mizzou. Graduate students who are not new to teaching at Mizzou, as well as postdoctoral scholars, are also welcomed to attend. Participants will learn about campus resources (e.g., Disability Center, Title IX, MU Libraries, Tiger Pantry, Care Team) and policies (e.g., Academic Integrity), preparing for the first day of teaching, teaching with MU educational technologies (e.g., Canvas), and inclusive teaching practices. Participants will also hear from experienced graduate students who will share advice. Registrants will receive detailed schedule and Zoom links in their MU email 48 to 72 hours in advance of the event. We look forward to seeing you there! Please be sure to register by August 15 to receive Zoom meeting information.

Orientation for New International Teaching Assistants and Instructors (ONITA)

August 16 - 20

This orientation is required for international graduate students who do not have a previous U.S. university degree before their first semester of teaching or assisting with teaching at Mizzou. International students who have completed a degree at a university in the United States before starting their graduate program at MU are not required, but strongly encouraged, to attend.

New international teaching assistants will review principles of effective teaching in the U.S. classroom, learn about MU classroom expectations, and interact with and receive feedback from experienced International Teaching Assistants as well as undergraduate students. New international teaching assistants and instructors will apply these principles. Each day (August 16-20) requires approximately 2 hours of asynchronous activities, and 2 hours of synchronous activities held at a variety of times (mostly in the afternoon, in-person or online). Directors of Graduate Studies (DGSs) can register students for ONITA through the ITAP Canvas site. Contact your DGS for help with ONITA registration.

The Graduate School invites doctoral student and postdoctoral scholar applications for the newly established SEC Emerging Scholars Career Preparation Workshop.

Applications due Friday, August 27, 2021, 12:00 PM (Central time)
Submit your application online.

Applicants will be notified if they have been selected by September 2, 2021. Applicants must be available to participate in the entire workshop held virtually on September 29-30, 2021.

Selected Emerging Scholars should be:
  • Graduate students beyond the first year of doctoral or terminal degree work, or postdoctoral scholars (note that you must be an active graduate student or postdoctoral scholar at MU during the Fall 2021 semester)
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who have demonstrated exceptional research and/or teaching skill
  • Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who show an interest in seeking a career in higher education
The applicants who are selected as SEC Emerging Scholars will be required to have the following ready for the workshop:
  1. CV
  2. Three-minute research elevator pitch
  3. One-page teaching statement
  4. One-page diversity statement
The selected Emerging Scholars will attend the two-day, September 29-30 virtual workshop and participate in professional development sessions on topics such as dealing with bias, what to expect as a faculty member, and preparation for the academic job market. Workshop facilitators will be faculty from participating SEC institutions.

Download the PDF.
The Graduate School is now a Emergency Food Pack Pickup location for Tiger Pantry. These packs support students in immediate need of food assistance. Each Food Pack consist of 2-3 microwavable meals and 4-6 types of snacks. If you are in need of an emergency food pack, please visit the Graduate School (210 Jesse Hall) or one of the locations below and ask for a Tiger Pantry food pack. No information is needed to receive an Emergency Food Pack.
  • Front Desk- Center for Student Involvement, MU Student Center
  • Office of Accountability and Support- MU Student Center
  • Women’s Center- MU Student Center
  • 317 Lowry Hall- College of Arts & Science
  • W102A Thomas and Nell Lafferre Hall- College of Engineering
  • Transfer Center, CASE, and TRiO- Student Success Center
  • 119 Parker Hall- Counseling Center
  • W213 Veterinary Medicine building- Collège of Veterinary Medicine
  • Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center
  • 4th Floor Front Desk – Student Health Center
  • Hawthorn Hall Front Desk
gradessentials logo

Summer Writing Retreat - In Person

Summer Writing Retreat on July 31 from 9 am to noon at the MU Student Center for grad students and postdocs. pre-registration encouraged at

Save the Date! Dissertation Bootcamp, August 9-10, 2021. Additional details and registration link will be provided closer to date.

Grad Welcome Leaders Needed!  Welcome leaders lead a small group of new graduate students through various activities during the official campus Welcome Week (August 18-22). In addition, leaders commit to meeting weekly with their small group for the first 6 weeks of the semester. Through this position, you will have opportunities to talk to students about your own transition, tips for starting graduate school at MU, and facilitate discussion to help participants feel more at ease and foster connection to the campus. Other benefits include some free meals and Mizzou swag. To indicate interest, please visit the Welcome Week page and contact Dr. Laura Page in the MU Grad School at

The Graduate School is sponsoring 2 graduate students to participate in the ACUE Effective Online Teaching Practices course this academic year. We are accepting applications for those interested. Please complete the application by September 6, 2021.
To learn more, ACUE is hosting a virtual informational session at 1:00 on August 10, 2021 on Zoom. Registration is required. There is also a two-minute video with more information about the program.
Center for Inclusive Excellence header
The Center for Inclusive Excellence in Graduate Education (CIE) welcomes our incoming students and welcomes back our continuing students. As you prepare for the new semester, we would like to highlight a few resources from MU's Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (IDE)
Race, Racism and the American Experience

Mizzou IDE: Self-Guided Curriculum: Race, Racism, and the American Experience

Race, Racism, and the American experience is a 10-day self-guided experience that "seeks to contextualize how seemingly inward thinking processes are deeply connected to the institutions and systems in which we are embedded. As such, this curriculum aims to support your personal exploration and scaffold your unit's efforts to create more inclusive and affirming work spaces."

Resources for identity education

A compilation of resources to help broaden perspectives & learn more about identities and experiences different than our own.

“These are meant to help further understanding about race, ethnicity, color, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, and sometimes the intersection of these identities.”

Guide to Religions

Religious identity and development are an important part of the university experience for many and affects how we all understand and interact with the greater world around us. The Guide to Religions serves as a general educational and reference tool for our MU community. It includes information for significant dates, practices and accommodations, and campus interfaith meditation and prayer spaces. IDE's Website has a form for students wishing to request accommodations.

Flyer for class Grad 7303 Communication and Culture for American College Teaching on Monday Wednesday Friday 9 am to 9:50 am, 3 credits, require consent of instructor and itap level 2 or toefl level 24 or ielts 7.5 speaking score. contact

Developing your English Communication Skills for a TA/GI position or Professional Interactions

If you have realized you need to improve your oral communication skills to reach your department’s goal, or if you are looking to improve your spoken language skills for professional opportunities, please consider taking a class through ITAP or CELL. Both international graduate students and postdocs are welcome to join these classes. This fall, ITAP will be offering the introductory level, GRAD 7302, and the intermediate level, GRAD 7303.

  • GRAD 7302 is designed for students with an ITAP level 2P (provisional level 2) or ibtTOEFL speaking 23. The goal is to become a strong level 2. Contact Liz Gallazzi for permission to enroll.

  • GRAD 7303 is our intermediate class, designed for students with an ITAP level 2 or ibtTOEFL speaking 24-25. The goal is to reach a level 3P or 3. Contact Raquel Arouca for permission to enroll. 

Note: ITAP classes will have 0 credit hours for tuition purposes, but include the workload equivalent to either a 3 or 4 credit course. To ensure that efforts and full-time status are recognized, the credit hours will appear on transcripts. All courses are graded on a S/U basis.

In addition, ELSP 0400 is offered through the Center of English Language Learning (CELL). It is designed for students with an ITAP level 1 or ibtTOEFL speaking level 22 or lower. ELSP course credit hours do not count toward fulfilling graduation requirements for any degree programs. However, ELSP courses combined with an appropriate number of other MU courses satisfy full-time enrollment requirements for immigration purposes for students on an F-1 visa.

Attention Master’s/Educational Specialists*:
Career Outcomes Survey

Are you graduating this Summer? If so, please take 5 minutes to complete the Graduate School’s Career Outcomes Survey. The survey asks about post-graduation plans (e.g., employment, continuing education) and contact information. To access the survey, follow the link and enter your MU pawprint and password: If you have questions, please contact:

*Excludes MBA and Accountancy MACC graduates.

MU Postodctoral association header

Connect with us!

Tag us in your posts about publications, awards, grants, and other news, and we will share it with the MU community!

Want to join MUPA as a board member?

The MU Postdoc Association is still in need of new board members for the following three positions: Co-Chairs (2), and Professional Development Chair
Co-chairs: Organize the board and its monthly meetings; schedule and manage the organization of the annual National Postdoc Appreciation Week events each September; meet monthly with the Director of Postdoctoral Education to generally check-in discuss any issues/concerns or current topics of interest relevant for postdocs; serve as a postdoctoral representative on the Office of Postdoctoral Education Advisory Committee once a semester. This position requires 2 people (Co-chairs) to share responsibilities.  
Professional Development ChairSchedule monthly career events for MUPA (generally afternoons), including: writing group sessions at the Conley House (throughout the year); manage communications with MUPA members; attend and host writing groups and career events; select and contact guest speakers for career events; and some marketing and social media responsibilities.  
Benefits of serving as an MUPA board member: 
  • Bolster the service section of your CV 
  • Network with administrators and faculty on campus 
  • Serve the MU Postdoc community and ensure that MU provides the best training and career development opportunities for current and future postdocs 
  • Represent MU postdocs and give your voice a larger platform 
  • Community! Connect with a diverse board of postdocs from a variety of specialties 
  • Benefit from the resources and experiences that more senior postdocs can provide 
  • Foster valuable skills such as science communication, fundraising, marketing, budgeting, and more 
Contact current Chair, Kim Jasmer at for more information or if interested. 
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