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March 2019 Newsletter

Program Highlights & Upcoming Events

  • The LGBTQ+ Connection Movie event will take place on March 19th at 12:30pm at the Southgate Ruth Hargrave Memorial Library in Dundalk.  We will be viewing the documentary "Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric". For more information view the event poster.
  • Community Volunteer Income Tax Program - Do you need help doing your taxes? If you have low income and a simple tax situation, a volunteer can help you do your income tax and benefit return for free. Appointments are available in March and April at a variety of locations. Click here to view the flyer for more details. For more information on eligibility visit Canada Revenue Agency.

Primary Care Services Up and Running at the Dundalk Medical Centre - Previously working primarily out of the Erskine CHC in Dundalk, the SEGCHC is now offering primary care services out of the Dundalk Medical Clinic (located at 53 Main Street West) to accommodate more rostered patients. The Medical Clinic is open five days a week and has at least one doctor, two nurse practitioners (NP) and a registered practical nurse (RPN) scheduled each day. Pictured above are some of the staff that work out of the Dundalk Medical Centre  (l-r): Tina Wright (RPN), Angela Moxam (NP), Laura Chianello (NP) and Dr. MacNeil (Physician). Allied Health services and programs remain at the Erskine site. If you require a primary care provider, please fill out an enrollment form available here and at all SEGCHC sites and the Dundalk Pharmacy.
(photo credit: Angela Schermaul, Dundalk Herald)  
Tuesday, March 12th SEGCHC invited the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and MPP Bill Walker to hear more about an expansion of community-based programs for isolated seniors in Southgate thanks to a $75,000 Ontario Trillium Foundation seed grant. The Southgate Community Celebration took place at the Erskine site in Dundalk.
A new piece of weight training equipment has been added to our gym, the Cybex 925 Multi-Gym!  Joanna will be available every Wednesday during the day to provide orientations to the gym or instruction on how to use the equipment.  A special thank you to our generous donors, Continental Fitness in Pickering Ontario.  Don't forget that we are now offering extended gym hours: Monday to Thursday 8:30am-6:30pm and Friday 9:30am-3:30pm.
Community Seed Swap
by Elena Usdenski, RD, MScFN
The South East Grey Community Health Centre partnered with Grey County Master Gardeners, Canadian Mental Health Association and the Grey Highlands Public Library to host our very own Community Seed Swap event on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at the Walter Harris Memorial Library in Markdale.

This was a free event where seasoned gardeners and those new to gardening could meet and exchange a variety of seeds (e.g., fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc). In addition, Rebecca Munster from Grey County Master Gardeners facilitated an interactive presentation on starting plants from seeds dispelling common myths and answering a variety of gardening questions. For our younger gardeners, children planted pea seeds to take home, watch them grow and enjoy the fruits of their labour!

If you don’t have space to grow your own vegetable garden, feel free to stop by The South East Grey Community Health centre and check out our Community Gardens. A Community Garden is where gardeners can have their own plot within the community garden or can join in with others to grow crops together. There is no cost for garden space but spots are limited so call Crystal at 519-986-2222 ext. 6376 to avoid disappointment.
30 Minute Fit – The Science Behind High Intensity Interval Training
By Rachel Brock, Kinesiologist
Do you want to increase your fitness level but don’t have a lot of time?  High intensity interval training (HIIT) might be the right choice for you!  HIIT is a training method that has been adapted from interval training.  It involves short periods of intense maximal exercise followed by a brief period of rest.  It is commonly employed in athlete training programs to help improve endurance, power, strength, and fitness.  It can employ a number of different exercises and training techniques including strength training and cardiovascular activity.  HIIT may involve jumping, hopping, squatting, lunging, running, biking, swimming, or lifting.  The possibilities are endless.  The benefit for HIIT comes from how hard you work during the sessions.   

Due to the short nature of the rest periods within HIIT training, the body doesn’t have time to recover fully before the next interval.  This results in an after-burn effect known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or “EPOC”.  EPOC essentially increases the body’s resting metabolism for a period of time after the exercise session is completed.  This causes the body to break down fat stores in response to this increased need for fuel/energy. 

The long and short of the science of HIIT is that it allows us to burn a large volume of calories in a short period of time!  That being said, HIIT is a very intense form of exercise and isn’t for everyone.  You should not complete more than 3 HIIT sessions per week, and should ideally take a rest day in-between sessions.  If you are interested in trying out a HIIT session, please join us every Friday in the Well from 12:15-12:45pm.  Come prepared to get sweaty, and don’t forget your water! 
Volunteer Corner
By Madison Wickens, Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome, to our Volunteer Corner! South East Grey Community Health Centre thanks all our dedicated volunteers for the hours they have spent helping out with our programs and services. You can read about our available volunteer opportunities and fun facts about volunteering. We will also showcase our 'Volunteer of the Month' right here!

Volunteer of the Month:
South East Grey Community Health Centre would like to recognize our Dundalk Indoor Walking volunteers Barbara and Garry Rowe. Their passion for giving back to the community, leadership and dedication is why we are so happy to have them apart of our team. Barbara and Garry are also very active community members, and are always showing their smiling faces at many of our programs. The CHC and Dundalk Indoor Walking Program want to thank you for all you have done!

Local Volunteer Positions:
Did you know that local organizations like the Penny Wise, Markdale Food Bank, and VON are looking for volunteers? For more information contact Madison at 519-986-2222 ext. 6349 or

Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page @segchcvolunteers for updates on volunteer opportunities, pictures of our volunteers in action, and our #thoughtfultuesday quotes!
Lonely No More
by Tanya Shute, Manager of Allied Health Services
The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health introduced the “Lonely No More” pilot project in Fall 2018. This peer-based model was intended to reduce social isolation for seniors in rural Perth, Huron, Grey, and Bruce counties during the winter months.  The Lonely No More Project strengthened and expanded social connections of over 200 rural seniors by improving opportunities for participation in existing social support networks, and building new social support networks.
As the pilot project was set to finish March 31, 2019, last week, Scott Miller from CTV News Wingham/London put together a short story on Lonely No More. Here's a link to the story on CTV's website.  (Link:
The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health collaborated with South East Grey Community Health Centre to implement this innovative, peer-based support program pilot. The South East Grey Community Health Centre was a lead partner on the Project Advisory Committee and offered on-site education to volunteers in Markdale (July and December) and Dundalk (October).
Lonely No More used teleconference calls to facilitate ‘elder circles’ of peer support between socially isolated or rural seniors. Using a telephone system allowed seniors with limited mobility and lack of transportation to connect with groups of other seniors, especially over the winter months.
The project empowered community volunteers to:
  • Become peer advocates for more isolated and at-risk seniors;
  • Assist older adults in providing access to appropriate services through system navigation;
  • Initiate 1:1 engagement to explore and confront factors causing the individual’s isolation;
  • Encourage healthy behaviours to help prevent caregiver burnout;
  • Link the participants to resources (i.e.-fall prevention and elder abuse identification).
Social isolation is a major focus for the South East Grey Community Health Centre.  Social contacts tend to decrease with age for a variety of reasons, including retirement, the death of friends and family, and/or lack of mobility. Regardless of the cause of senior isolation, the consequences can be alarming and harmful. Socially isolated seniors are more likely to be victims of elder abuse and are more at risk of negative psychological and physiological health effects. On average, socially isolated seniors have up to five times greater risk of hospitalization than those with social networks (National Seniors Council Report on the Social Isolation of Seniors, 2014). Social isolation is also a predictor of mortality from both coronary heart disease and stroke, and is associated with higher levels of various mental illness. These health concerns will negatively affect the quality of life of our community’s seniors (National Seniors Council Report on the Social Isolation of Seniors, 2014). In addition to negatively affecting the seniors themselves, social isolation in seniors affects our communities as a whole. The contribution of seniors in our communities is important.  One out of every three seniors is at risk of loneliness due to social isolation.

The Lonely No More pilot project will be coming to an end March 31, 2019 and will be sustained through the South East Grey Community Health Centre with ‘Seniors Centres Without Walls’ to be launched in April 2019. For more information, please contact: Joanna at 226-200-0191.

Child & Youth Zone
By Brianne MacDowell RSSW, Youth Outreach Worker
After School Programs
After school, kids stay for a healthy snack. Then, we play games inside and/or outside like Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, and Just Dance! Homework help is also provided at some of our after school programs. Please call 519-986-2222 for more info on each school. 
Tuesdays— Holland Chatsworth
Thursdays—High Point AND Osprey

PD Day Programs
Don't forget about the upcoming Girl's PD Day program on April 12th from 9AM-3PM at the CHC. We are offering full day of activities for girls in grades 6-8! There will be fun games and activities inside and outside as well as cooking and eating tacos. Call 519-379-2413 or email to register! Click here to see the poster.

Adulting 101 Series
Ever say to yourself "I just don’t know how to adult" as you are in your teens or in your 20's? SEGCHC and Southgate Public Library are offering an Adulting 101 series to help prepare you for adulthood. Attend some or attend all of the sessions, they are all FREE. Click here to view upcoming sessions.
**PLEASE NOTE the Cooking Class has been moved to April 24th!
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