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Welcome to the second edition of BTNG Bytes. Although it’s early days, we’ve got our Trump hat on and hereby proclaim; this newsletter is the best and most read in the world!

Jokes aside, our mission is to provide insightful commentary and news relevant to you. So if you’ve got anything that’s fresh, impactful and you want the rest of the community to know about - just hit reply and we will do the needful.

With that being said, let’s jump in.

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The Important Blurb

Our Next Event 🙌🏾

We are thrilled - super thrilled - to kick off our 2019 run of events with our Campfire Speaker Series titled "B is for Building" where we invite makers like yourself to talk about products they're building in a conversational setting.

What's different about our campfire
Unlike many other types of makers events, we have an aversion to product sales pitch and we have structured this event in a way for people to learn from each other. That is learning from the speaker and the speaker learning from you.

The event is free but we have limited seats so if you would like to attend please register your interest here.


Marek & the ‘Godfather’

Chances are you’ve heard about the kerfuffle Marek kicked off on Valentine’s day with his Medium post alleging that a Nigerian godfather got Interpol to go after him!

A lot has been written about it here and here with especially strong rebuttal here (and we’re still not closer to the truth I think).

While there’s no shortage of twist and turns in this tale, one of the most unexpected is that the ‘Nigerian’ godfather happens not to be Nigerian?! That’s confusing! Like Jollof rice with no tomatoes. Chai!

Knowledge Doses

Books we're reading

From the org team:

  • A Spy’s guide to thinking + Strategy by John Braddock
  • Eleanor Oliphant is completely Fine by Gail Honeymann
  • The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick
  • Never split the difference by Chris Voiss 

Interesting Internet Bits:

  • How to run a side project whilst working full time on a job
  • Breaking Smart is a technology analysis site launched in 2015 with a set of essays on “software eating the world,” based on a year of work with a16z.
  • Meet Alex Amosu: Serial Entrepreneur Catering To Africa's Ultra Wealthy


Nigerian Problems

Rant Board

In this section, we pull out some interesting Nigerian problems we believe may have a tech solution or connection.

Voting from Overseas

With the presidential elections barely out of the way (let’s not talk about all the shabbiness), the million Naira question is; why can’t Nigerians vote from abroad?

Nigeria Needs You

Still on elections, we absolutely love this cry for battle by Hadiza to ‘build an electronic ballot system for elections in Nigeria for free’. And if you’re up for the heroic challenge - there’s a slack channel to volunteer your help.

Jaw Dropping Stat

500 million people in sub Saharan Africa don't have access to proof of identity. 

Gradual Takeover

Yes it's happening. At least according to the stats from Free Code boss Quincy Larson; Nigeria is the 3rd most represented country accounting for Free Code Camp developers.  

That's Interesting

Facts that made us go whoa

From The Community

Incredible work from you all 👏🏾

Always great to hear good news from the community:

That’s all. See you soon. ✌🏾
Papa and Tolu for BTNG

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