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April already 🙀😱..the months just keep flying by. The most amazing and mind-blowing effect of how fast time flies is we're closer to 2020. What’s so special about 2020? Well, remember all those inventions and pipe dreams that Nigeria vision 2020 was going to usher in... *Big Sigh*

However, on the technology front, we absolutely love the many strides and side adventures coming out of the Nigerian Tech space and we believe there is more to come.

Remember it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days for a lifestyle change so it's not too late to crack on your goals and side projects.

With that being said, let’s jump in.

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The Important Blurb

WB is for Building 🙌🏾

Speaking of community, we’re pleased to announce that our  - Campfire Speaker Series - is now in collaboration with Google for Startups and Do it Now Now (as part of their Startups for Africa initiative). The Startups for Africa initiative seeks to empower Africa focused startups in the UK through use of the Google for Startups space in London.

The theme of the Campfire speaker event scheduled for 3rd of May is B is for Building. 
If you are a curious individual interested in how impactful tech products are built, especially those tailored towards Nigeria and emerging economies, then this event is for you

B is for Building Speakers

To kick off our first event of the year, we’ve got three amazing speakers:

  • Stephan Eyeson is the CEO of Survey54. Stephan will be taking us through his journey of building a survey platform with a focus on emerging markets and diaspora.
  • Bunmi Aworanti is one of the most prolific and highly skilled tech enthusiasts we have come across. She will be demonstrating how she built an interactive theatrical Nigerian play with technology.
  • Dayo Akinrinade is the founder of Africlick - A networking and dating app for ambitious Black, Afro-Caribbean, Nigerian, Ghanaian, African professionals and creatives. Come through and listen to the reasons why she started this company and what she sees this space has to offer.

The event is free but we have limited seats so if you would like to attend please register your interest here:

Tickets for May 3rd

Knowledge Doses

Books we're reading

From the org team:

  • Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson
  • The Hero Factor by Jeffrey Hayzlett
  • Radical Candor by Kim Scott


Interesting Internet Bits:


Nigerian Problems

Rant Board

In this section, we pull out some interesting Nigerian problems we believe may have a tech solution or connection.

Is Oil really our biggest export? 

It's conventional knowledge that Nigeria is an oil-producing country and we obtain most of our revenue from the associated oil production activities. But is this the largest contributor to the national GDP as widely assumed?

Brain drain or Opportunity

It's never straightforward when you consider the droves of Nigerians (like you and I) leaving the shores for professional reasons. Do we ever go back as intended brain transfer - or is it a case of brain drain?

Extreme Poverty

Arguably, the first thing is to provide people with access to education and basic amenities.This gives them a fighting chance not to fall into 'extreme poverty' in the first place.

That's Interesting

Facts that made us go whoa

From The Community

Incredible work from you all 👏🏾

Always great to hear good news from the community:

  • Sani Yusuf gave a talk in Helsinki on getting your Angular App to React.
  •  We the BTNG crew will be at the Afrotech festival happening on the 13th and 14th. Get your tickets, and come say hello.
  •  Some of the winners from the last Hackathon are progressing with their ideas to the next stage and we are closely watching. We are also gearing up for next Hackathon - stay tuned for more details.
  • Don't forget our B is for Building event on May 3rd. Get your tickets.

That’s all. See you soon. ✌🏾
Papa and Tolu for BTNG

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