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How wonderful to be part of a time in history when people are recognizing the absolute importance of equality and share the ability to experience and enjoy the same opportunities!

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Flashing Pants

A Breif History of Women's Fight to Wear Pants


Of all the long controversial topics that are still unsettled in 2019—abortion, immigration, etc.—you wouldn’t expect that the way women and girls choose to cover their legs would be one of them.

Yet here we are: In March, a federal judge struck down a rule at a North Carolina charter school that prohibited girls at the school from wearing pants. It required them instead to wear skirts, skorts, or jumpers. The school had argued that the dress code promoted “traditional values.”

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Fashionable Woman

Style Doesn't Have A Sell-By Date


The ageing process is hard enough without people laying down prescriptive rules about what women should and shouldn’t wear – yet still the judgements keep coming. The results of one recent poll claimed that women should stop wearing miniskirts at 39; another, that the cut-off point for wearing jeans is 53. Bitches, please. What are older women supposed to wear? Smocks? Chinos? Muumuus?

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Running to First Base

The Dangerous Waters of Catching Up


When you’ve been out of touch with old friends, reconnecting can open the door to painful truths

The other evening, I was in a supermarket I don’t much like or usually go to, but it is nearby and I needed something for dinner. I was contemplating the rotisserie chickens when someone called my name.

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Gazing over Water at Sunset

A Look Ahead at Summer Travel


What can you expect from this year’s summer travel season?

Fewer travelers, for one. MMGY Global, a travel and hospitality marketing and research company, projects a significant slowdown in overall leisure travel this year. The decrease could affect the summer season, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Its travel sentiment index shows eight consecutive quarters of decline in demand since mid-2016 and an increase in price sensitivity over the same period.

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Doctor's Coat with "Badge of honor"

Sexual Dysfunction in Women has Long Been Taboo


While TV ads tout erectile-dysfunction drugs, you rarely hear about the sexual issues that can affect women. But promising new treatments, and changes in insurance coverage, could cure that.

The man known to a subset of Washington women as the “menopause whisperer” reaches behind his chair for a set of dilators in sherbet-bright pastels and arranges them on his desk from lavender to baby blue. Or, as he puts it, “from pencil to porn star.”

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Woman at Desk Thinking

The 3 Things Women Over 50 Can Do to Keep Their Jobs


You’re 50 and beyond. You’ve dealt with bias and workplace obstacles for decades to have a career you’re proud of. But lately you've sensed that things are changing and you're scared.

No one asks your opinion any more. Some of your workload has been reassigned. Younger people are being promoted around you even as you're being pushed out of the spotlight and into the shadows of irrelevance. That fear? It's palpable. What will happen if you lose your job?

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Eggplant Parm

What to Cook This Week


Good morning. It may be frozen margs and buckets of Corona down at Pedro O’Hara’s, everyone eating taquitos and listening to Christian Nodal sing “Nada Nuevo,” but the history of Cinco de Mayo is more ceremonial in Mexico, where it recognizes a decisive victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It’s not about nachos.

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