APRIL 2018 


Black Shark Den organized this month its first multi squadron event and invited the 229th and the 906th in an exciting mission created by our mission designer Fargo, with the help of Eagle_Rising and Black Wolf. The mission was kindly hosted on the 229th server. It was a blast for everyone and a successful mission over the Nevada desert. The 229th was so thrilled that they proposed to create the next one. We are already receiving requests from other squads in Europe to take part in these choppers MP events so get ready for much bigger events soon.

Make sure to check out and like our latest Youtube video about this event.

BlackShark Den's Dedicated Server!

As Black Shark Den is growing up, the need for a dedicated server is becoming stronger and stronger. While we are still considering in a future a dedicated machine with a lot of bandwidth in a data center, Fargo made an awesome move for the community and setup a very nice configuration at home with a 150/150Mbps fiber connection. So far, this has been working great with release 2.5 with no freeze or lag during missions and trainings. The server is up 24/7 with a training mission running in real time. Check out [BSD] BLACKSHARKDEN Dedicated on the DCS server list. Password is the usual one.

Recurring Training

We have now a 8 weeks cycle recurrent training in place for existing qualified pilots who wants to maintain or improve their capabilities. This training is opened to all BSD members, from trainee to high command, RL3 up to RL1. Week 1 (formation flight) and week 2 (NOE/Contour flights, in flight RV, confined LZ) were already highly successful and week 3 (this week) will see some aerial gunnery! Check out our roster on the website to see when the next one is coming. Every weekend, a poll is opened to let you vote for your preferred day of the week or weekend for this training.

Annual BSD Roundup 2018

We are finalizing our annual IRL BSD meeting 2018 which will take place near Atlanta, GA on July 14th and 15th. There is still some seats left for a 30 minutes flight in a real Vietnam era Huey. All members welcome to join! Let us know on the dedicated thread.


  • BlackeyCole has been accepted as a new trainee.
  • Dragoon has been accepted as a new trainee
  • Dragoon was granted Readiness Level 2 by his instructor BlackWolf.
  • Fargo completed his first 100 Flight Hours on BSD
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