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ZERO VETTING:  Hawaii GOP Sneaking Failed RINO Lynn Finnegan into State Chair Position This Week While State Committee Is Kept in the Dark About Her Horrible Record


Aloha, Republicans, Conservatives, and Reformers:

In case you didn’t know it, there will be a big vote this Saturday, November 20th, at which time the State Committee of the Hawaii Republican Party will choose someone to replace yellow-bellied RINO Signe Godfrey as chair of the state party after she turned tail and ran away from the Hawaii GOP as fast as she could.  Despite political has-been Lynn Finnegan and her “Ohana” slate of RINO cronies assuring Republicans only months ago that Signe Godfrey was the best person for the job, Finnegan was spectacularly wrong (not for the first time either) and poor Ms. Godfrey is long gone after just a few short and useless months on the job; leaving the party far less than one year to win over Hawaii voters before next November’s General Election (voting by mail starts in October 2022). . .  and leaving the RINO-controlled state GOP with absolutely nothing to show for the past 12 wasted months since November 2020 (e.g. no case made to Hawaii voters for why Democrats must be thrown out and replaced by Republicans).

CRITICAL UNDERSTATEMENT:  You’d think that Hawaii’s Republican party bosses would want to do a much better job of vetting its state chairs after enduring four disastrous years of Shirlene Ostrov-Blackburn, after several painful months of the Not-Ready-for-Primetime Boyd Not-So-Ready as Ostrov’s handpicked puppet replacement, then the unmitigated disaster of the disappearing Signe Godfrey.  But, NO, here comes the next unvetted Manchurian candidate Lynn Finnegan with a whole lot of baggage which nobody on the State Committee seems aware of.  You’d think an exhaustive review of potential candidates for state chair would be unanimously demanded by Republican leaders to ensure that there’s no record of failure or liberal leanings or more.  Hell, even the Honolulu Police Department is taking its time finding the right person after the disastrous reigns of Louis Kealoha and Susan Ballard.
But sadly, HIRA News must report that the RINO’s and the easily-manipulated low-information newbie Republicans who now control the Hawaii GOP are on the verge of mindlessly wrapping their arms around proven party destroyer Lynn Finnegan without even bothering to get educated about her past record of leading the party just a decade ago . . . a truly sorry and highly blemished record which HIRA will now exclusively tell you all about.  Long story short, you can forget about the 2022 Election or the 2024 Election or the 2026 Election.  Those hopes will be dashed.  Fake Republican (and likely state chair after Saturday) Lynn Finnegan has destroyed the Hawaii GOP many, many times before.  And she’s about to do it all over again, with enthusiastic support from the exact same people who brought us Shirlene Ostrov and Boyd Not-So-Ready and Signe Godfrey as the RINOs use calls for “unity” and insincere “we like Trump too” platitudes” to manipulate district chairs (who include, as of just last night, brand new appointed ringers like Finnegan’s husband and a card-carrying Democrat partisan named Kevin Rathbun).  Yes the manipulation machine has ramped up in time for RINO’s and closet Democrats to keep control of the Hawaii Republican Party.  These fakes are ready to continue peddling false hope to potential candidates, donors and volunteers who dutifully watch Fox News and delusionally believe that Hawaii will be surfing the Red Wave next year.  Not with the same sorry RINO’s still running the party.
Knowing that “Lynn Finnegan” left a few extremely important things off her bio when running on Signe Godfrey’s slate of party officers a few months ago during that crooked state convention back in May 2021, you know the so-called virtual convention where all the delegates were improperly kept on mute and unable to ask any questions or debate substance?  Well, HIRA News will help fill in the gaps on Lynn Finnegan’s resume . . . before it’s too late.
Based on HIRA News’ deep dive into Finnegan’s horrifying GOP record (completely UNKNOWN to today’s party leaders) and HIRA’s long experience with her recklessness as state house minority leader and past vice-chair of the Hawaii Republican Party, here are the first EIGHT extremely strong and factual reasons to DITCH FINNEGAN NOW before Campaign 2022 gets underway . . . and ditch every single one of her RINO running mates from the 2021 state convention.  [We can easily provide eight more and even twenty more should Finnegan emerge as the new state chair this weekend.]

The facts are undeniable.  Despite then-Minority Leader Lynn Finnegan having previously held the power to set the agenda for Republicans and raise money for messaging, voter identification, GOTV, and candidate support as minority leader in the State House from 2005 to 2010, the number of elected Republicans in Hawaii dropped from 18 down to 9 during Finnegan’s reign.  For utterly failing to make the case to voters about what the GOP would do for island residents if Republicans were the majority party, Finnegan herself is largely responsible for the decimation of Republicans statewide.  In 2005, Finnegan was selected to be the Minority Leader for the Republican members of the State House.  She was re-selected as such in 2007 and 2009.  By the time her debacle as minority leader was over, the number of elected Republicans in Hawaii was CUT IN HALF - from 18 down to just 9.  What kind of piss poor leadership squanders seemingly infinite political opportunities over thousands of news cycles over multiple elections when the issues were (or should have been) all on our side?  The worst kind of leadership.  Now, she’s back to finish the job she started:  The wholesale destruction of the Hawaii Republican Party from the inside with the help of her RINO cronies in order to leave Democrats firmly entrenched while they destroy the American Dream for island residents.

What happened to all those Republicans during Finnegan’s tenure as house leader?  Why did we lose so many seats?  Well, the record speaks for itself.  Even though the House Republican Leader has the responsibility to lead his or her party into the majority and keep it there, Hawaii's top Republican Lynn Finnegan was asleep at the wheel for six painful years.  She provided the poorest imaginable leadership for her fellow Republicans:  no organizing, no coordination, no communications, no issues development and no real commitment to any cause other than herself, leading to disastrous results at the polls.  Her smooth talking and self-dealing never amounted to anything except defeat for our party.  18 down to just 9.  In the world of politics, that statistic is disqualifying by itself.  In the real world, political leaders get kicked to the curb for blowing things that badly.  At the Hawaii GOP, RINO’s circle the wagons and recycle the same rotten leaders.  That’s why we keep losing.

Eleven years ago, in 2009, Finnegan orchestrated a takeover of the Hawaii GOP just like she did this year in 2021.  Team Finnegan’s faction called itself “Our Party Our Ohana”.  With her puppet Jonah Kaauwai as the acting state chair (an inexperienced nutjob whom Finnegan repeatedly vouched for since she was his running mate), Finnegan became vice-chair of the state party; controlling the Hawaii GOP and calling all the shots.  Finnegan installed her legislative office manager (Malia Gray) as the Honolulu county chair as well as a variety of incompetent and useless RINO’s and closet Democrats into positions all throughout the state party’s executive committee and state committee and county committees.
Her promise to Republicans at the 2009 state party convention?  Well, her May 2009 campaign flyer distributed by “Our Party Our Ohana” promised that, "With Lynn's hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication, she'll help lead the Hawaii Republican Party to victory!"  Well THAT was a massive broken promise!!!
The actual results?  In the 2010 General Election, under Lynn Finnegan’s leadership, 97% of GOP challenger candidates lost.  That’s 97% of Republicans challenging Democrat incumbents.  That’s not victory.  That’s a blowout.  That’s more domination by Democrats.  Here’s the newspaper headline the day after that 2010 Election:

Who would want to run knowing that Lynn Finnegan is again calling the shots?  Only a single GOP challenger in 2010 won a race defeating a single incumbent Democrat.  That challenger was one-term Republican George Fontaine, who ousted a scandal-ridden two-term Democrat Joe Bertram by 172 votes.  But then Fontaine lost the seat to infamous socialist Democrat Kaniela Ing just two years later in a nearly 2-to-1 trouncing and Fontaine completely vanished from politics soon thereafter.
Other results under Finnegan’s “Ohana”?  The top seats held by Republicans before the 2010 election (governor, lieutenant governor., congress) were ALL easily ‘reclaimed’ by Democrats while Lynn Finnegan’s “Ohana” handed victory yet again to the majority party.
Incredibly, today’s State Committee of the Hawaii GOP has no idea that, under Lynn Finnegan’s abysmal party leadership, dozens of brave Republican candidates went down in flames.  Thanks to Finnegan’s piss poor judgement, the only two “Republicans” who won ‘open seats’ in 2010 both of whom later turned out to be DemocratsFuture Democrat Gil Riviere won an open seat thanks to a corruption scandal involving the outgoing Democrat.  And future Democrat Aaron “Ling” Johanson replaced Lynn Finnegan in the State House (with her help and lousy judgement) and, just like Gil Riviere, Johanson later turned Democrat.  Finnegan’s extraordinary bad judgement appears again and again in the disqualifiers below.




Let’s cut to the chase.  Thanks to Lynn Finnegan’s horrible leadership in 2009 and 2010, Team Finnegan (a.k.a. “Our Party Our Ohana”) bankrupted the party and top officers (chairman and executive director) had to be kicked to the curb in order to save the party and the headquarters.  This was the predictable aftermath of the disastrous 2010 election campaign which saw Finnegan and her cronies throw good money after bad; blowing TONS of money on Finnegan’s longshot campaign for LG, Duke Aiona’s longshot campaign for governor, and Democrat Charles Djou’s longshot campaign for congress, while throwing virtually all other candidates on the ballot to the wolves.
Despite Finnegan’s “Ohana” promising to build a financially strong party organization, they bankrupted the Hawaii GOP with wasteful and unapproved spending, extravagant salaries for Finnegan’s cronies, secret spending on favored campaigns (like Finnegan’s) and nearly lost the headquarters.  That’s right, Finnegan and her Ohana gang spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on themselves and their own campaigns without any approval from the state committee in 2010 (including tons of $$ in Ostrov-style secret funding involving mainland money entering and leaving the Hawaii GOP and totally unknown to the state committee).  That's how little respect Finnegan has for following the rules (not to mention the realities of income statements, budgeting, and cash flow management) as her “Ohana” drove the party into insolvency.  Just more pertinent facts that today’s State Committee of the Hawaii Republican Party has no clue about in the desperate rush to fill a vacancy with a warm body.
As it turned out, just like today, the party in 2010-11 WAS in enormous financial trouble -AND- top “Ohana” party officers WERE actively planning to get rid of our party’s headquarters in order to save money after the horrible results in the 2010 election and the decline in contributions during their tenure.  In fact, Finnegan’s puppet state chair Jonah Kaauwai personally led the secret discussion to ditch HQ.  At this desperate meeting, Vice Chair Lynn Finnegan reported on the research she has done about cheaper, smaller locations where the party could move after losing the 725 Kapiolani HQ.  Then Maui county chair Kay Ghean volunteered to serve on the newly-formed subcommittee to unload the Kapiolani party headquarters.  And these party officers had already spoken to the ‘co-owners’ of the HQ, the Oahu League of Republican Women, about ditching party HQ.  While this was going on, Finnegan’s sad army of defenders engaged in a campaign of lies about the financial health of the party right up until her puppet Jonah Kaauwai was forced to resign.

Even longtime party RINO’s realized it was time to eject Finnegan’s “Ohana”, once HIRA exposed the massive financial problems at party headquarters thanks to Team Finnegan’s fiduciary and political incompetence.  Top Republicans called on Finnegan's buddy to step down in a letter released publicly"With debt of close to $100,000, no current staff nor the resources to hire for the foreseeable future, and little to no fundraising capability . . . a majority of members of the Party have lost confidence in the leadership of the current chair and his ability to guide the Party to success in the upcoming election year . . . the executive committee hopes the chair will step down rather than risk the Party’s finances becoming public knowledge. The consequences would be devastating."  Months after HIRA made fellow Republicans aware of the money problems caused by Team Finnegan and eight painful days after other party leaders called on Lynn’s buddy Jonah Kaauwai to step down, Lynn’s puppet leader for the “Ohana” finally resigned.

Yep, that’s the exact same guy whom Lynn “crappy judgement” Finnegan backed unconditionally and vouched for in 2009 . . . just like she recently did vouching for Signe Godfrey in 2021 and just like she is now doing for herself right now to become state chair.
Now, if you’ve been any paying attention this year, you know that Finnegan’s new Ohana in 2021 has already declared that it doesn’t care about following party rules; merely eliminating the possibility of “disruptors” telling the truth about the new Finnegan Ohana’s corruption, liberalism and incompetence at any party meetings and conventions.  THE ENTIRE STATE CONVENTION KEPT DELEGATES ON MUTE FOR THE ENTIRE TIME TO KEEP ALL OF THESE DISQUALIFIERS FROM BEING RAISED BEFORE VOTES COULD BE TAKEN.  Likewise, there will be NO questions and answers of the state chair candidates this Saturday.  Just a rigged procedure and a silent process.  Still, by this newsletter, the State Committee has been warned.
Back in 2011, Team Finnegan left the party in debt of nearly $100,000 and also failed to build a grass-roots organization so the party could be competitive in the disastrous 2012 elections.  With party leaders currently in the dark about Finnegan’s sordid record, history is about to repeat itself.  Yes, Lynn Finnegan is back with a vengeance.  Knowing what you know, would you want Jimmy Carter or Joe Biden back for a 2nd term?  You get the feeling that the low-information Hawaii GOP’s State Committee actually might since NONE of these disqualifiers is already being discussed and Finnegan has gone 100% unvetted from the time Maryann “Mele” Songsong gave her a job and a place on the Signe Godfrey slate.


Despite the fact that Election 2010 was the year of the Red Wave supercharged by Tea Party sentiment rising against Obama’s socialist agenda, Lynn Finnegan’s “Ohana” did such a miserable job of messaging, organizing, and everything else that GOP challengers didn’t even come close.
Instead of zeroing in on the many, many, many failures of Hawaii’s Democrat political majority and seizing on the growing Tea Party sentiment, Finnegan’s “Ohana” insanely decided to make the 2010 campaign all about which candidates in Hawaii were considered righteous and which ones were not endorsed by God.  The RINO “Ohana” leveraged the entire election of 2010 on Bill 444 rather than the imploding Democrat-run economy, excessive taxation, bloated government, and the worst business (i.e. employer) climate in the country while unemployment skyrocketed.  The resulting electoral disaster was fueled by a focus of all the party’s resources on unelectable losers like Finnegan herself, Democrat Charles Djou, and full-blown RINO Duke Aiona who pretended to be “righteous” to get votes from churchgoing folks while later admitting to elitists in the liberal news media he actually had zero plans of defending those same family values.
So, how poorly did Republicans in Hawaii perform under Finnegan’s leadership?  Candidates for State Senate were lucky to receive an average of just 27.57% of votes cast, while candidates for State House got a measly 30.42% of votes cast.  That’s nowhere even close to 50-50.  As nearly every single GOP challenger got walloped, it became clear that Finnegan’s “Ohana” failed to move the needle at all from the previous election, despite a year and a half head start in May 2009.  Back in 2010, lots of GOP candidates started their campaigns excited by what they were seeing on Fox News and on the internet; hoping that the Finnegan-controlled state GOP would create excitement with voters in the way that the RNC and other state parties on the mainland were capitalizing on anti-Obama, anti-Democrat sentiment.  But, clearly, the party did not do anything at all under Lynn Finnegan’s “Ohana” leadership to improve the public’s perception of Republicans, nor to diminish their perception of Democrats. Our voter base remained abysmally puny. The proof is in the numbers.  Republicans cannot win or even come close with RINO Lynn Finnegan and her RINO cabal of losers running our party.  Get rid of them all on Saturday or watch the party go down in flames yet again.


Over a divisive period of months during the 2010 election year, Lynn Finnegan and her “Ohana” led the insane and controversial effort to make the Hawaii GOP, through Ohana puppets on the Platform Committee, adopt a one-page platform NEUTRAL ON ALL ISSUES (with no stands for or against anything in Hawaii politics or national politics).  Since when are Republicans neutral?!? The previous Hawaii Republican platform and all of its planks on everything from taxes to spending to law and order and family values were put into a shredder so that RINO candidates like Finnegan and Beth Fukumoto and “Ling” Johanson and other phony balonies could pretend to be Republican while embracing Democrat policies and cozying up to liberals.  No more anti-tax or anti-wasteful spending planks.  No opposition to the creation of more government.  No advocacy for a vibrant and patriotic melting pot rather than the separatist, hate-driven identity politics driven dystopian future pushed by Democrats.  No family values policies.  No commitment to ending the control that powerful government employee unions have over our lives.  Nothing.  No specificity whatsoever.  Pure ambiguity and neutrality.  If Lynn Finnegan wanted to confuse and alienate voters suffering at the hands of the island Democrat regime, she did an amazing job at confusing and alienating while making the Hawaii GOP and its candidates irrelevant.

Lynn Finnegan wanted the Hawaii GOP to be emasculated and completely neutral so that 2010 candidates like herself and RINO Duke Aiona and Democrat Charles Djou and future Democrats Beth Fukumoto and Aaron “Ling” Johanson could take any position on any issue and not be exposed as sellouts.  Finnegan and her “Ohana” even orchestrated the expulsion of members of the 2010 Platform Committee who opposed making the party officially neutral on all issues.  Perhaps Finnegan’s abysmal record on the issues while a state legislator (e.g. supporting bloated Democrat state budgets or recklessly backing the Democrat’s separatist Akaka Bill to create an expensive new government for part-Hawaiians only during the 2010 campaign) could avoid scrutiny with a meaningless one-page platform containing five phrases (Liberty, Limited Government, Individual Responsibility, Fiscal Accountability and Equality of Opportunity) summarized as LLIFE.  That’s it.  Nothing thought through.  Just empty buzzwords.  From the vantage point of local voters, it’s as if the Hawaii GOP spent decades as a political party but never spent five minutes thinking about how we’d tackle any specific issues -- which is the POINT of having a platform.  Well, the voters let us have it in 2010 under Finnegan’s “Ohana”.  If we were going to be Lite versions of Democrats under Lynn Finnegan and her “Ohana”, then voters in November 2010 clearly chose to stick with the devil they already knew, as 97% of GOP challenger candidates went down in flames.  If we couldn’t bother to advocate killer solutions to Hawaii’s problems, then we wasted another two years offering swing voters little more than buzzwords on an otherwise blank page.

In recent years, once the majority of Lynn Finnegan’s Ohana disappeared back to the Democrat Party (details below), Hawaii’s GOP officially abandoned Finnegan’s bogus one-page LLIFE platform.  But it’s instructive to know that, should Lynn Finnegan’s new “Ohana” decide that it's politically expedient for our party to again believe in nothing and be neutral on everything while embracing Democrat policies (like she did), Finnegan has already proven that she's more than willing to do eliminate our party’s platform and replace it with a blank piece of paper.  Crazier things have happened.  After all, Shirlene Ostrov spent four awful years destroying the Hawaii GOP and today she runs the Oahu League of Republican Women which picks and backs party officers like Signe Godfrey and Lynn Finnegan, while co-owning the office suite where the state party’s office is located.  Hard to believe, yet 100% true.  Finnegan has made it abundantly clear she doesn’t want party members deciding what it means to be a Republican.  She prefers having opportunistic politicians (many of whom turn out to be Democrats posing briefly as Republicans) deciding that for us instead.

When minority leader Lynn Finnegan decided to take over the Hawaii GOP in 2009 in order to smooth the way to running for LG in 2010, she knew she’d have to vacate the fairly safe Republican seat in the state house that was previously occupied by Mufi ‘Republican’ Bob McDermott (aka “RINO Bob”).  After all, Finnegan would look pretty bad as a top GOP leader if she simply let a Democrat take her seat in the state legislature -- a seat she abandoned to run for higher office.  Sadly, that’s exactly what Lynn Finnegan did.
Both Lynn and Peter Finnegan and their “Ohana” at the Hawaii GOP embraced the idea of supporting political newbie Aaron “Ling” Johanson to run for Finnegan’s house seat.  Unfortunately, Johanson was actually a liberal Democrat posing as a Republican.  That didn’t stop the Finnegan’s and the “Ohana” from helping to elect liberal Johanson to office.

Johanson quickly rose through the tiny GOP ranks to become Minority Leader.  But after two short terms in office, Aaron “Ling” Johanson finally decided to come out of the closet as a Democrat who “always felt at home” with other Democrats.  You can watch Finnegan’s protege holding a party-switching press conference with his new Democrat family HERE.

From Day One, HIRA warned about Aaron “Ling” Johanson.  And we didn’t even know “Ling” nearly as well as Lynn Finnegan who campaigned for him.  But it was obvious to anyone that cared that Finnegan was really cozy with closet Democrats and real Democrats alike.
Today, this Democrat (Johanson) is still in office voting for liberal policies which hurt Hawaii.  He’s actually become a powerful committee chairman and a member of the Democrat leadership.
How could Finnegan not see that this guy was a raging liberal?  Maybe she just doesn’t care?
In the end, the bad judgement by Finnegan keeps taking a toll on Republicans.  In this case by replacing herself in the legislature with a Democrat.  Auwe!


 As the Hawaii GOP’s Vice Chair for Candidate Recruitment, Lynn Finnegan plucked RINO infiltrator Beth Fukumoto from obscurity in 2010, making her a candidate whose race was targeted by the state party.  Now, let’s fast forward to the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.  Remember how she trashed Republicans before a crowd of Democrats at the State Capitol?  Remember how she held the post of minority leader of the Hawaii Republicans in the State House (the same post that Lynn Finnegan was holding when she discovered Beth Fukumoto) while that infamous trashing of conservatives and Republicans took place?  The story of Fukumoto’s assault on Republicans got national play from coast to coast.  She was the highest ranking Republican in Hawaii (thanks to Finnegan’s “Ohana” help) and now was joining Democrats in taking a crap all over Republicans in the islands and across the nation.  Again, Finnegan’s radar for fake Republicans is either switched completely off or she just doesn’t give a rip if she’s helping our party to be infiltrated by Dems who are masters of controlled opposition.

Now, knowing what you already know about far-left Democrat Beth Fukumoto, it’s easy to forget she was discovered and fast-tracked by Lynn Finnegan to become ‘someone’.  And Beth Fukumoto sure became someone alright.  Thanks, HRP Vice Chair Lynn Finnegan.  Thanks Team Finnegan a.k.a. “Our Party Our Ohana”.  Thanks for nothing.
One of the biggest reasons to disqualify Lynn Finnegan from consideration in ANY party officer post at the Hawaii GOP is her extremely bad judgment concerning the kind of people she chooses to elevate and/or chooses to get behind and/or chooses to associate with.  Such horrible, horrible judgment.  Under Lynn Finnegan, the Hawaii GOP spent a fortune on campaign advertising for Democrat Charles Djou in 2010.  At this point, Djou had already introduced the bill creating HART and supported the Akaka Bill to name just a few stupid, liberal votes.  Again, how foolish or unsavvy is Finnegan to steer money and support to an obvious Democrat, who soonafter threw his support to Colleen Hanabusa, Joe Biden and others who play for the other team.  Is Finnegan clueless or, worse yet, part of the problem of helping Democrats to control our party?

Too many members of Lynn Finnegan's “Ohana” team actually turned out to be Democrat infiltrators and crooks.  Charles Djou became a Democrat.  Aaron “Ling” Johanson became a Democrat.  Beth Fukumoto became a Democrat.  Dylan Nonaka actively works for the election of Democrats (but still pretends to be Republican).  Lori Wingard actively works for the election of Democrats (but still pretends to be Republican).  Chico Figueiredo was an “Our Party Our Ohana” county officer but has now worked for years on Democrat Ikaika Anderson’s campaigns.  Sam Aiona was state chair of the party but worked on Colleen Hanabusa’s recent campaigns.  Eliza Talbot was an “Our Party Our Ohana” county officer but works for Democrat Kym Pine’s campaign.  The list goes on and on and on.  She’s even helped install Democrat operatives on the Hawaii GOP’s state committee, a couple of whom are Democrat party officials and were national delegates to the DNC convention in support of Hillary Clinton.  Yes, Finnegan’s “Ohana” buddies have dragged the party down for years to come.  Either Lynn Finnegan has the most horrible political judgement or she is trying to destroy the Hawaii GOP from the inside.  It’s too bad that State Committee members don’t possess the initiative or interest to find out more about the person who wants to run our state party for the next year and a half (or longer).

In 2009, Finnegan vouched for her running mate Jonah Kaauwai who had to be forcibly removed as state chair for incompetence.  This year, she vouched for Signe Godfrey who bailed after a few short months and wasted critical time for the party to prepare for the next election campaign.  Few people have done as much to repeatedly and severely damage the Hawaii GOP and its candidates as Lynn Gaudencia Berbano Finnegan again and again.  Auwe!


Losing her own race by 17 points to liberal career politicians responsible for much of Hawaii’s suffering (Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz) is definitive proof that Lynn Finnegan does not know how to beat island Democrats (or how to help others beat Democrats).  Forget wishful thinking.  This is not some academic conclusion.  Despite Finnegan's (and her “Ohana’s”) complete control of the Hawaii GOP in 2010, she lost the General Election by one of the worst statewide losses by Republicans since Hawaii's statehood in 1959 (the single worst loss was RINO Tupola, the second was RINO Hemmings).  Even when in control of every resource the Hawaii GOP has to offer, SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO CONVINCE A MAJORITY OF HAWAII VOTERS TO ABANDON DEMOCRATS.

While Republicans were riding the Red Wave on the mainland (and taking back the U.S. House from Obama’s Democrats), the Hawaii GOP’s RINO darlings Lynn Finnegan and Duke Aiona got slaughtered.  Remember:  Finnegan partnered with Democrat Charles Djou and RINO Duke Aiona to take over the party and to monopolize the resources of the Hawaii GOP for themselves, squandering a fortune in Republican donations and volunteer resources on themselves.  Finnegan's 17-point crushing defeat at the hands of Democrats in 2010 was devastating and yet highly predictable since the Hawaii GOP stood for nothing.  Meanwhile, Republicans elsewhere in the country knew how to make a case for change.  But Finnegan’s “Ohana” systematically blew millions of donor dollars which they secretly looted from the Hawaii GOP without any legal authority from the State Committee.  Slaughtered by Brian Schatz, Clueless Lynn Finnegan has no idea how to engineer political victory since she is an incompetent and self-dealing RINO who relies on low-information Republicans in the Hawaii GOP to ignore her lack of talent or zeal.  She simply does NOT know how to win in Democrat controlled Hawaii . . . or doesn’t really want to.  Forget putting Lynn Finnegan in charge.  ALL RINO PARTY OFFICERS NEED TO RESIGN - Every last RINO needs to go!!

Lynn Finnegan undoubtedly hopes you won’t find these or many other unflattering things out about her.  She knows that state committee members of the Hawaii GOP are as notorious for failing to perform even the slightest due diligence in the rush to circle the wagons with fake ‘unity’ as the state party’s executive committee is notorious for foisting closet Democrats and RINO’s on unsuspecting Republicans as state chairmen.  One thing’s for sure.  If Finnegan and her new “Ohana” team remain in charge of the Hawaii GOP, it’s lights-out for any hope of Hawaii joining the 2022 Red Wave.  Take a really good and close look at how these RINO party leaders have squandered the last 12 months and you’ll get a really good idea at how the next 12 will be frittered away.  If you thought Shirlene Ostrov was bad for business, wait until you see how Finnegan’s new “Ohana” comprised of Ostrov’s biggest supporters and clones run the party in 2021-22.

When RINO’s aren’t busy stuffing their pals onto party committees like the State Committee and manipulating processes to retain control of the Hawaii GOP, they use fake calls for “unity” and pretend to like and/or be conservatives too.  The latest version of the game is designed to fake Trump supporters into believing that our party is led by people just like them.  But, like Lynn Finnegan, these people are closet Democrats and their records conclusively prove it.  It’s no accident that Republicans in Hawaii are making no inroads while Democrats keep getting more powerful as scandals and bad headlines continue to mount higher and higher.

Recycling might be good for beer cans and newspapers, but it’s awful to recycle the same failed political leaders . . . especially when you know how badly they’ve failed.  Case in point:  Lynn Finnegan.  Isn’t it bad enough that the Hawaii GOP’s national committeeman Gene Ward is a full-blown liberal who helped provide driver’s licenses to tens of thousands of illegal aliens in Hawaii?  It only gets worse when you realize   The folks running our party today in 2021 are the exact same folks who’ve let Democrats win year after year after year.  It’s no accident.

Since there’s been no discussion of the concerns raised by HIRA prior to this newsletter, it’s obvious that the state committee (the party’s governing body) has been on autopilot; just going through the motions and not really thinking through its decisions, not doing any research, not performing any due diligence.  Just going with the flow and having no idea if they’re setting in motion a disaster on Election Night 2022 when they could've done something to improve the outcome.  This Saturday’s special meeting of the wagon-circling State Committee will speak volumes.  The nonexistent debate about Lynn Finnegan’s sorry record and worrisome philosophy speaks even louder.  An enormous mistake made by delegates at this past May’s cheatfest convention in choosing RINO Team Signe/Lynn while being kept on mute for two hours is certain to be compounded with interest in a few days.  Going forward, island Democrats know they can continue sleeping soundly at night with Lynn Finnegan and her RINO sycophants having been so very helpful to them in the past.  We’ve been down this road before.  It doesn’t end well.  RINO’s and the liberal local news media have been actively covering up Finnegan’s sorry record as party leader just a decade ago so that the slaughter of Republicans in the islands can continue.  But now you know the truth.  Auwe!
THE BIG LESSON:  DON’T GIVE A PENNY TO THE HAWAII GOP UNTIL EVERY LAST RINO IS GONE, unless you enjoy seeing your money flushed away.


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