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A few of our buds have taken the time to describe their experiences with some of the products we offer. 

Products and strains affect patients differently. Please medicate responsibly. If you wish to discuss your medical marijuana needs, schedule a consultation with a Cure pharmacist. 

Strain Review: Starkiller

Starkiller is a fantastic option for those who are looking for something to elevate their mood and wash away stress without being super sedative like other strains on the indica side of the spectrum.  

Its earthy taste with notes of citrus make for an easy and pleasant experience. Contrary to its name, its effects won’t shoot you to space or hit you like a photon torpedo, but rather envelop you in a mood-boosting warmth. Happiness, relaxation, and euphoria await you on the other side of this Star.
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Dry Leaf

Lemon Grenades from Grassroots truly stands up to its namesake. From the volatility of its lemon and citrus flavors, to the absolute explosion of energizing, and euphoric effects due to its high THC content (usually reaching above 20%) and impressive terpene entourage. The sativa-dominant Lemon Grenades boats an impressive terpinolene profile; coming in at over 1% which lends to its effervescent citrus notes, and a sense of relaxation that helps balance out its energizing effects. Being the love child of Super Lemon Haze and Pineapple Grenade, Lemon Grenades is perfect for inspiring creativity, focus, and energy; as well as helping to treat fatigue, depression, and PTSD. Once you pick up Grassroots' Lemon Grenades, you won't put it down; whether you've pulled the pin or not.


Recently a Cure teammate interviewed another employee and shared this about Golden Goat by Rythm.
The disposable Golden Goat pen provides a "body buzz but still gave a mental clarity". My coworker decided to go with the Rhythm over another brand because of the difference in terpenes, she was looking for limonene and terpinolene. The benefits of limonene include anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and aids memory, while terpinolene helps with pain reduction and aids the digestive system. Thanks to her review, I cannot wait to try this product and experience Golden Goat for myself.

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