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We are constantly working on improving Logisoft and expanding its scope of capabilities. Through this bulletin we aim to regularly update you about new features and updates. We hope you will find this information useful.
It is essential to close and reopen the system in order to install the new version v0.8.9sgh. Some modules of the system may not be used by all the users of Logisoft, therefore the below changes may not be seen by all users.
Your Logisoft Team

  • Booking → Booking → update CTN
To update CTN in LogiSoft you have two options:
  1. Update by Voyage
  2. Update by VIN
To update CTN by Voyage:
  • Click on UPDATE CTN BY VOYAGE button on the booking module (or Units in case you are using the single unit booking mode)
  • Fill in the information needed (Voyage number, POL, POD and the CTN number)
  • Click on Save
To update CTN per VIN:
  • Click on the small arrow on the right of UPDATE CTN BY VOYAGE, then clock on UPDATE CTN BY VIN
  • A screen will pop up asking for information; start by selecting the voyage number on top
  • Click on the Add Item button to insert a record, fill in the information (VIN Number, vehicle description, CTN and POD)
  • Click on Auto Match All, this procedure will map the information entered with the ones existing in the bookings. When the matching process ends, LogiSoft will display the result in the Action column.
    • If the result is Update, LogiSoft found the unit with the exact VIN, description and POD and can update its CTN.
    • If the result was Inconclusive, there could be a small typo in the VIN, or model mismatch. Select the row to check the discrepancies between your input and the booking found.
    • If the result was Not Found, this means no vehicles on the selected voyage matches your input

An example is following this page.

Please update and if you don’t have the right, contact your administrator to apply the update.
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