Sketch: Paniivar, the Broken Promise
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Hello folks!

I'm currently working on two different commissions, and since I can't show you these yet (no spoiling the fun!), I want to present you with something special.

Dear reader, may I introduce to you:

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Paniivar, the Broken Promise

Paniivar is my first drawing for a project with the working title "Beneath Two Pale Suns. It's a personal project in which I want to explore a new art style and experiment with different ideas in the weird fantasy genre.

The project will be set in a nameless parallel universe, in which human life as we know it never developed and into which only some us will ever tread. It's a vast desert landscape with ancient, long forgotten cultures that operates under rules of physics which will seem alien, illogical and sometimes downright hostile to us humans.

While the denizens of this universe are usually not directly hostile towards humankind, you should watch out all the same, should you ever find yourself beneath the twin wan suns. The place was not designed for humans to walk.

Origin Story

I first explored the idea of this world in a short story named "Word & Color" that I wrote for the NoSleep podcast.

If you're a season pass member of the podcast, you can listen to stellar production in S09E03. David Ault & Erika Sanderson fucking nailed this.

You can also read the story here:


I hope you guys enjoy the sketch so far, and I will — of course — keep you posted on the progress of this piece! Furthermore, I plan to write up a piece on background lore for her that is developing nicely so far.

All the best,

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