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First Week 2021

Field Guide to ECS

Evangel Classical School is an engaging and enlightening destination, filled with gleeful laughter, mischievous munchkins, and erudite learning. However, there are some phrases and rituals that may be foreign to visitors and new initiates. Accordingly, we have developed the following guide to aid in acclimation. For those desirous of further study, many of the entries have been linked to more substantial articles:


The Raggant

A dumpy, preposterous winged rhinoceros who serves as the school’s mascot. When wearing a fleece to the local store, prepare to be asked about the “flying orange dog” embroidered upon your lapel. He is a character from N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards fantasy series, chosen as ECS’ mascot because he is fiercely loyal, multi-visioned, and yet singularly devoted to his mission. He is also a tad ridiculous, which helps students and faculty not take themselves too seriously...he has also been changed from his original gray color to the ECS orange because, orange.



ECS’ more unique color (amidst the navy and grey) was not chosen because of its near impossibility to match two different shades, nor its relationship to William of Orange and the Netherlands (go Kuyper), nay verily for its automnal glory. It was chosen because it is Mr. and Mrs. Higgins’ favorite color, and you get to do that when you help found a school.


Risus est Bellum

Inspired by a two-page advertisement found in Credenda/Agenda that spoke of laughter being war, it was adapted to the school’s motto and written in Latin because, duh, it’s a classical school. A few years ago, the UH (see below) crafted it into a liturgical piece where students recite the phrase and throw back their heads and belly laugh. 


The U.H.

This stands for “Unruly Headmaster,” so named by the troublesome gnomes who haunt the corridors of ECS (see below). The Unruly Headmaster has been known to laugh in the face of adversity, force secondary students to speak in class with an adapted version of Spin the Bottle, craft bows for archery contests, and be repulsed at the mere mention of mayonnaise. He is the staunch leader who crests the waves at the helm of ECS - and occasionally plungers toilets.


The Gnomes

The gnomes emerged within the first few years of ECS, and they have been trouble ever since. They harken to some characters also found in 100 Cupboards (we’re looking at you, Ted), and enjoy leaving notes throughout the school, appearing in plastic form in random places (such as toilet stalls and yearbook spreads), and generally mustering up mischief to thwart the laughter and singing and merriment of ECS students, which makes their little ears bleed. They have also been known to prank the UH in the form of mayonnaise packets, paper clips, and other horrendous tricks.


Secondary Houses 

Six years ago, the ECS Faculty decided to institute houses for the Secondary Students of ECS (those 7th - 12th grade). The Houses were named after Reformers, not because of gross idolatry, but because these Reformers have defined much of the Western tradition students learn throughout Omnibus (see below), and are worthy of study and emulation. ECS has four houses: Calvin, Knox, Luther, and Tyndale, overseen by Mr. Bowers, Mr. Sarr, Mr. Giddings, and Mr. Weinberg, respectively. Houses provide camaraderie, healthy competition, quick and easy organizational categories, leadership opportunities, and some smack talk sallies. They compete throughout the year in various competitions and daily tasks for the coveted House Cup, which is awarded at the final assembly of the school year (and doesn’t actually involve any cup).



This means "all things" in Latin and is a six-year course, beginning in 7th grade, that enables students to study a certain epoch in history each year of their Secondary experience at ECS (Ancient, Medieval, Modern...repeat). They read both primary and secondary texts relevant to the history, literature, art, and philosophy of each time period. Omnibus is considered the cornerstone to the Secondary program at ECS, and though it involves heavy amounts of reading and writing, it is also full of laughter, occasional sarcasm, and zesty class discussion (such as the definition of taco salad).



Though neither Anglican nor comprised of monks, ECS practices this liturgical tradition of morning prayer and meeting to set the tone for the school-day ahead. It typically involves announcements, reminders (don’t lick doorknobs), reading of gnome notes (see above),  the Pledge of Allegiance, recitation of the Apostle’s Creed, lauding through song, and prayer.


The Doxology

First published in 1709 by Bishop Thomas Ken, the Doxology is the closing lines to a number of older hymns that had long been in circulation in Britain. ECS uses the Doxology to close meetings, assemblies, weeks, and occasionally to thank US Navy battleship crews or serenade seagulls outside the Seattle Aquarium. 

First Day of School & Convocation

Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 7th! We will begin promptly at 9am with Matins in the Sanctuary (this is a standard uniform day). It would be wise to arrive around 8:45am to find your child's classroom, drop supplies/backpacks, and be ready to go! 

We will have regular schedule until 12:40pm, when our Convocation Assembly will begin with Mr. Sean Higgins as the speaker. 

Directly following the Assembly, we will have Early Dismissal at 1:30pm (look for a jumble of students arranged by class at the front of the building). Please follow the student pickup directions (next item in this email!).  

Then, all families are invited to a BBQ!  ECS will provide hotdogs, burgers, fixings, and chips. We ask each family to please bring a side.

As lunch will be later than usual, we recommend packing an extra helping of snacks to sustain your Raggant!

If you did not bring your shared supplies (such as Kleenex) to school on Orientation Night, please bring them during the first few weeks of school, drop them by Miss Bour's desk by the front door, and cross your name off the list! 
Student Pick-up
Although it may be difficult and clunky at times, we take student safety and security seriously.  For this reason, recess and the end of the school day are particularly important and, at times, tricky.  Every year we try to improve our procedures to make student pickup safer and more efficient.  This year will be decidedly different, as we'll have a pull through lane for the active loading of vehicles after school.  Read on (and see the picture!) for the details: 
  • After school (as in previous years), students will stand with their classes until they are picked up by their parents.  
  • When coming to pick up your children, please DO NOT ENTER via 90th St. Please DO enter campus at 88th St. by the Table building, or via 44th DR NE. 90th St. will be for EXIT ONLY. 
  • Please drive slowly through the neighborhoods adjacent to campus.  Please keep the speedometer below 20 MPH.
  • Please utilize the spaces on South Campus (anything past the southern fence of the main lot) if you wish to park and stay at the school.  Secondarily, you may use the spaces along the east fence or the west fence. 
  • Please DO NOT park along the south fence in the main lot; this will be a driveway.  
  • Please DO NOT park in the middle section of the lot (inside the islands/beds); this will be a play area for students. 
  • Please DO NOT park on the streets or outside the campus. 
  • Please DO NOT park in the spaces nearest the front door (handicapped parking excepted) as this is where the students will line up for pick-up.  
  • After 3:20, any students not yet picked up will be escorted into the building and can be picked up from the RecRoom by their parents.  
  • Thanks, in advance, for your patience as we get used to this new system.  
The first day of school, we will have student pickup at 1:30; all are invited to the BBQ to follow!  Normally, school ends at 3:00 with student pickup at about 3:05.  

Field Day

Field Day will begin at 1:30pm on Thursday, September 9th. All the students will convene in the front of the building for big group games, followed by smaller groups of fun and competition. We will have regular dismissal at 3:05pm.

Please have your student pack a full water bottle this day and some comfortable running shoes! Parents are welcome to attend and cheer students on; this is the first major competition for House Points for Secondary students! 


Per general communication, calendars, and planning, please note the following:
  • The school's phone number is (360) 502-6950. This phone is operated by Miss Dineke Bour, and you should utilize this number to communicate if your child is sick/missing school, running late, or if you will be late at pick-up. It is also a good number for general information (when is the Assembly? Where can I drop off my child's forgotten lunch?). Note that this number isn't checked on the weekends, but will be first thing on Monday mornings!
  • ECS Google Calendar
  • Twitter
  • ECS Parents' Facebook page (this is a closed group for parents and grandparents and requires Admin approval).

Campus Parking & Driving


Please do not ever drive faster than 20 miles per hour on the streets adjacent to the school.  There are children who live on these streets and we wish to be a delight to the neighbors, not a nuisance.

When picking up your children or for any other function, please come all the way into the parking lot and take a parking space in South Campus or along the east or west (not south!) fences.  Our neighbors do not like it when we park in front of their houses for student pick-up.  Besides, it’s safer for students to walk to your car in the church parking lot.  Additionally, it’s a big parking lot, so parking on the streets is not necessary, even if it’s convenient.

Tuition Payments

The school does not currently have online or electronic means of receiving tuition payments. For September, please submit your payment by September 9th, and if you have any questions about your payments or need a copy of your Financial Agreement, please contact Miss Dineke Bour (

For tuition payments, please use the following:
  • Drop cash or check payments by the 5th of each month in the locked tuition box immediately to the right of the door inside Mr. Sarr's office.
  • Send payments by the 5th of each month to the school's P.O. Box: 
Evangel Classical School
C/O Jim Martin
PO Box 3097
Arlington, WA 98223

Declaration of Intent to Homeschool
It’s true that ECS doesn’t check all the boxes of a homeschool co-op or a day school.  We have functioned as a homeschool co-op from the start, however, and more than ever before we encourage families to declare their intent to homeschool, filing it with their local public school district offices by September 15th.  We are not a state-approved school, and as those who bear responsibility for the rearing of our children, we also wish to exercise as much discretion and enjoy as much freedom as possible when doing this.

Book Covers
Many of your students will receive new textbooks this year, and we have asked them to cover those textbooks to keep them nice for as long as possible!

We ask you to cover the textbooks in one of two ways:
  • Either purchase re-usable covers like these from Amazon, which your student can keep and use on future texts.
  • Or cover them following a template like this which still provides coverage but does not require tape or other sticky materials (like Contact paper) to touch the book itself.
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