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December 2017

Christmas Break is Saturday, December 16th - Tuesday, January 2nd

Letter from the Headmaster (U.H.)

Sturdy Parenting

I think it’s safe to say that all of the families of Evangel Classical School want to raise up sturdy children.  A great evidence of this is that they’ve chosen a school that also is trying to raise up sturdy children.  That’s much of what it means to be a Raggant.  


But since review is always in order, I’ll try to explain what I mean.  We’re trying to be used by God to help grow stout image bearers who will be like oak trees with deep roots.  Not many oak trees tremble with fear when a rainstorm is brewing on the horizon.  They may even welcome it with relish.  We want for trials that actually beset our Raggants to be about as common as lighting bolts that reduce an oak to charcoal.  (That is, rare.)


An oak can be rained on, have its branches bent or crusted with ice, its bark carved with initials inside of hearts, and its acorns harvested and it just laughs at the days ahead like the Proverbs 31 woman. 


We want that for our kids, but those sorts of kids come from certain sorts of parents.  Is it reasonable to expect for our kids to be sturdy if we aren’t?  And what does this look like?  I’ll offer a few thoughts. 


Sturdy parents are intentional. They work hard to be the sorts of people that they want their children to become.  They know that discipleship is God’s chosen method for bringing the full number of His sheep into the fold, and that their children will probably become like them, for good or ill.  


Sturdy parents are patient.  They know that oaks don’t mature overnight.  Lasting change tends to take time, and oak trees are to be preferred over blades of grass, even if maturity takes a longer time.  We also can go about our work with optimism and joy since we serve a sovereign and good God.  


Sturdy parents have their eyes on the horizon.  A tall oak with his eyes in the upper branches is not concerned about trifling skirmishes about his knees if he can see an approaching horde of lumberjacks.  We know that there are great challenges that await our children in the years ahead; the Latin chants and a reading drills and Omnibus discussions are the sparring sessions that will build the muscles that will protect their joints and render them effective in battle.  Their homework assignments now are not themselves the point.  


I’m praying for the parents of ECS to comprise a small cadre of likeminded, affectionate, jolly, and sturdy farmers who will lock arms with the teachers to help turn their children from supple saplings into sturdy oaks.  Who knows?  Perhaps one of our sturdy oaks will meet his glorified end as the next battering ram against the gates of hell.  


This perspective will inform how we respond when our students are not faithful in their homework assignments, when there’s relational drama on the playground, or when a teacher sins against us.  It’ll also inform how we respond when our children repent on their own, when they look for ways to bless their siblings, and when they spur one another on to love and good deeds.  There’s no doubt that a growing oak enjoys sun, snow, rain, wind, and climbing ruffians dangling from his creaking limbs.  So too with this parenting business.  This is a long road, and may God make us intention, patient, thankful, and sturdy along the way.  


Risus est bellum.



Please continue filling out the Homework Surveys and return to Mrs. Bowers' desk on Tuesday, December 5th.

Also on December 5th, we have the opportunity to sing at The Grove Church during lunch! Please pack a disposable (non-microwavable) lunch this day, as we will give students the opportunity to eat in class before we leave the school at about 12:30 (and return about 1:30). If you are able to drive students, please let Mrs. Sarr know! (This is a regular uniform day).
Kelly Bowie's school picture gallery is up and available for ordering! Click here to preview and order! 

Nutcracker Field Trip

Our second official field trip will be for all students on Friday, December 8th to the PNW Ballet's Nutcracker. School will begin as usual, with Matins at 9am: please come in Event Uniform. From there, we will drive to McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center. The show itself begins at 12pm and lasts about two hours. Please plan on packing a completely disposable "paper bag" lunch this day. We will meet back at the school, returning at approximately 3:30pm.  

Secondary students are encouraged to enter the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards! Writing Entries are due by December 14th and Art Entries are due by January 9th. Forms are due to Mrs. Bowers by Friday, December 8th.
Microwave Reminder
ECS is limited to two microwaves during lunch time (lest circuit-blowing commence). Accordingly, we have allocated microwave days based on last name to help students maximize eating and play time during lunch. We appreciate your help in sending hot lunches on the appropriate day to reduce traffic jams:
T/TH: Barnts - Kulishov
W/F:  Lomakin - Yerina
Come see ECS' talented parent, David Harsh, in concert on 12/8 at Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Marysville, WA, and also at the Lights of Christmas on December 21st at 6:45 and 8:45pm on the main Joyland Concert Hall stage.
To help defray printing costs to the school and encourage Secondary Raggants to print responsibly, it will now be $0.10 per page to print at the school.
Europe Trip 2018!
(we invite suggestions for cooler names than this)
Tickets are booked and we are headed on ECS's first EVER School Trip to the United Kingdom and Northern France for thirteen days: Monday, August 20th - Saturday September 1st, 2018. We covet your prayers over plans, preparations, and safety for the team:
  • Mr. Sarr
  • Mrs. Bowers
  • Miss Bour
  • Dineke Bour
  • Sean Higgins
  • Craig Massey
  • Lila Massey
  • Kara Rothenberger
  • Abigail vanderBeken
  • Maggie Higgins
  • Bonnie Bour
  • Kathy Lomakin
  • Kelly Durham
  • Reese Paine
Reminder: all attendees are required to attend our next meeting, Sunday, January 14th (tentatively at 5pm at the vanderBeken home for a potluck dinner). 
Upcoming Events
  • December 1st: Dress Uniform & Assembly at 2:15pm featuring Mr. Sarr
  • December 5th: Lunch Choir Sing @ The Grove Church. Please pack a sack/disposable lunch.
  • December 8th: Nutcracker Field Trip (Event Uniform)
  • December 8th: Scholastic Writing Awards' forms due to Mrs. Bowers 
  • December 12th: Christmas Concert at 6:30pm (students please arrive at 6pm in Event Uniform)
  • December 15th: Dress Uniform and Picture Retakes
  • December 15th: Christmas Feasting & Festivities beginning at 12:40pm (don't pack lunches!)
  • Christmas Break: December 16th - January 2nd
  • January 14th: 2nd UK Trip Meeting at the vanderBeken home, tentatively @5pm

December & Early January Birthdays

  • Dec. 8th: Lilly Durham
  • Dec. 12th: Grace Manus
  • Dec. 22nd: Natasha Pohli
  • Dec. 23rd: Gabby Marlatt
  • Dec. 28th: Jayne Rothenberger
  • Jan. 5th: Mr. Sarr (psst! It's a milestone!)
  • Jan. 5th: Mrs. Mills 
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