October/November Newsletter!

    Early October, I joined a society group to collect vegetables from a local wet market. Wet markets are huge lots full of Ma and Pa shops selling anything from seafood to fruits. The prices are cheaper than chain grocery stores, items are typically fresher, and for the most part it is where a lot of local Hong Kong people shop. During peak hours when people are buy ingredients for dinner, personal space becomes non-existence, everyone is shoulder to shoulder. Lines do not exist. You want something, you yell. When customers begin to leave and the markets become empty, things begin to go on sale and the things that do not sell will get tossed. Our job was to collect all the vegetables that were going to get tossed so that we can give it to the less fortunate. People give and people take. We live in the land of plenty and there are communities where people have nothing. Thank God for the opportunities to be a middleman to these communities.

    The beauty of Hong Kong is in the diversity of the community. Hong Kong does not belong to only the Chinese people, but to all who live here. There are Indians, Russians, Africans, Americans! One of my favorite moments in the mission field are these random, unplanned encounters with people. Not only do I get to meet someone new, but I also get to share with them what I am doing in Hong Kong and the mission God has sent me on.

For Halloween, we had a reformation themed costume throughout the church office. I chose to dress up as an Augustinian monk. Even got the haircut; it’s called a tonsure. On top of dressing up like Martin Luther, we put together 95 Reason to Go to Church in honor of the Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. We handed them out to people in the church and in the school. Anyone who was unsure of what this all mean, got to hear about what Martin Luther did and what the Gospel truly meant.

    On top of meeting strangers, I have begun to develop a deeper relationship with some. Going home from the south side, there is one bus that is faster and cheaper than all the rest. Those who know of the discount typically choose to take the cheaper bus even if it means waiting a few more minutes. In the past few months there is one lady I continually run into. She goes out to the south side to catch dinner. She loves to show people the different sea creatures she caught. She knows what they are, how much they are worth, and even how to cook them!


Hey! Thank you so much for your support and prayers. ONE YEAR IN! Where does the time go? Half way done. This year has been full of ups and downs. Did you know I’m not perfect? This journey of life, this mission, reveals more and more of the muck and brokenness in my life. My pride hides my flaws. When they come out, I try to run. YIKES! Yet, it seems God still wants to use me? Why me? I have no clue. I will continue to fight the good fight, run until I finish the race, and keep the faith. I praise God for all those around me who are encouraging, I also praise God for those who can speak truth and hold me accountable for my shortcomings.


    Prayer request: Pray for the ability to accept what I do not understand. Praise God for the baptisms that happened and those what will happen. Pray for humility. Confidence>arrogance. Humble confidence>confidence. Humility in our confidence in the Gospel. I have been meeting more students around the school. Pray they may know God’s love for them. It is advent season. Pray that our hearts may be prepared for the coming of Christ. Praise God for the support I not only have in the states but also here in Hong Kong. Pray for a moldable heart.


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