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Welcome to the journey.

It is our privilege that you are partnering with us through prayer as we embark on this new journey of starting a new church.  

May and June Events

For May and June I wanted to get outside our 4 walls of our home and do a variety of events at Willow Creek Park nearby.  The first event in May was a fish fry.  Boy our group can cook. It was awesome. We did a fish fry followed by an outdoor worship service.
The next was Pizza Night with a short outdoor worship service.  In June, we had Summer Sun Family Fun.

It was purely a social event.  It was our most attended event this summer so far. We had 50 people there. We had several firsts: we had people come in response to social media ads, we ran out of water and dessert (we've never ran out of food before), we used a 6 foot ball to play soccer, and we had 3 guests offer to bring something to our next event the following week.
The following week was Dad Day:
Unfortunately the guests did not show back up but we still had 30 people show up - all our church peeps.  We celebrated and honored our heavenly Father and then honored our earthly fathers with some giveaways from O'Reilly's and PepBoys.  We even had someone from the community come and offer $50 gift certificates for house cleaning services.  Her name is Molly with Maid in Heaven.  Check her out on Facebook at MaidinHeavenDFW.
What was cool about these events is we are starting to get name and brand recognition.  Heard from several people, "oh you guys are the church doing things at the park." 
Another cool thing especially about the Dad Day event is everybody involved with Renovate Church showed up with the exception of 2 families.  It was encouraging seeing that we have doubled in size.
But then the crash came the following Sunday when only 2 families showed up at our house. 
So the challenge at this point is trying to discern and seeking God's leadership on if, when, and where to start meeting outside of our home.  We cannot afford to meet in a school so I am getting real creative in exploring other possibilities such as daycares, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, apartment club houses, libraries, chamber of commerce building, dance studio, etc.  Another possibility would be to multiply home groups but that hasn't worked out so far.  
I have been invited to come and do VBS for an apartment complex nearby which may lead to using their club house.  Please pray for clear signs of where God wants us to go.
I just had a conversation with a banker today.  Which by the way, we won't be allowed to meet in a bank.  But hey never hurts to ask! In fact, the manager had some other connections and ideas for me to explore.
Here are some other prayer requests:
We need guidance, wisdom, and discernment as we are checking "doors" throughout the city to see which ones God will open and finding places where God is already at work.
We need strength and encouragement for us as planters but also as a core team as we continue to press on with few signs of fruit or response.  We believe God is at work but sometimes it is hard to see but I guess that is what faith is all about ;)
Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower us to do what God has called us to.
Pray for co-laborers.  The city/people need Jesus.  Pray that we may be a light to the community and help transform lives.   
Pray for me that I may lead well and boldly with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for the prayers!

I did want to mention something that one of our newest members shared with me the other day.  He has been away from church for a very long time.  He recently moved here from Puerto Rico and feels really lonely.  He was invited by one of our core team members and has been coming for about 3 weeks.  He shared that he likes the friendships that are developing and he feels more at peace now that he is going to church.  Praise God!

On a sad yet happy note we have a member leaving us but for good reasons.  He came to the US to get a pilot license and is now going back to Korea.  So really he is our first missionary!! Or maybe instead we were his first mission field!!! Ha!

Opportunity Updates

Last newsletter I mentioned several things we are working on and have a lot of irons in the fire.  So here is a little update on each on mentioned previously and even some new ones.

Recreation Center
   Nothing has progressed in this area.  Still have not been able to meet with Kelly.  Summer time is busy time for him.  He did mention that he wants our help with Trunk or Treat this year.  So at least we are still on his radar! :)
    The concerts in the park went well.  We showed up with popcorn machine and gave away free popcorn.  Have met a lot of people. 
   As a reminder, there was a guy I met with in community engagement of Fort Worth and he gave me information to be able to contact HOAs in the area.  Unfortunately although I made a great connection with one of the leaders in a nearby HOA, they are no longer there and will have to start over.  So not much is happening there on that front.  
6 Stone Ministries
  6 Stone Ministries in the Hurst/Euless/Bedford area is looking to expand it's services and possibly looking towards Saginaw to partner with a church and the city to help renovate some houses.  This continues to move forward as we have met with the city manager and he seemed receptive.  
Silversage Apartment complex
     We offered to help serve dads donuts for Father's Day and handed them out to each apartment. We offered to pray for people as we handed them a donut.  Some residents seemed really interested in having a Bible study or church service there at the complex but management says that a resident has to be the one to initiate that.  So just a small bump in the road. However, this apartment complex has invited us to do a VBS for the kids in July.  
    I met with the owner last week.  I thought maybe we could potentially meet at Chick-fil-A since they are not open on Sundays. Although she said we can't, she was open to partnering in serving the community. 

There are other opportunities developing as well but these are the most prevalent at this time. Please pray for these opportunities and that God may give us discernment, wisdom, and guidance regarding them. 
Thank you again for your partnership! You may help us through:
  1. Prayer
  2. Promotion - Help us spread the word about this new church in the Saginaw area and encourage people to check it out. Share our website and newsletters with someone you know especially if they are not connected with a church.  Share this newsletter by using the links below.
  3. Participation - Consider joining us in this adventure and helping build a brand new church!
  4. Provision - Please consider giving to us and supporting us financially.

Trey Teel
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