"Lest We Forget"

Mark's Midweek Musings ... May 27, 2021

Flood Lights on the Front of St. Paul's
Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey over the past couple of weeks. We had over 30 people who responded either through the survey or via emails. With over 90% support, the wardens will continue with this project to enhance our presence to those who pass by in the evenings.

Thank you for making your views known.
What a glorious and spirit filled
celebration of Pentecost
in partnership with St. Andrew's Chalmers
and Trinity United.

Thank you to everyone who participated!!

If you missed it, here's the link to the video ...

We've had over 250 views!!!
Next Sunday, June 6 we will celebrate "Corpus Christi"

We will welcome The Rev. Canon David Harrison
as our guest preacher

As part of the liturgy you are invited to have
bread and wine in front of you
as we share in a meal of remembrance
on this Holy Feast day 
when we remember the Sacrament of Communion
This week ...
  • Tues Connections email'
  • Zoom Prayer Group ... Tues at 7:30 pm
  • Covid 19 ... Reflections on life and faith email
  • Zoom Coffee & Chat ... Wed
  • Mark's Midweek Musings ... Thurs
  • Conference Call Bible Study ... Thurs at 11 am 
  • Online Hymn Sing ... Thurs
  • On line worship links will be emailed on Saturday for Sunday Worship Video
I have been asked to share
some scripture passages
that people can read over the week
and reflect in their own personal times
of prayer and bible reading.

These are the appointed lectionary readings
from the psalm and the gospel
for celebrations of the Eucharist
  • Tuesday ... Ps 50:7-15; Mk 10:28-31
  • Wednesday ... Ps 79:8-13; Mk 10:32-45
  • Thursday ... Ps 33:1-9; Mk 10:46-52
  • Friday ... Ps 149:1-5; Mk 11:11-26
  • Saturday ...  Ps 19:7-14; Mk 11:27-35
  • Sunday ... Pentecost ... Ps 29; Jn 3:1-17
  • Monday ... Visit of Virgin Mary to Elizabeth ... Ps 113; Lk 1:39-57

Thurs May 27 ... Mark's Midweek Musings
Thurs May 27 ... 11 am; Conference Call Bible Study
Thurs May 27 ... Online Hymn Sing 
Tues June 1 ... 7:30 pm; Zoom Compline
Wed June 2 ... "Covid 19 ... Reflections on Life and Faith"
Wed June 2 ... Zoom "holy spirits"
Thurs June 3... Mark's Midweek Musings
Thurs June 3.. 11 am; Conference Call Bible Study
Thurs June 3... Online Hymn Sing
Sun June 6 ... Corpus Christi ... including a meal of remembrance ... an email will be sent with a link to the Online worship Video
Tues June 8 ... 7:30 pm; Zoom Prayer Group
Wed June 9 ... "Covid 19 ... Reflections on Life and Faith"
Wed June 9 ... 11:15 am; Zoom Coffee & Chat
Thurs June 10 ... Mark's Midweek Musings
Thurs June 10... 11 am; Conference Call Bible Study
Thurs June 10 ... Online Hymn Sing 
Sun June 13 ... Pentecost 2 ... an email will be sent with a link to the worship video
Tues June 15 ... Tuesday Connections
Tues June 15 ... 7:30 pm; Zoom Compline
Wed June 16 ... "Covid 19 ... Reflections on Life and Faith"
Thurs June 17 ... Mark's Midweek Musings
Thurs June 17 ... 11 am; Conference Call Bible Study
Thurs June 17 ... Online Hymn Sing
Sun June 20 ... Pentecost 3 ... an email will be sent with a link to the worship video
Tues June 22 ... Tuesday Connections
Tues June 22 ... 7:30 pm; Zoom Prayer Group
Wed June 23 ... "Covid 19 ... Reflections on Life and Faith"
Wed June 23 ... 11:15 am; Zoom Coffee & Chat 
Thurs June 24 ... Mark's Midweek Musings
Thurs June 24 ... 11 am; Conference Call Bible Study
Thurs June 24 ... Online Hymn Sing 
Sun June 27 ... Pentecost 4 ... an email will be sent with a link to the worship video
Tues June 29 ... Tuesday Connections
Tues June 29 ... 7:30 pm; Zoom Prayer Group
Wed June 30... "Covid 19 ... Reflections on Life and Faith"
Wed June 30 ... 11:15 am; Zoom Coffee & Chat 

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"Lest we forget"

There are many experiences in world history that we will never forget and that we should never forget either. The World Wars; the assassinations of Martin Luther King and President Kennedy; September 11th to name a few. And now we add to that the murder of George Floyd, the anniversary marked this past week. 

Our faith as disciples of Jesus calls us to always remember especially the times of injustice that have been perpetuated over time. Jesus was clear that in following Him we are called to contribute to the building of God's kingdom and the reign of Christ. That's more than an ideal, it is the truth of our faith that comes through the prophets, Jesus' teaching and all that was proclaimed as a witness to the early church.

We too today are called out of our baptismal identity to contribute to the respect and dignity of all people. That has direct implications in the conversations that have been happening over the past year around race and discrimination. We need to always keep in mind our baptismal covenant and the promises we make that are to guide us in our every day lives and in how we relate to each other and the world around us.

In particular ...
  • Will you proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ?
  • Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbour as yourself? 
  • Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human
When we respond that we will do these things, with God's help, we are making a conscious commitment that we will integrate them into all of our lives. That becomes all the more significant when we continue to witness injustice and anything but peace, respect and dignity for all people. And add to that that much of people's experience is based on their race. We need to remember that that isn't the gospel message and isn't the discipleship we've signed on for as followers of Jesus.

This isn't meant to be a rant. My musings are meant to be a reminder that this kind of social and systemic issue, that being racism and discrimination, isn't something that we pay attention to for a while and then let it go. We are in a time when these issues always need to be front and center and we are called to be contributing to changing a system that is fractured and broken.

I heard news reports the other evening discussing the fallout from the murder of George Floyd. Reactions in the first month or two included a concentrated desire to make changes necessary. However, as time went on and the headline faded into history, that commitment has lessoned as the months have passed. And yet, the issues are still there even in our own country of Canada and likely in our own community of Uxbridge too. And even if it's not intentional and subconscious, we are all complicit when it comes to a society that allows such treatment to continue without being addressed in ways to make a difference.

The news also reported that groups have formed into partnerships that won't allow this issue to be silenced and the story of George Floyd to end up in the pages of history. They are calling for real change which I believe Jesus himself would also be calling for as He looked out for the least among us and those on the margins of society. We are to do the same, each and every one of us as followers of Jesus today.

So what can we do? We can support conversations in various places like at work, in our schools, among the community, in our churches and anywhere else that dialogue and education could help us make a difference. We need to address the root causes so that something new can be born that is of God and displays what God's kingdom is about. 

A year has passed since George Floyd was murdered. The mural above says it all, unlike the night he died, he can breathe now. Let's be sure that what happened to him isn't lost because it isn't a media story anymore. Time has passed; but indeed, let's never forget. That would be to our peril and the peril of the world.
A prayer A Prayer to to end racism

O Lord our God, in your mercy and kindness,
no thought of ours is left unnoticed,
no desire or concern ignored.
You have proven that blessings abound
when we fall on our knees in prayer,
and so we turn to you in our hour of need.

Surrounded by violence and cries for justice,
we hear your voice telling us what is required,
“Only to do justice and to love goodness,
and to walk humbly with your God” (Mi 6:8).
Fill us with your mercy so that we,
in turn, may be merciful to others.

Strip away pride, suspicion, and racism
so that we may seek peace
and justice in our communities.
Strengthen our hearts
so that they beat only to the rhythm of your holy will.
Flood our path with your light
as we walk humbly toward a future
filled with encounter and unity.

Be with us, O Lord, in our efforts,
for only by the prompting of your grace
can we progress toward true love, respect and dignity for all.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
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