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Thursday July 4, 2019
"What God sees ..."

Dear Friends,

It's early evening as I write this edition of the musings, sitting on my back porch, comfortably warm and sunny with a robin chirping in the distance. Such an amazing environment in which to reflect and share with you some thoughts. I hope you too are enjoying these days which we have been longing for for some time. Keep cool and hydrated!!!
At the end of June 2019 we have a shortfall of $7,750.00. In comparison to last year's records we are about the same re this shortage of funds. Now it is summer, we are embarking on vacations and time away, please consider the following to keep our intake of funds in an even keel; PAR or post dates cheques.
An update on our Capital Campaign ... 

To date you have generously given $22,700.00!
We are $5,300.00 short of this year's requirement. 

Thank you to everyone who have supported the capital campaign.
It keeps our buildings in good repair
through initiatives like painting around the windows.
Thursday July 4 ... 10:00 am, Communion; NO BIBLE STUDY DUE TO AN INTERNMENT
Sunday July 7 ... 8:15 am, Quiet Traditional Communion (BCP); 9:30 am, "The Table"; 10:45 am, Classic Communion (BAS)
Tuesday July 9 ... 9:30 to 11 am, Quiet Day ... the church is open for quiet, reflection, meditation and prayer
Thursday July 11 ... 10:00 am, Communion followed by bible study at Mae's
Sunday July 14 ... 8:15 am, Quiet Traditional Communion (BCP); 9:30 am, "The Table"; 10:45 am, Classic Communion (BAS); Dora's last Sunday as Music Director at St. Paul's; Sundae Sunday
Monday July 15 ... 1 pm, Coffee & Chat at the Tin Cup
Thursday July 18 ... 10:00 am, Communion followed by bible study at Mae's
Saturday July 20 ... 2 to 4 pm, Uxbridge Gay Straight Alliance
Sunday July 21 ... 8:15 am, Quiet Traditional Communion (BCP); 9:30 am, "The Table"; 10:45 am, Classic Communion (BAS)
Thursday July 25 ... 10:00 am, Communion followed by bible study at Mae's
Friday July 26 ... 7 to 9 pm, Gaymes Night
Sunday July 28 ... Food Bank Sunday ... 8:15 am, Quiet Traditional Communion (BCP); 9:30 am, "The Table"; 10:45 am, Classic Communion (BAS)
Sunday July 28 ... 2 pm, Communion service at Douglas Crossing
Monday July 29 ... "holy spirits", 7 to 9 pm at Wixan's
On Wednesday, August 14,
St. Paul's will be providing a "Summer Picnic" 
lunch for approximately 70 clients
of the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank.  
We need your help to make this a success. 

The menu will be sandwiches, 
salads, pickles, lemonade, sweets and watermelon. 

An email will be going out next week with more details.
We will also need volunteers to 
help set up and clean up. 
Please mark the date on your calendar and 
speak to Gail Browne if you are able to help. 

Thanks so much!
"What God sees ..."
When we look at the world around us ... what do we see? Where is our attention drawn? How do we feel about ourselves and others who are around us, especially those who may differ from us? Where do we find joy and delight? Do we find joy and delight? Do we see ourselves, all of creation and the world around us the way God sees us, creation and the world?

I think that often when we look at the world around us, the media does a good job of drawing our attention to all that is wrong in the world ... hatred, violence, war, terrorism, poverty, discrimination, crime. And there is no doubt that these are realities that confront us far too much in day to day living. And to be sure, when we feel the stress and anguish of this reality, God feels it too; God's heart is heavy; God feels the burden of all that is unhealthy and dysfunctional in the world we live in today.

But, I think God also looks at the world and identifies joy and takes delight in some of what He sees as well ... the birth of a baby, flowers that are blooming, birds that are chirping, one person helping another person, children who are friends even though they come from different parts of the world, young people who boldly raise awareness of social issues of injustice, someone knits a prayer shawl for another, communities come together to address injustices and wrongs in their own neighborhood, coworkers who rally around a colleague who is being mistreated in the work place, students who stand with another who is being bullied. 

As much as there is bad news in the world today ... there are good news stories too. It's unfortunate that we often don't hear nearly as much about them. But God sees them and God does experience joy at all the good that is done too. I wonder what we might see if we looked at the world the same way God does ... I suspect we might see things that bring hope and joy with us too.

I wonder too how we often see ourselves. We're human beings who struggle through life with what I call the human condition. That leads us to do or say things that often hurt others, even if that's not our intent. We are broken people who are fragile in so many ways. And we know all too well we are sinners who don't live up to the faithfulness God desires of us as His children and as followers of Jesus Christ. All of that together often leads us to feel so unworthy and diminishes our view of ourselves and what we deserve in life.

But, what does God see in us as He looks at us ... He sees us as His creation, his beloved children, flawed, but worth saving, sinful but worthy of redemption, broken but in need of healing and wholeness. God looks at us and sees the beauty in us and wants us to see that in ourselves too.

When we look in the mirror, and think of ourselves in a way that puts ourselves down, we need to ask ourselves, but how does God see us? We know through the testimony of scripture, and the witness of Jesus, that God see us as 100% lovable in a way that can never be compromised. Our prayer needs to be ... God help me to see myself as you see me and to value myself as you value me. That will lead us to health and well being and enable us to become the potential of who God created us to be and who God desires us to be. And that too will bring God joy!!
I offer us this prayer to see as God sees ...
Help us, Lord, to see things as you see them,
to see you through the person of your Son Jesus Christ,
as revealed in your Word, and taught to us by your Spirit.
Help us also to see people as you see them.
Clear away the clouds and distortions of reality that we may have.
Help us to see your will, not our own.
Help me to be humble enough to admit it when we have been wrong
or when we have held on to beliefs, attitudes,
and opinions that are not yours. Help me to see your will.
Help us to see how things should be in our lives
and in the ministry you have entrusted to us. Amen.
Remember, if you have a question, I encourage you to send it to me in an email and I will do my best to answer it either in a weekly update or in a sermon.

As always, my inbox is open, and so is my office door if you'd like to chat. I'm usually in my office most mornings Monday through Thursday unless otherwise announced due to a meeting. Stop by or make an appointment!

Take care and have a blessed day and week!

Mark +

The Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan
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