Mark's Midweek Musings ... July 1, 2020

Happy Canada Day!!
Today Canada turns 153 years old!!! That's a sure sign that summer has arrived. Only this year celebrations will certainly be different. No parties in the park ... no midway ... no carnival atmosphere ... no fireworks. Yes, like so many other things that we normally do in life, celebrating Canada Day will also be different from what we're used to. 

And yet, it's important to stop and remember what the essence of this day is about for us as Canadians. I will reflect further in my musings below. Despite what we can't do today, it's important to do what we can as we recognize the blessings we enjoy and our hopes for the future as a country.

A reminder that I will be taking the next two weeks off as vacation time. There will be no worship video offered from St. Paul's on Sunday 12. However, I will make sure that you have the link to the service offered from St. Jame's Cathedral. 

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  • On line worship for Sunday ... we celebrate Canada Day in partnership with Trinity United Church
I have been asked to share
some scripture passages
that people can read over the week
and reflect in their own personal times
of prayer and bible reading.

These are the appointed lectionary readings
from the psalm and the gospel
for celebrations of the Eucharist
  • Tuesday ... Psalm 5; Matt 8: 23-27
  • Wednesday ...  Psalm 50:7-15; Matt 8: 28-34
  • Thursday ... Psalm 19:7-10; Matt 9: 1-8
  • Friday ... St. Thomas the Apostle ... Psalm 126; John 20: 24-29
  • Saturday ... Psalm 85: 7-13; Matt 9: 14-17
  • Sunday .. .Psalm 45: 11-18; Matt 11: 16-19, 25-30
  • Monday ... Psalm 145: 1-9; Matt 9: 18-26
This week in our parish cycle of prayer
we remember and pray for ...

Robert & Lori Budgeon
Julie Bunger
Mae Burley
Geoff Carpentier
Magery cowley
Jane Cramm
Beth Crook
Heidi Chusing
Cindy D'Hollander
Robin & Susan Dhillon

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I will be taking some vacation time in July.

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This is what I'm here to do!!
Happy Canada Day!!

Today, we celebrate the 153rd birthday of our country of Canada. For my musings this week, I'd like to reflect spiritually and prayerfully on what this day means for us as we honor and give thanks for our past, acknowledge our unfaithfulness through our history and express our hope for who we might become as a nation and as individual citizens.

First ... gratitude for the past
  • Canada has a glorious landscape that stretches from ocean to ocean ... from North to South and East to West ... rugged coasts; gorgeous mountains; flat prairies; great lakes ... our natural beauty is something to celebrate and give thanks for as a gift we have been blessed with
  • Canada has a wealth of natural resources ... trees and forests; minerals; oil; water ... we are abundantly blessed with what is above the ground as well as below the ground
  • Canada is blessed with diversity among those who have chosen to call our country home ... different cultural backgrounds; nationalities; various religions ... and together we form that cultural mosaic we know as Canada, each one of us equally Canadian
  • Canadians live each day with the basic freedoms of life ... religion; free speech; ability to vote politically ... all of those freedoms enhance our life day to day
  • Canada remains a country where we live peacefully ... there are disagreements and differences of opinion; but thankfully war is not a reality within our borders
Second, unfaithfulness through history
  • to our indigenous people ... residential schools; reservations where water is undrinkable; murdered and missing women and girls; poverty whether in rural communities or larger urban centers; continued stigma and discrimination that continues today ... we've apologized with words, but what about our actions and attitudes towards our First Nations people
  • discrimination and racism that undermines our multicultural makeup as a country ... whether towards blacks or any other individual ... everyone who calls Canada home is entitled to the basics of respect and dignity and to be valued for who they are and all they offer
  • how we have contributed to colonialism ... thinking that the British European way of doing things was right and best ... and those who were and are devalued as a result
  • the interment of Ukrainian Canadians after WWI an of Japanese Canadians after WWII ... thinking they were the enemy and couldn't be trusted ... even though many were born here and were full Canadian citizens
  • the time it's taken for LGBTQ2S+ rights to be fully given ... that individuals may live with authenticity, integrity and apologetically for who they are
  • that we have not been as committed as we can be to the issues of climate change and the compromising of our environment
Third ... what we hope for in the future
  • that every person who lives here currently will be treated equally experiencing fully the rights and freedoms of what it means to be Canadian
  • that the worth of every person might be valued and what they have to offer in terms of skills and abilities are appreciated and acknowledged
  •  that we might continue to work on the world scene as peace keepers striving to avoid wars, violence and oppression
  • that we would take our part in caring for the environment and valuing the gift of God's creation
  • that we can continue to be a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from life threatening experiences in the countries where they live
  • our governments at various levels will allocate their financial resources in such a way that all people can benefit ... to bring poverty to an end; to actively support mental health; to provide opportunities equally for all people
We have an incredible heritage as Canadians. For certain, our history is not perfect ... we have made mistakes and contributed to injustice. But I think the essence of who we are is inherent in how others around the world look at us. Sometimes others are amused by the Canadian "Thank you" that is always expressed; or the phrase we use a lot, "I'm sorry". But I also think that there is respect from others in that national outlook that others see in us and perhaps wish for themselves.

On this Canada Day, let's enter into it not just as a civil celebration, but spiritually too as a people of faith. Let's acknowledge that God has blessed us ... let's confess the wrongs we've contributed to ... let's pray with faith and trust in what God can do for us and through us. 
A prayer for Canada Day...

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