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Original quilt by Gael Boyd.
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Festive Fabrics & Holiday Projects!

I’m happy to say we now have plenty of Christmas fabric! If you’re looking to make your holiday projects and gifts, now is the time to do it! We have plenty of projects available - from Christmas stockings to table runners, and plenty of fun fabrics to make them out of. (Polar bears in winter wear! You need this in your life.)

So come see us for your holiday fabrics and Christmas present ideas and remember that we’ll be live streaming Sept. 10-12 for The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show Virtual Vendor Mall!

Christmas & Holiday Fabrics in stock

Naughty or Nice
Winter Shimmer 2
Mid Winter Song A
Mid Winter Song B
Fa La La - A
Fa La La - B
Just What I Wanted
Northern Light - B
Santa Goes Glamping Multi Bright

Holiday Projects


Crazy Christmas Trees

16in x 43in. Uses Creative Grids CGRKA6 and CGR16. 

Holiday Stocking Projects


The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show

In advance of September’s Great Wisconsin Quilt Show, here's an interview with Kristin Korevec, Special Events Manager at PBS Wisconsin, about the virtual experience, the new Nancy Zieman documentary, and opportunities to support community through quilting.

Visit to register & read the full interview with Kristin here.

Blue Bar Quilts will be live streaming all three days from 10am-12pm, Sept. 10-12! Make sure to check out the Virtual Vendor Mall and say hi!

New Fabrics

Moroccan Nights from Camelot Fabrics
Moroccan Nights Camel Caravan
Moroccan Nights Mystic Eyes
Moroccan Nights Doors Midnight
Moroccan Nights Hamsa Hand Red
Moroccan Nights Hamsa Hand Blue
Island Batiks
Primo Dashed Lines Storm
Primo Triangles Cherry
Little Sir Little Miss Triangles Fuschia
Little Sir Little Miss Numbers Taxi
Little Sir Little Miss Numbers Dark Lagoon
Little Sir Little Miss Humps Grape Juice
Little Sir Little Miss Humps Aquamarine
Little Sir Little Miss Humps Light Bermuda
Blenders Cherio Iris
Blenders Cherio Lemonade
Blenders Cherio Bermuda
Blenders Bubble Hole Leaf
Blenders Dot Tin

Shop by Color!

Now you can shop for all cottons by color on our website as well as by theme. Try it out today!
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Online Classes

Nuno Felting Techniques with Jennifer Angelo

October 10, 2020


In this class, Jennifer will teach you multiple Nuno felting techniques to incorporate into your personal projects. Learn while creating samples of techniques typically used in Nuno felting such as: making your own pre-felts, achieving clean-edged geometric motifs, two fringe making methods, embellishing with silk fibers, silk paper & recycled silk. You will also learn how to test for the silk fiber content of your fabrics.

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Design Essentials 1 via Zoom with Lorraine Torrence

7 Sessions: Sept 19, 2020 - Mar 20, 2021


Join this in-depth Design Series to learn all about the most essential Design Principles and Elements!

You will be doing an exercise each month to learn about one or more principles and elements which will give you an enlightening insight into the tools to make your quilts sing. Share your exercise during the next month's class where fellow classmates will engage in a critique session that will help unravel the understanding of design..and yes, you will learn how to critique each other's exercises! We will have exercises on value, balance, color, the illusion of depth, scale, and more. You will have an edge on making your quilts better if you take this class!

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Design Essentials 2 & 3 via Zoom with Lorraine Torrence

7 Sessions: Sept 20, 2020 - Mar 21, 2021


This is a combined Design 2 and 3 class, in which the Design 2 students will be doing exercises from assignments in Sources and Inspiration. As in Design 1, the exercises will be given at the end of each class for the next class which will be critique sessions of the last month's assignment. You will be sent the first assignment a month before the class begins, so register early! Design 3 students will work in a series of their own making and use the classes for the critique of ongoing work. In all exercises and work for both Design 2 and Design 3 students, encouragement in being mindful of past learning from previous exercises is stressed. These two classes both have a prerequisite of the Design Series class before.

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We're Open!

Remember our new Saturday hours!

Please visit our website for all shop updates and current hours of operation.

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Current Blue Bar Quilts Hours

Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday, Noon – 5:00 PM
Do you have champagne taste and caviar dreams? Then the Blue Bar Quilts private shopping hours are right up your red carpet!

Take advantage of our 45-minute private shopping sessions by appointment and indulge in a shopping experience that makes it feel like it's 2019 again. 🤩

Tula Pink Nebula Kit Pre-Sale!

This kit has limited availability, when they’re gone they are GONE! (only 3 left!!!)

Journey to Nebula: Skill Builder Series

This is a skill builder series to prepare you to tackle the super epic #NebulaQuilt by @jaybirdquilts! 🥰

Something you and your friends want to participate in?
More info
Share your passion with the younger generation! It’s high time they learned to sew! We have Sewing School books in stock as well as Quilt Cadets patterns! Your children can sign up online to be a quilt cadet and earn badges with the patterns they create.
#GrungeContest2020 Entry in the Shop! Blue Bar Quilts

We have an entry for the Moda Grunge Contest!

Hanging in the shop now, designed, pieced and quilted by Jill Dow of JD’s Custom Quilts.

Jill Dow #GrungeContest2020 Entry - Front
Jill Dow #GrungeContest2020 Entry - Back
Donate to G-Safes Quilt Auction
More Info

Social Justice Sewing Academy

I am looking with hope to the future and believe that following the lead of our youth will bring progress. Have you heard about Social Justice Sewing Academy? Founded in 2017, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a youth education program that bridges artistic expression with activism to advocate for social justice. Through a series of hands-on workshops in schools, prisons and community centers across the country, SJSA empowers youth to use textile art as a vehicle for personal transformation and community cohesion and become agents of social change. Many of their young artists make art that explores issues such as gender discrimination, mass incarceration, gun violence and gentrification. The powerful imagery they create in cloth tells their stories, and these quilt blocks are then sent to volunteers around the world to embellish and embroider before being sewn together into quilts to be displayed in museums, galleries and quilt shows across the country. This visual dialogue bridges differences in race, age and socioeconomics and sparks conversations and action in households across the country.

This year the SJS Academy is excited to launch their 2020 Block of the Month Pattern Series! On the first of each month, they share a FREE pattern or two of a finished block that is inspired by art that youth made in SJSA workshops. Each pattern is designed by a unique quilter, adding their own personal style to each pattern while still encompassing the original youth art ideas or theme for the month. At the end of the year, participants will have the chance to piece these 20 blocks together and make a quilt representing a snapshot of youth inspired SJSA artwork!

For more information on the SJSA and how you can participate in their mission please visit their website:
Learn more

Updates on sewing and using fabric face masks

Refer to our COVID-19 Mask FAQ for patterns, articles and information about mask making.
Read here

Tula Pink HomeMade Challenge!

The Tula Pink HomeMade Challenge is a juried and judged quilt challenge sponsored by FreeSpirit Fabrics and Aurifil.

What Is The Purpose?

The challenge encourages quilters to pay tribute to what drives the quilter/sewist/maker to create with their hands, through the creation of a 60” x 60” quilt featuring 80% of the new Tula Pink HomeMade fabrics and using Aurifil threads. The jury, including Tula Pink, will select 12 quilts that speak to the glory, attitude and beauty that comes from the privilege of saying “Hey, I made that.” The 12 selected quilts will have the chance to be part of the HomeMade Challenge exhibit at the Fall International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, TX in October 2020, and the opportunity to win over $10,000 in prizes!

How Does It Work?

Quilters can submit up to two pieces to their local US or Canada quilt shop. The quilt shop will then select one entrant/quilter to submit to the jury.

For complete contest rules, click here.

To view the online entry form and submit your entrant/quilter*, click here.
Entry deadline: All completed and signed entry forms and images must be sent to arrive no later than SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 to FreeSpirit Fabrics. (Note that this is a receive-by deadline.)
Tula Pink explains HomeMade designs

Quilt Fever

Olivia Loomis Merion’s South by Southwest-selected short documentary “Quilt Fever” is a Christopher Guest film come to life.

Like Best In Show, the film includes absurd yet lovable characters who are deeply committed to a somewhat obscure hobby and travel to a hyper-specific locale—this time Paducah, Kentucky—to gather with their people and compete in their craft.

I am so thankful for your continued business. This international health crisis is going to be a rough patch for so many small businesses and that worries me for all of us in that boat. On the other hand, it has heartened me to see how local communities have rallied in support of their friends and neighbors. May we all remain united in the face of adversity and come through this healthy and happy.

Take care my friends!



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