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Beginning June 1, the doors at Joshua City Offices will reopen to in-person service with precautions in place. Community members are encouraged to do business with the City online or by telephone to the greatest extent possible while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

To keep the community and City staff safe, we are limiting the number of visitors at one time to three (3) individuals in the city hall and the fire station foyers. No more than one (1) individual in the PD foyer at one time.

Place markers will be placed on the floors to indicate proper social distancing. In addition, face coverings are optional, but highly encouraged.

Census takers are coming to your neighborhood

Residents may notice census takers in Joshua neighborhood.
This is a normal part of preparations for the 2020 Census. Census Bureau employees will also be in the community to continue collecting information for the American Community Survey and other ongoing surveys.

How to verify that someone is a census worker

If someone visits your home to collect information for the 2020 Census, you can verify their identity:
• First, check to make sure that they have a valid ID badge, with their photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark and an expiration date.
• If you still have questions about their identity, contact a Regional Census Center to speak with a Census Bureau representative.

Why are census workers out in communities?

You might see census takers in your neighborhood for a few different reasons:
• They are verifying addresses in preparation for the census.
• They are collecting responses to the census or another survey.
• They are dropping off census materials.
• They are conducting quality checks related to the census.
Census takers who verify addresses are called address canvassers. They help ensure an accurate and complete count by verifying addresses and noting where houses, apartments, shelters and other residences are located. Census takers will attempt to knock on every door in the neighborhood they are canvassing.
In May 2020, census takers begin visiting homes that haven’t responded to the 2020 Census to help ensure everyone is counted. At the same time, other Census Bureau representatives will be visiting homes for ongoing surveys, such as the American Community Survey.

Pet waste pollutes, dogs must be leashed!
For the health and safety of the community, Joshua city staff would like to reminds dog owners that they must clean up after their pets – as pet waste pollutes the city’s lakes and streams – and reminder the city’s leash law and pet ordinances.
Pet Waste Pollutes Lakes and Streams
Pet owners must clean up after their pets – it’s the law. When pet waste is left behind, rainwater washes it into lakes and streams. Before leaving the house to take an animal for a walk, pet owners should be sure to bring a bag along for proper disposal of pet waste.
“Many responsible dog owners bring bags to clean up after pets on walks, but it’s easy to overlook our backyards as a source of pollution. Dog waste that accumulates in the backyard gets washed into lakes and streams when it rains or when the snow melts.”
Dog waste contains harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that pollute water bodies and can cause illness. Pet waste breaks down differently than wild animal waste, as it contains excess nutrients – which may cause algae blooms in lakes and streams.
Dogs must be leashed at All Times
City of Joshua ordinances require pets to be leashed at all times, except when on their owner’s private property.
The ordinance protects animals and people alike. No matter how well-trained they are, unrestrained animals are at increased risk of being injured by vehicles or other animals in the area. People can be injured when a typically friendly pet becomes unexpectedly aggressive or suddenly enters the path of a bicyclist, pedestrian or motorist.
This month the Police Department has seen an increase in complaints related to internet and financial crimes.   Many of these schemes are related to COVID 19 offering cures, testing or investment opportunities. 
Protect yourself from these attempts by not responding to solicitations for personal information. Be aware that many e-mails requesting your personal information appear to be legitimate.  If you are unsure about a request for money or personal information please call our office.  Our officers are happy to help you assess the request. 
If you believe you have been a victim of this scam the FBI manages the internet Crime Complaint center (IC3) tracking and investigating these scams.
During this difficult time, it is incumbent upon our community to step up and assist our vulnerable population associated with this pandemic.

We are proud to say our community has stepped up.  volunteers from several local churches are on board and will do all they can to assist citizens in need.

If you are a senior citizen or fall in the high risk category and need assistance with things such as shopping, picking up medication, needing groceries, or just someone to talk to, please contact city hall at 817/558-7447 or the following churches directly and give them your contact information including your name and phone number:  
  • True Life Church -
  • First United Methodist Church - or send text to 817/909-9025.
*both organizations have food banks for those in need*
If you know of someone who needs help and don't have access to this message or email/phone, please offer your assistance and contact us on their behalf.

If you have a neighbor that you are concerned about, please contact the Joshua Police Department at 817/558-3999 and they will perform a welfare check to confirm everything is okay.

If you are a church or local organization that would like to be added to the volunteer list, please contact city hall.
Joshua Veteran’s Memorial
The City of Joshua is accepting applications for name spaces for the Joshua Veteran Memorial walls to honor our Veterans. Each name space will have three lines of information available. The veteran’s name and information will be engraved into a customized plaque and set on granite below the corresponding branch of service.
 Requirements for submittal:
            * Veterans must have an Honorable or General-Under Honorable Conditions Discharge
            * A copy of the service members DD214 or other official paperwork
            * Service member’s dedicatory Information
            * A payment of $100.00
            * Completed application form
Incomplete applications will not be considered. All submissions are contingent upon the Veteran’s Committee.
Once the required number of applications are received, the engraving will be scheduled,  and a ceremony scheduled the addition on Veteran’s Day.

For more information, contact Assistant City Manager Mike Peacock at or 817/558-7447
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