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March 6th, 2021
SEC Lawsuit Has Not Affected Ripple’s Business in Asia
Mar 05, 2021 06:12 am
  • While exchanges in the U.S. have decided to delist XRP, Ripple's business in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow, thanks to "regulatory clarity".
  • The firm has already moved to file a motion to dismiss the SEC lawsuit, arguing that FinCEN had previously classified XRP as a virtual currency.
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Binance Smart Chain Project Drained of $32M in Suspected Rug Pull
Mar 04, 2021 10:27 am
  • Meerkat Finance has claimed on its Telegram channel that the $32 million loss was caused by an unknown hacker.
  • Piling evidence, however, suggest the team behind the project had ran away with all the funds, in what could be the largest "rug pull" on the BSC.
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Ripple to Enter CBDC Race With Private Version of XRP Ledger
Mar 04, 2021 08:14 am
  • The firm has stated that transactions through its CBDC Private Ledger will be "cost-effective, reliable, and close to instantaneous".
  • Ripple further claimed central banks will have complete sovereignty and ability to customize their CBDC through its private ledger.
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How to Farm BNT on Bancor – The Simple Guide
Mar 03, 2021 05:12 pm
  • Bancor's liquidity mining program offers lucrative APYs, impermanent loss protection, and single-sided exposure.
  • We explain how Bancor works, how its liquidity mining program works, and how to farm BNT rewards on the platform.
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Amazon’s Managed Blockchain Now Supports Ethereum
Mar 03, 2021 11:00 am
  • Amazon Web Services will not only give its customers access to the Ethereum mainnet, but to the Ropsten and Rinkeby testnets as well.
  • Amazon Managed Blockchain will also monitor the health of nodes, removing the unhealthy ones, and automate Ethereum upgrades.
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Buterin Proposes Cross-Rollup Communication Solution
Mar 03, 2021 08:57 am
  • Vitalik Buterin's proposal suggests two protocols using rollups can interact with each other without damaging their interconnectivity.
  • Buterin’s proposal assumes that one rollup can process only simple transactions, while the other has full smart contract support.
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Alpha Homora to Launch on Binance Smart Chain
Mar 03, 2021 07:06 am
  • Alpha Homora's launch on Binance Smart Chain is part of its plan to embrace a “multi-chain future.”
  • The blockchain-agnostic protocol already runs on Ethereum, but is considering other networks and Layer2 solutions as well.
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BadgerDAO Launches BTC Bridge Powered by RenVM
Mar 03, 2021 03:29 am
  • The Badger Bridge will enable users to user their BTC to mint renBTC and wBTC directly onto the BadgerV2 App.
  • The integration with RenVM will further Badger's mission to become the one stop shop for all things Bitcoin, and lay the ground for new Badger products.
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Bancor TVL Crosses $1 Billion, Community Votes on Extending Liquidity Mining Programs
Mar 02, 2021 12:36 pm
  • The Bancor community is voting to extend the existing liquidity mining programs via two new proposals --- BIP 13 and BIP 14.
  • The former pertains to the LINK, WBTC, and ETH pools, while the latter pertains to the stablecoin pools.
Read more », an Unexpected Sponsor of Aston Martin’s Formula One Team
Mar 02, 2021 05:45 am
  • After a 61 year absence from the F1 scene, Aston Martin is finally making a comeback with an unlikely sponsor,
  • While the details of the partnership were not revealed,'s logo is likely to appear during the upcoming F1 season.
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2 Validators Responsible For Fantom’s Outage
Mar 01, 2021 12:34 pm
  • The two validators, that slowed down their rate of emissions and caused the outage, represented one-third of the FTM staked on the platform.
  • In order to fix the issue permanently, Fantom's core developers could soon propose to lower the amount of FTM tokens required to set up a validator node.
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Atari is Moving to Ethereum Layer 2 With Polygon Partnership
Mar 01, 2021 09:13 am
  • The game developer hopes to make its ATRI token more scalable through Polygon’s Layer 2 solution, which is interoperable with Ethereum via the Polygon bridge.
  • Atari further plans to launch an NFT minter on Polygon, enabling all developers to issue their own NFT tokens.
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