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So this just happened and it surprised me.

Devil? Hold on. Chain myself? Huh? REALLY????

Yes, says the Devil. Hold on. Chain yourself. And then came the Four of Wands.

The cards change, but they are always right. BUT THE DEVIL AS MY DO?

From Yoav Ben-Dov (RIP):

the Devil grows from the abyss.

And just now in class, one of the participants used that word, abyss.

"So happy to be here. Always enjoy these forays into the mystical abyss that also has ties to the earth." 

Abyss: deep or seemingly bottomless YES and yes I know this word is negative according to my Mac dictionary BUT let’s focus on what is endless which is very 12th House (where my Venus lives in paradise).

When the Devil card is good: when you shall not let go, YOU SHALL NOT. Maybe sometimes we need to be wiped out. Slate clean. The Devil grows from the abyss. Do NOT let go. Do not.

Synonyms for ABYSS include CANYON.  When the abyss is good. When the abyss is love. How can this be? For a Pluto person? Perhaps routinely.

GIVE ME MORE: an immeasurably deep gulf or great space. This is poetry.

From Ben-Dov again: the sense of movement in the card is upwards, so that it may represent forces originating in the hidden depths of the soul and coming out into the open.

Four of Wands is the bloom for me in this case.

Do you understand what I’m telling you? (Share this post so more people can understand.)

Hello all you fallen angels. The Devil is a card of “reparation and healing.”

I hope that helps. The next time you get the Devil as your DO (your advice) in your Tarot spread. I am coming to believe there are no bad cards in Tarot, just ones we don’t want to see.

Yes I'm taking new clients & students & little devils.

From the blog 

Sagittarius is the storyteller.

I’ve always had Sagittarius in my life, especially women. I love them. My favorite priest is a Sagittarius. Even the friendly and fierce manager of my favorite coffee shop is a Sag.

And yes I’m sure there are quiet and demure ones, but I haven’t met them yet in real life.

Also as you probably know, Saturn (symbolizing restriction, limitation, wisdom, the teacher) is leaving Sagittarius this December and will enter its home sign of Capricorn.

So please get ready to listen to Sagittarius. 

This is my advice: you will need to be patient.

Almost every Sagittarius Sun, Moon, and Rising has been through hell over the last 2 1/2 years and they have a lot to say.

So be patient. Listen. Okay okay tune out when you must ;) but then LISTEN!!!!

Sagittarius, believe it or not, has been QUIET all this time. They have not been able to speak their truth, not like they need to, not like they SHOULD! 

But Saturn leaves their sign and they will finally be free to speak again and teach again and travel again and roam and romp again.

They will be free to tell their stories again, feel hope again.

And it will be worth listening to.


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