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December 2017 Edition!

The irony! I had predicted an easier week, but easy it has not been -

not for me, not for some others in my circle. I overdid it at the gym. Big time.

No surprise that it happened under a Chiron station and Mercury conjunct Saturn. 

In plain English: I may not be returning to the gym for a couple weeks and just going for easy gentle walks.

Easy. Gentle. Walks. 

In plain English: YOU also may be reconsidering a recent decision or vow or life path.

Remember: MERCURY IS RETROGRADE! Nothing is set in stone at this time. 

We must review.
We must redo.
We must relinquish control? 
We must surrender to the... to the what?

I'll give you a hint: be determined to be kind to yourself. 


Yes I'm taking new clients & students!

I'm going to keep this newsletter short and just give you the news: 

I'm back on YouTube, someplace I haven't been in a while.

My style is low-tech, real talk from someone who does this work (spiritual guidance, astrology/tarot/helping people) day in and day out.

If you want to see my three recent uploads, here is the link. And as they say on YouTube, Like, Share, Subscribe.

So far I've given talks on embracing failure, how you don't need a birth time to give a good astrology reading, and shadow work. 

La Force 
I also wanted to mention that I now have a PATREON. 

What is the cost? $1 (monthly).

I'll eventually introduce higher tiers with other perks and of course if you want you can pledge more. Some people have! 

What do you get?

I will be posting content that is NOT available anywhere else, including videos (which feature my face - which I tend not to show on YouTube) and blog posts that are written especially for Patrons. 

So far on Patreon, I have been posting Tarot guidance videos, particular for that week or day and it's been interesting so far in that themes have emerged already!!! 

For example, this week's card was the Ace of Wands and yet the daily draws were STRENGTH. Is it a contradiction? Yes and no. But you'll have to become a Patron to find out! 

I'm new to Patreon so still figuring out what it will become and what kind of material I will post but so far so good. 

I'll be posting at least 2x a week but at $1 how can you go wrong? 

I'll also be moving my raffles and some special sales to the Patreon. The link is here! 

A Little Astrology & Advice for this Week

The planet MARS changes signs this weekend.

What does this mean for us?

It means that your energy, drive, passion will shift from one area of life to another! 

I predict with Mars in Scorpio that you will feel pretty damn powerful...

so even if you are feeling weak or injured or otherwise banged up, emotionally, physically, psychically, there will still be at least one part of your chart and LIFE where you feel in charge and dominant! 

Not all hope is lost.

As I wrote to my Patrons the other day, this week is not broken. Are you listening? You may be broken, but this week is not broken. One foot in front of the other. Tomorrow is Thursday and then comes Friday and then there's another day after that. There's a reason why you're still here. 

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