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Yes I'm taking new clients & students!

There have been times in my life when I have "heard" not a voice but a thought, a directive. From my guides.

I know that sounds like new age claptrap or insanity :) 
Or not. 

And it has happened a few times in my life. 

Helping Spirits? Ancestors? Angels? Higher Self? 

Today it happened again and I decided to draw a card because the "voice" was insistent. 

Sometimes this "voice" comes as a warning. I wasn't in the mood for a warning!

From one deck I drew STRENGTH. 

From another deck about an hour later I drew STRENGTH 

Repeating cards are no joke, my friends.
We are always in conversation with the Divine.

I immediately went to my chat room AND my class to ask them:

what is the Strength card to YOU?

I love to ask people for their favorite personal card meanings. Every Tarot reader should have their own inner dictionary. 

Why Strength? 
Why twice? 

Scroll down for Part Two!

CLICK HERE to hear bestselling cartoonist TOM HART and Yours Truly talking TAROT 


Beloved, this week is SO PACKED.

I'm getting dizzy just looking at my ephemeris. 

We got (and this is NOT a complete list)


AND Mercury is still retrograde! 

Because of this wild week, I want to talk about Energy Protection and Correction and I want to talk about this through Tarot eyes: 

I drew for us the EIGHT OF SWORDS. 
You don't need to see. 
Not right now. 
All will be revealed. 

Energy protection and correction requires your stillness. 
Do not depend on your mind for answers.
See with the eyes of the heart like the shaman.
I know Swords are Air but this is water logic.

Every transit is a treasure hunt. 

This morning I was talking to a young Sun Saturn in Sagittarius gal who is having her Saturn Return. Stress! Crossroads! For her, working is easy but meditation is "a chore."

Then I drew the Queen of Cups for her. She has Mars Pluto in Scorpio! She's got this! And so do you. I know I sound stupidly cheerful but I believe this Eclipse is a good witch :) 

Still, I wish I had told her the story of when my favorite priest suggested I sit on the porch to relax.

And watch my breath? No, he said. Meditate? No, he said.

Just sit.


Take a look at this Eight of Swords blog post I wrote for Beliefnet in 2014 when Jupiter was transiting my 12th House. 

And if you really feel ambitious I found this one too - on the Strength card. 

The Sky News is that we're under a WILD WILD SKY this week.

Steady yourself. Steady.
And yes it's okay to ask for help. 

CLICK HERE to read my interview with Maelstrom Tarot 
What does the Strength card mean to you? 
What are your go-to meanings? 


So I went to my OCCULT LIBRARY to find some interesting Strength meanings and perhaps some of my marginalia, and what did I find?

Experiencing life peacefully yet passionately.
Okay good I like that. 

Strength which resides in contemplation. Like that too.
Lovely but vague. 


Finding magical helpers! 


The Strength card was telling me: 

Your helping spirits are around you.
They are here!
Open your eyes!I 

To be continued in the next newsletter...

Send me an email with subject line RAFFLE. I am giving away TWO 30 minute Tarot Readings and YES the same lucky person could win BOTH! 

I will draw the lucky names on September 1st! 


1. draw (at least) one advice card for yourself daily

2. learn by heart a different Tarot spread each month

3. study a different Tarot card every week 

4. do a Celtic Cross or other large spread at the start of each month to see the energies afoot!

5. ask your cards the most simple questions: should I exercise today?

6. ask your cards the most complex questions: why am I here? 

7. explore different decks and compare the imagery 

8. trust your cards

9. trust yourself 

10. you are always in communication with the Divine

CLICK HERE to listen to Pema Chodron. Just because. She's soothing and so wise. For your post-eclipse recovery. 


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This week's Love Letter comes from the California desert

Dear Aliza, 
Now that I have been widowed for some time, will I find a loving and lasting relationship again? 
Mr. A. 

Dear Mr. A. 
My cards show first and foremost you are still grieving.

Wait. You may still be grieving but even more so it's that you still think of yourself as a widower. There's a difference.

You are still wearing black funeral clothes in your heart. So this is not a NO but the cards are telling me you have to CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES. 

Of course, we know this is not literal. It's a metaphor. And yet. 

Let me ask you a weird question: do you have near you the clothes you wore in your love's last days? Last moments? 

Something about the clothes themselves keeps showing me up for me here thus I am compelled to ask. 

As a remedy for you I recommend fresh cut flowers, as often as possible and that you make for yourself beautiful bouquets in your kitchen or dining area at least once a week.

This isn't a love spell but a step in the right direction towards shifting your energy. 

And as for whether you will find love again my cards absolutely say YES. I cannot give you a time or date. I think it's not around the corner to be honest but after a year or so. A man with a warm loving family and possibly even children because I see extended family around you which may be close friends perhaps. 

But yes I do see you sharing love and home again with someone. 

In the meantime, I also recommend you explore what you think keeps you prisoner. What keeps you separate from love. Do you feel you do not deserve or that you would betray your husband? Perhaps you are still so attached to him you cannot imagine loving another ever. I do see the attachment is pure and solid but there is a twist to it. I wonder if you feel you should or cannot although part of you of course longs to feel that closeness again. I believe you must wrestle with these chains and set yourself free if you are ever to reach the destination that I see for you, my dear. 

Good luck & much love to you,

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How Tarot Can Fire Up Your Intuition AND Your Creativity (Part Two)

I'm sick of marketing.

If you're in a business like mine, self-employed, on-line, you're inundated with ideas about marketing, what to sell, how to sell, how not to sell.

Over the years I've talked to many folks who wanted to start their own spiritual businesses. 

Well I'm here to tell you that you can trust your instincts.

Your instincts are as good as any marketing strategy  guru and THE BEST WAY to fire up your instincts is with Tarot.

Your intuition and your creativity are indelibly linked. Think about it. What happens when you feel that flash of insight? You know what I do? I take notes! The notes I take today are tomorrow's creation! 

Interact with the cards. LIVE with the cards. Let them be part of your daily life! 

YES I want people to take my Tarot Deck Creation/Exploration class and not just because it's my living--

but because I believe in what I do and that Tarot isn't only for telling fortunes, or intellectual adoration, but is an oracle for healing and self expression and that's worth more to me than any marketing. 

You feel me?  

The deeper you go, the deeper you go. If you aren't Tarot obsessed now? Spend time around me and you will be.

And I consider that a good thing :) 

To my dear seekers and lovers and spiritual entrepreneurs reading this:

believe in yourself. The world needs you!

You can be shiny and slick or down home like the best matza ball soup. Or both!

Find YOU and then tell the world who you are and what you're about. Don't be afraid. 

The Solar Eclipse is in LEO, y'all, so I have to ask the time-honored LEO question: WHO ARE YOU? 

Leo is "ruled" by the SUN which, in your birth chart, is YOU, who you are!

A great question for the Tarot :) but then they are all great questions for the Tarot. 


Okay. Last time I said FIRST THREE people who write me get a card for the eclipse and I answered everyone who wrote but this time I really am going to draw JUST THREE. The first three. 

Send me an email with subject line ECLIPSE and you get a card for the Leo drenched vista opening up before you at the dawn of this new day.

Be brave, my darlings! 
We made it this far! 

CLICK HERE to read why my collaborator is going to take my Tarot class. HE'S GOT THE TAROT FEVER Y'ALL (I know many of you can relate!!!)
This newsletter has reached folks that I haven't talked to in YEARS and they ask me: are you still doing Readings? YES! But these days I do Astrology & Tarot together. Back in the day it was more stars and less cards. Just wanted to make that clear!

Are there topics you want us to explore? Next newsletter will be the LOVE issue. Send me a message! xoxo
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