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If anyone in the community (or a friend of yours) is working on a successful side business, I'd love to learn more about it and potentially feature it here. It can be a physical product or piece of software, either way just reply to this email with more details.
- Drew

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A Look Into Dollar Shave Club's Magazine, Mel, and the Editorial Branded Content Model  |  View >

"With the continued blessing of its parent company, Mel is growing–hitting new traffic records, building its editorial team, and abandoning Medium, the publishing platform it’s been on since it launched."

"Does this Unilever-owned brand’s publication present a model for branded content that doesn’t suck?"

This piece provides a solid overview of the current state of branded editorial content as seen through the growth of Dollar Shave Club's own magazine called Mel. Branded editorial content has grown to be a major force in many brand's overall marketing strategy over the past 10 years, with some companies now bank-rolling full-blown editorial departments and beautiful printed magazines (Ex. Casper has Woolly, Away Travel has Here). While the end goal is to sell product, there are other benefits to these content investments like growing traffic, brand affinity, and organic brand awareness. The only thing that's needed is great writing and a someone willing to foot the bill.

10 Popular Design Trends on Dribbble Read >

"List Me Up, Scotty"

Another day, another list of trends. Whether you use trends lists for inspiration or simply on what to avoid, they do uncover an holistic perspective on the what's happening in the industry at large.

A Look Into The New Tumblr Design Read >
Over the past year and a half, our internal brand team has been evolving the ways in which we express our values through a centralized design system that explores ways of supporting culture, not creating it; with an emphasis on content, communities and conversations."

Tumblr's creative director, Doug Richard, takes us on a deep dive into Tumblr's new look by introducing each piece of the brand creative along with the process, strategies, and unique perspectives that got them there. Tumblr has always been a unique mirror for the culture of our time which gave the internal creative team the responsibility of developing a brand that enhances the community they serve, not distract from it.

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Analyzing 60 Days of Casper's Email Marketing Campaigns
View >

"The best email marketing takes the form of long-term journeys where each email sent builds trust in the brand and demand for the products. After all, you can’t keep the focus and attention of your customers and subscribers if you only send email blasts looking for short-term returns."

Email marketing is a powerful part of any ecommerce marketing plan and while most startups have a "list", few of them truly get the most of it. The author of this article took the time to capture and analyze every email he received from D2C favorite, Casper Mattress, in order to truly understand how the brand nurtures a customer from lead to purchase through great design, segmentation, timing, and copy.

4 Types of 'Why' That Drives Your Product Success View >

"Targeting one of these seven deadly sins often makes a product addictive. In this framework, Facebook solves for pride. Uber and Amazon solve for sloth and greed."

Nine times out of ten companies fail not because of financing or poor leadership, but because nobody wants to buy what they are selling. Stop this from happening by understanding not only your customers, but what motivates them. In this short read from a VC at FirstMark Capital you learn a few of of the most meaningful ways your product idea can be desirable to others from the very start. 

Direct Sales for Bootstrapped Startups - Do the Things That Don't Scale  Read >

"Most bootstrapped SaaS companies I talk to avoid sales and instead focus on content marketing, paid advertising, partnerships, and word of mouth to drive new revenue. This article is to convince you it’s time to do the unscalable."

This article is relevant for just about anyone launching a product, business, or idea in today's environment. As a small team or startup, your BIGGEST advantage is being able to do the unscalable. That means doing the things that require nothing more than hard work and your time that your competition might be unwilling or too lazy to do. In Nathan Barry's case (founder of Convert Kit) that hard work is direct sales emailing, pure and simple. In this article Nathan outlines how you can use email outreach to gain initial traction, because once you have that first customer it gets easier to snag the next one.

T H E  F O O T E R

Rob Bailey Studio

M O O D   B O A R D

Beautiful Illustrations |  View >
Artist/Illustrator Rob Bailey

Gorgeous Photos of Vintage Matchbook Designs |  View >
I love design ephemera and treasures. Over the years matchbooks have always been a mini canvas for great design that represents a certain era or theme. This photographer captured several hundred and is offering prints for sale of these little beauties.

S T U D I O   R E S O U R C E S

354M Creative Commons Images for Use  |  View >
Great images right when you need them.

PeopleMap: An Instagram Marketing Tool |  View >
Started by LA Entrepreneur, Puno, PeopleMap is a solid tool that helps you search Instagram influencers by tags, trends, and profile stats. Even track campaigns and promotions.

O F F I C E   R E S O U R C E S

A Salary vs. Equity Calculator   View >
Being approached to work at a startup? Congratulations. Now arm yourself with knowledge on what that equity is worth with this simple calculator. Is it worth it?
C O O L  S T U F F

Astronauts Falling Over on the Moon
View >

N O W  Y O U  K N O W

Photos Inside A Playmobil Factory Read >

 Header image: Dominico Loia | Illustration Image: Rob Bailey |  Tumblr

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