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Big (but perhaps not good) news for internet entrepreneurs recently as the Supreme Court voted in favor of new tax collection laws for e-commerce businesses. That plus the latest GDPR regulations have everyone working overtime to stay on top of things. Good thing we've the 4th of July holiday to look forward to!
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How NatGeo Uses Instagram to Stay Relevant  |  View >
“We never just produce a magazine story, ever,” Goldberg said. “Now, we’ve got cross-departmental teams and cross-functional teams meeting to create the content from the beginning that will make sense and will tell the story the most effectively across platforms.”

National Geographic is known for their awe-inspiring photography, so when it comes to their presence on Instagram you would expect them do do well—but 89m followers well? Wowsa. For perspective, global behemoth Nike sits at a 78m. Learn how they do it in this article/podcast informative interview by Kara Swisher.

Behind the Design: Bellroy's Stop Motion Campaign  Watch >
"This creative calling card gives our products life; and balances polish and shine with endless amounts of duct tape, fishing wire and good old fashioned elbow grease."

I'm always impressed when a small startup's internal design team can develop and execute top-notch creative. From their refined owl logo to their packaging details—every bit of online wallet brand Bellroy is unified, thoughtful, and on-point. Creative Director Jimmy Gleeson outlines the hard work that went into their latest digital campaign—including tips that any design-led startup can use to develop (and follow) their own internal creative strategy.

Everything you Need to Know About Fireworks View >
“Fireworks are our medium, like paint,” says Phil Grucci, president and CEO of Fireworks by Grucci. “It’s what we use to create images in the sky.”

The art of blowing things up is, in fact, both an art and a science. While most of us will be enjoying a beverage and watching the spectacle, there's a talented group of people behind the scenes who are crafting the design and execution of those beautiful explosions in the sky.

RELATED: What it's like to be one of America's Top Fireworks Designers | Read >

Interview: Inside Lyft's Design Process Read >
"I think a lot of brands fall down when they are trying to do too much for too many people. If you have a singular thought that you want to express and want to keep that at the heart of what you are doing, it helps to align them. The brands I love have strong points of view and know exactly who they are."

Jesse McMillin knows a thing or two about transportation. Before Lyft, he was the Creative Director at Virgin America and was best known for the #safetydance video. In this interview he shares how he's steering the Lyft brand in the right direction toward a sophisticated technology future (re: automous driving) while maintaining the brand's fun DNA.

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How to Correctly Price Your Startup  Read >
"No two customers perceive the value of your product the same way. Some might think that it’s a pretty good deal given the price, while others might be willing to pay 10 times what you’re asking."

Pricing your product can involve good judgement just as much as good data. With hardware, price can often be calculated around cost of goods, labor, etc in addition to basic supply and demand economics. But when your supply is unlimited (hey-yo software!) there are a few other things to consider in order to maximize profit. This article breaks down many of those common pricing strategies and provides a basic framework to help you ensure whatever you're making (whether side project or startup) can make you money.
BONUS READ: Competing on Price or Competing on Story | Read >

Leveraging Virality for the "IRL Channel" (Bird Scooters)  Read >
"The viral acquisition benefits are pretty obvious. If you’ve never seen/tried a product, but you see them swarming around your city (or your workplace), then naturally you’ll want to try it out"

According to Andrew Chen, the IRL channel is the "underappreciated advantage of companies that exist in the real world"—both relating to physical product experience (Uber, Bird Scooters) but also digital experience going physical, like the Museum of Ice Cream becoming a selfie sensation. The electric scooter craze seen SF and LA is viral by design. The scooters are everywhere (consistent visual reminder), they are easy to use (low barrier to entry), and boy they are they fun to ride you want to tell someone (word of mouth). How can your brand incorporate the IRL channel to drive growth?

Report: The Financial State of Visual ArtistsRead >
"With this report, we hope to paint a clearer picture of how structures of the art world work (or don’t work) to grow artists’ careers, help them earn a living, and satisfy their overall human needs."

Over 1,000 visual artists contributed to the survey, answering various questions around financial stability, future goals, and how many hours a week they spend on what (it's not often their art). The results are interesting for anyone in the creative industry to get a pulse on what to expect.

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Carpool Karaoke With Paul McCartney
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Lighting a Ball of 42,000 Matches at Once | Watch >

Using AI to Spot Fake Images  |  Read >


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