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All the Talks from Adobe's 99U Conference (Video)  |  View >

Hear from the likes of John Maeda, Adam J. Kurtz, Tina Roth Eisenburg, and a slew of other diverse thinkers and doers in this collection of talks from Adobe's live conference.

A Lesson In Branding Under New Management (Re: Whole Foods, Virgin America) Read >
"A brand is defined, at least in part, by everything it isn’t. Creating brand experiences is an exercise in restraint. You can think of it like the intentional subtraction of everything that isn’t essential. The noise."

When Virgin America and Whole Foods were acquired by Alaska Airlines and Amazon respectively, the purchasers were left with how to integrate the new brands into their own. But as this author points out, there could have been a better way. Do people who loved what the Whole Foods brand stood for automatically believe in Amazon's mantra? Not necessarily. Sometimes it's better to just keep things separate rather than try to make them the same.

How To Succeed At Your New Design Job Read >
“Early in my design career, I felt that if I took too long learning and understanding context at the onset of a job and didn’t quickly start producing design work, my team would suddenly identify me as a terrible designer who didn’t deserve to be there. (Spoiler alert: I was wrong.)"

Starting any full-time design job is a lesson in restraint and humility. We always want to prove our worth early on by taking on as much as we can, but it's actually best to do the exact opposite. It's important to focus on observing, learning, and establishing a baseline for the company's processes early — even if that means starting out successfully completing smaller, seemingly menial projects. This article by a product designer at Atlassian outlines some of the above ideas in addition to some best practices to help you settle into your design job quicker.

InVision Releases Free PDF Guide to Freelancing Download >
“This is the guide we wish we had when we started freelancing.”

This free guide by Bonsai and Invision includes tips on establishing your business, finding clients, managing finances, and of course—getting paid on time. Whether you're a fresh face or a seasoned vet it's never too late to keep learning.

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Gary Vee's Content Model (Full Presentation) View >
"How to make 30 pieces of content from a single Keynote"

Love him or hate him, Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs of our time. This guy likes to talk. A lot. From his passion and hustle grew a multi-million dollar media company that thrived on content creation and distribution in today's social media world. This 86 slide deck runs through his strategies and insights on how anyone can build up a wealth of content from less work than you would think.

Dropbox: Startup Lessons Learned (Full Presentation) View >
Develop MVP product > Make basic landing page to test interest > Launch beta and scale > Hope it works.

As a founder you are often faced with hard decisions that aren't included in any startup formula for success. In this slide deck by the dropbox CEO, Drew Houston, we're taken through the company story from day 1 of the initial launch through to its massive growth — including the many hard decisions they had to make in-between. It's not always a straight path to success.

How to Create A Profitable Freemium Model Business (Spreadsheet Model Included)  Read >
"You want to be right at the balance between free and ‘mium!"

Freemium business models are an art form that blends together creativity, a great product, and lots of data. Your goal is to ensure your lifetime value per customer is more than the cost to acquire them and run your business combined. Seems simple enough, but the devil is always in the details (or in this case, the data). In this article, VC Andrew Chen has produced a editable spreadsheet with key data points you can adjust play around with to ensure your freemium business is set up for success.

T H E  F O O T E R

M O O D   B O A R D

Bending Real Life |  View >
What happens when a motion designer gives himself real-world superpowers (above).

General Magic |  View >
A documentary about the most important failed tech company you never heard of. 

S T U D I O   R E S O U R C E S

Royalty-Free Illustrations From MIT  |  View >
Constantly updated database of beautiful SVG illustrations for you to use for free.

Coverr - Beautiful Free Videos for your Homepage |  View >
Here's to free.

O F F I C E   R E S O U R C E S

The Hemingway Editor - Simplify Your Writing   View >
Just input your text and this handy editor gives tips, suggestions, and notes to help you simplify your writing to the most basic elements. 

SmallPDF - PDF's Made Easy View >
This handy site pretty much helps you do whatever it is you need to do with a PDF—including compression, conversion, and more.
C O O L  S T U F F

A Luggage Company Creates a Pop-Up Airport Terminal
View >

N O W  Y O U  K N O W

What Age Did They Become Billionaires (Chart) Read >

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