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We have a brand new range of beanies to get you ready for winter as well as our BRAND NEW Hip Circles and Triple Ply Deadlift Belts!

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Strongman Champions League 105kg World Championships

We were very proud to have Cerberus USA athlete Jeffrey Lee representing Cerberus Strength at the 105kg World Championship in Kokkola, Finland last weekend. More than 50 athletes from 19 different country competed in the event which was held over 2 days. Jeff was joined by UK athletes Dhanni Moar and Stuart Whyte. Overall, Jeff finished in 9th place with Dhanni in 8th and Stuart in 14th.

The events for each day were:

Day 1.
1.Viking Press; 140kg
2. Farmers Walk; 140kg 30m with a turn
3. Carry & Drag; 160kg Cross Carry 20m the Airplane Drag 20m

Day 2. Final ( 12 best competitors each class) 
1. Silver Dollar Deadlift; Max weight starting at 330kg increasing by 20kg each attempt
2. Press Medley; 130kg Yoke, 130kg Log, 85kg Dumbbell, 150kg Log
3. Truck Pull; 20-30m Rope & Harness Pull
4. Load & Drag;  Carry 5 100kg Sandbags 7m And Load Into A Van, Then Drag Van The 7m Course

Get Ready For Winter!

With winter just around the corner, we're getting ready with our brand new range of beanies. They do exactly as you'd expect and keep your head warm on even the coldest of days! Check them out HERE!
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New Products!

Check Out Our Hip Circle Here!
Hip Circle

Our Hip Circle is perfect for activation, strengthening and a must have device for dynamic warmup for your lower body. This highly versatile mobility/strength tool can also help to reduce hip pain and strengthen the smaller muscle groups around the hip. Use as part of your general warm up by putting on the circle and walking forward, backward, and side to side. Your hip circle can also be used as a specific warm up for squats and deadlifts by doing air squats, good mornings, glute bridges, abduction and adductions. Also they can be added to most lower body exercises as well as activating your glutes, engaging your hip rotators, and taking pressure off your knees.


  • Warm up and activation for any lower body movement
  • Great for Glute Activation helping you move better and improve your performance
  • Coaching cue for knees out whilst squatting or sumo deadlifting
  • Improves muscular imbalance around the hip abductors, external rotators and glutes.
  • Great for lower body accessory movements
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Available in 3 sizes to get the ideal fit


Hip Circle Size: Bodyweight:
Medium (26") Under 60kgs
Large (30") 60-110kgs
Extra Large (33") Over 110kgs
Check Out Our Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt Here!
Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt

Our Triple-Ply Deadlift Belt has been designed to give you great support but with unrivalled comfort. For those people who find deadlifting in a standard 4” 10mm or 13mm leather belt very uncomfortable the Cerberus Triple Ply Deadlift Belt is the answer. With it's dual ring locking system and extra strength velcro you can rely on this belt to support you when it counts. There is no way this belt will pop off you like many other velcro based belts during a maximum effort lift. It also makes a great belt for moving/loading events such as atlas stones because it does not limit your range of movement. Also great for log as there is no buckle in the way which makes these belts a great choice for strongman events!


  • Perfect for deadlifting
  • Great for strongman/strongwoman – no buckle or lever in the way when doing log, due to the belts flexibility it is also great for moving and loading events as it is comfortable in all positions and allows you to breathe.
  • 3 layers of durable lightweight webbing – 10cm wide and 10mm thick
  • No middle seams with our unique Z sandwich design
  • Dual ring locking system so the belt will not “pop off” under heavy loads
  • It can also be worn with the end strap not fed through the locking system this makes it quick and easy to get on and off.
  • Made with extra strength velcro
  • Evenly distributed support with our wider heavy duty cotton centre strap.
  • Eliminates any belt pinching or digging into your hips and/or ribs at the start of your deadlift or bottom of your squat


Please measure where you would wear your lifting belt, don't use your normal waist size. Subtract 2" from this size and select a belt based on this size. We have incorporated an underlap in the design so if you drop weight you can still get an excellent fit. Similarly with our extra length velcro closing system if you gain weight your belt will still serve you well.

Size Your Measurement Minus 2"
S 31" to 36.5"
M 32" to 39"
L 34.5" 41.5"
XL 36" to 44"
2XL 39" to 47"
3XL 41" to 50"
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