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Cerberus Strength Canada athlete Jessica Theaker competed at the Strongest Woman in the World contest in Las Vegas.

We have a How To Guide on using your Hip Circle!

Also, Cerberus Strength USA athletes Liefia Ingalls, Jamie Popp Christenson and Kim Derks are finalizing their prep for USS Pro Woman's Worlds on October 10th in Grand Rapids, MI.

Finally, we're sponsoring the Battle of the Borders and U82.5kg World Championships on 9/30 in Montpelier,OH.

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Strongest Woman in the World...

Jessica Theaker had a great showing in the light weight woman class in Las Vegas this past weekend, finishing in a strong 6th place.

Over the 2 day show the athletes had to do 5 events;

Day 1:
Log Press For Reps
Farmers Carry and Deadlift Medley

Day 2:
Keg Carry and Load
Arm over Arm Sled Drag
Axle Deadlift for Reps

How to use your Hip Circle! 

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use your Hip Circle for Warm Up and Glute Activation.
  1. Step inside your Hip Circle and adjust it up until it is just above your knees and keeping the Hip Circle under constant tension walk forwards then backwards. Do 1 to 3 sets of 6/10 steps forwards and backwards.
  2. Step inside your Hip Circle, adjust it up until it is just above your knees now keep the Hip Circle under constant tension take wide side steps sideways, first to the one side, then to the other. Do 1 to 3 sets of 6/10 steps forward and backwards. 
  3. With the Hip Circle adjusted up just above your knees perform a squat. Perform your bodyweight squats or warm-up sets as normal, while the band pulls your knees in. You will automatically resist and reinforce good position. This should not be done under heavy load. 
  4. Lie on your side with your knees pulled up (90 degrees approx) and with the Hip Circle up just above your knees open your top knee out against the Hip Circle. Do 1 to 3 sets of 6/10 reps then lie on your opposite side and repeat.
Hip Circle
Hip Circle
  • Warm up and activation for any lower body movement
  • Great for Glute Activation helping you move better and improve your performance
  • Coaching cue for knees out whilst squatting or sumo deadlifting
  • Improves muscular imbalance around the hip abductors, external rotators and glutes.
  • Great for lower body accessory movements
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Available in 3 sizes to get the ideal fit


 Hip Circle Size Bodyweight
Medium (26") Under 60kgs
Large (30") 60-110kgs
Extra Large (33") Over 110kgs

Check Out Our Hip Circle Here!

USS Pro Women's Worlds

We have crazy strong group of athletes heading to Grand Rapids, MI on October 7th for USS Pro Women's Worlds.

Lisa Kromer and Kimberly O'Laughlin are competing in their individual weight classes for masters. The lightweight class sees Jamie Popp Christenson going for the title.

First ever Arnold Pro Strongman winner Liefia Ingalls is looking to take the middleweight crown with Kim Derks in the heavyweight class above looking for gold.

Finally Sam Coleman is on looking for that super heavyweight title too.

Stay tuned for more info on events for the contest next week!
Kim Derks putting in work on the tire deadlift at the Quad City Strength & Fitness Expo earlier this year!

Battle of the Borders and U82.5kg World Championships

We're so excited to be sponsoring the Battle of the Borders and U82.5kg Worlds contests in Montpelier, OH on September 30th.

Go check out their event page on Facebook,
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